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(Metal activist since 1991: Magazine, Distro, Label, Store + Colombian Shows Agency)
Invocando Metal desde 1991.
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Mushroom Records (4)
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Killer Sound and edition.
Brazilian plant good qlty.
Mandatory x all collector
Asagraum - Dawn of Infinite Fire
contribuido Asagraum - Dawn of Infinite Fire. about 1 year ago
Valour Music
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This comprany is rip offs. They steal 40 cds x trade. ALERT RIP OFFS
Various - Rodrigo D. No Futuro
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IN thats time and due economical situation just not more that 300 lps each time...
Sin Salida - Disciplina
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Disponible y en buen estado x venta vv [email protected]
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Debandt is NOT a Colombian Citizen. - He born in North America (USA) and he support and play with INQUISITION only 1 gig in Colombia in the: "Into the infernal regions of the ancient cult" debut promo album. [When band back USA, he disappeared....]

publicó un comentario ha sido eliminado desde entonces. over 7 years ago
Hideous Corpse - Gallery Of Gore / Baptized In Pus
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Great Master piece from Colombian Kult: Muricio Naranjo [email protected] OF DEATH RECORDS – [email protected] CORPSE – GALLERY OF GORE/BAPTIZED IN PUS - (1993xSOD REC/COLOMBIA)
Transgressor - Morbid Brochus
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Great Master piece from Colombian Kult: Muricio Naranjo label-Release..-TRANSGRESSOR – MORBID BROCHUS – EP @SYMPHONIES OF DEATH RECORDS – [email protected] – 8-II-92 – JJ TRUJILLO
Inquisition - Diabolus Nostrum Vinco
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This CD was edited in Europe as Bootleg (Unknown copies) - Next was edited in Colombia by Sylphorium Records in support and sales in some early gigs in Colombia and South America (500 copies) WITH band authorization. So it look as an official live bootleg. Ver crítica completa