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publicó un comentario en The Stalin - 虫. about 1 year ago
Some copies come in the picture disc sleeve with large centre hole on the front and no obi
publicó un comentario en Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger. about 1 year ago
Depends how you define "worse". Sounds cold an lonely as a wounded bird in the snow.
publicó un comentario en Spectrum (5) - Paradise. about 1 year ago
mine plays fine, with no pressing defects . its the promo version
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publicó un comentario en Origin Unknown - The Touch / Valley Of The Shadows. about 1 year ago
Bible isn't it... though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil
publicó un comentario en Bad Brains - Pay To Cum!. about 1 year ago
Yup, same. Pretty sure I got one in the 90's, but black vinyl no insert and label repros of the original. Matrix# MOD-001
publicó un comentario en Godhead (3) - New Lottery. about 1 year ago
yes it does, I've put up a pic of it
publicó una crítica de D.R.I.* - Dirty Rotten EP. about 1 year ago
The matrix number is scratched out. Sleeve is taken from the album version, it's more grey and even than the original 7" sleeve and more fuzzy, likely from a bad scan.
publicó un comentario en Bored! / Purple Overdose - Sabbath Bloody Tribute. about 1 year ago
There is a black edition in a sleeve like this as well
publicó una crítica de Various - Babylon: Bleibt Fahren. over 2 years ago
I don't really get these compilations, there are a bunch of them all from the same Eastern European source (probably Czech Republic) in early- mid- 2000's and they all have a pretty random selection of tracks, like someone just dumped his punk tapes to ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Various - Cleanse The Bacteria. over 2 years ago
Seriously mr "tmmnskw0417" there should be a rule about adding a pirate man cave burnt on demand CDR with custom cheese sleeve here. Smells like bogus "release", show me a place where this was ever for sale but here and some teenagers bedroom. Anyone who ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y. Rework). over 2 years ago
To me this remix sounds lazy and uninspired. They should've just re-issued the original with Demon's Theme on the flip.
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Godspill does most of the drawings & DJ TLR for layout and stuff
publicó un comentario en DJ Plant Texture - Cyclone EP. over 2 years ago
whatever happened to value for money? clocking in at 10-12 minutes per side, that's hardly "crammed" isn't it?
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Yeah that's on the original. Got mine in the 90's, don't think there were any pirates then. Also none listed now?
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I would be surprised if all the tests had this "ghost print". I imagine it would fade after printing the first 10/20 copies or so. Pictures please.
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publicó un comentario en Noface (2) - Warrior Charge . over 3 years ago
All mispressed copies have been taken out of distribution and replaced with a flawless repress
publicó un comentario en Ahzz - New York's Movin'. over 4 years ago
It's a quality repro. Sounds and looks fine. The barcode sticker makes it look legit, don't see many boots with barcodes do we ;)
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contribuido Ambrosian Consort, Denis Stevens, Roy Jesson - Secular Spanish Music Of The Sixteenth Century. over 4 years ago
publicó un comentario en Noface (2) - Warrior Charge . over 4 years ago
This pressing has been recalled due to manufacturing error and all vendors have been notified they will get good copies instead, but some slipped though the cracks apparently. Repress going out late november 2015
publicó un comentario en Nami Shimada & Soichi Terada - Sunshower EP. over 4 years ago
Yes, the og plates were lost, so we're re-cut using the og master files, but somehow the track order got mixed up in the process.
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