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publicó una crítica de Alexia - Uh La La La. over 13 years ago
The Fathers of Sound mixes are the only good thing about this release, they are a nice, funky, quality Italian house rework of a tune that is duller than the dullest dishwater. But by all means, Alexia is not the worst singer around. The inclusion of the ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de India. over 13 years ago
Ah, the legendary, shriektastic La India. Seldom heard in tune on any production, but at least on "Seduce me now" it lends her expression the touch of desperation such a song needs.
publicó una crítica de Lou Reed - Satellite Of Love '04. over 15 years ago
Well, one might wonder what on Earth made the people involved in this disaster of a record was thinking...most likely they were tempted by making lots of money by having a number one hit and working with living legend Lou Reed? This record is of course ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Faithless - If Lovin' You Is Wrong. over 16 years ago
It's weird, but the "inflammable" mix really sounds like a remix of "Salva mea" because it uses the line "If I say God is alive" from that song over and over again.
publicó una crítica de 2 Unlimited - Wanna Get Up. over 16 years ago
This was released by MNW Independent Label Representation in Scandinavia with the exact same catalogue number and tracklisting, only difference is the added MNW ILR logo on the magnetic strip, the CD itself and the following line on the inlay "Issued ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Way Out West Featuring Miss Joanna Law* - The Gift. over 16 years ago
This record utilizes a sample of UK nu soul artist Joanna Law's cover of the classic Roberta Flack song "The first time ever I saw your face"