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My interest in music already started when I was a little kid. Since the mid 80's I'm addicted to music and since the early 90's I started to collect CD's and records.

From September 1993 until January 2011 I worked for a local radio station in the south of the Netherlands called 'Siris Radio'. First the show was called 'Bassline', but after a few years we decided to name the show 'Dancemania'. 'Dancemania' was a weekly show where we did play all kinds of electronic dance music (such as house, club music, progressive and trance). Early 2011, after 17,5 years of being a radio DJ, I decided to stop making radio.

I also worked as a DJ in local bars / clubs for over 10 years, but in the summer of 2008 I decided to stop with DJ-ing because the lack of time.

From July 2001 to July 2010 I also worked for as a contributor. I wrote news-items, party reviews, track / album reviews, but most people might know me because of the many interviews that I've done for the website (plus for our radio show as well). In the last couple of years I did interviews with lot of well known DJs and producers such as:
Ferry Corsten (System F / Gouryella),
Paul van Dyk,
Markus Schulz,
Geert Huinink,
Bart Claessen,
Leon Bolier,
Junkie XL,
Laurent Véronnez (L-Vee / Airwave),
Richard Durand,
Joni Ljungqvist (JPL / LNQ),
Gabriel & Dresden,
Mark Norman,
Sander Kleinenberg,
André Tanneberger (ATB),
Ben Liebrand,
Marcel Woods,
Ralph Barendse (Ralphie B / First State),
Menno de Jong,
Paul Moelands (Re:Locate / Octagen),
Rank 1,
Marco V,
M.I.K.E. (Push / Plastic Boy),
Benjamin Bates,
Jonas Steur (Estuera),
Marcus Schössow,
Super8 & Tab,
Adam Sheridan,
Mark Otten,
Jochen Miller,
Cor Fijneman,
DJ Dazzle,
Johan Gielen (Airscape),
Ron van den Beuken,
Eelke Kleijn,
Jes Brieden,
Hemstock & Jennings,
Tom Harding,
Joris van der Straten (C-Quence),
Rafaël Frost,
Lemon & Einar K,
Blank & Jones,
Ernesto vs Bastian,
Ronald van Gelderen
and many, many others.

Besides these published interviews, I did interviews as well for radio and my music vlog with people such as Darude, Felix, Cosmic Gate, Dim3nsion, Solis & Sean Truby, Pierre Pienaar, Paul Grundman and many others.

From November 2004 - August 2020 I worked at Dance Therapy Productions, which is the management company of Ferry Corsten. During the years I took care of social media and everything regarding Ferry's weekly radio show Corsten's Countdown amongst other things. From July 2007 to September 2015 I worked for his label Flashover Recordings as well, where I was mainly responsible for the promo mail outs of new music etc.

In August 2017 I started a music vlog, called Muzikxpress. Every week I'm trying to post a vlog about a certain track, artist, a music landmark, or an interview.
So far I did video interviews already with;

- Felix about his massive dance anthem "Don't You Want Me".
- Ferry Corsten about his trance classic "System F - Out Of The Blue".
- Ben Liebrand a.k.a. The legendary "Godfather Of Dutch Dance", tells about how he started his music career 35 years ago.
- DJ Jurgen talks about his dance hit "Better Off Alone".
- Hans Weekhout, who's responsible for the classic "20 Hz", which came out under his "Capricorn" alias 25 years ago via R&S Records.
- Fab Morvan, who was part of "Milli Vanilli”, talks about the release of “Girl You Know It's True" and more!
- George Baker tells us more about how "Little Green Bag" was born and how it became a hit for the 2nd time after it was used in "Reservoir Dogs".
- Jerry Beke tells more about how "Jack To The Sound Of The Underground" by the late Peter "Hithouse" Slaghuis was made and more.
- Ruud van Rijen, the producer and founder of Eurodance act Twenty 4 Seven tells more about "I Can't Stand It" and "Slave To The Music".
- Maxi Jazz of Faithless talks about how "God Is A DJ", one of the most successful tracks of Faithless, was born, now 20 years ago...
- M.I.K.E. a.k.a. Push tellls more about his classic "Universal Nation", which came out 20 years ago.
- René van der Weijde and Lex van Coeverden talk about "Waterfall", the first track they released as "Atlantic Ocean", 25 years ago!
- Steve Helstrip a.k.a. The Thrillseekers tells everything about his trance classic "Synaesthesia", the new "Hydra" album and more!
- Sascha Lappessen talks about one of the most well known dance acts from the 90s; their project Sash!
- Gabriel & Dresden are explaining everything about the Kickstarter campaign for their new "Remedy" album!
- I got to interview Grammy nominated composer and electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre at the Amsterdam Dance Event!
- Solarstone is talking about his classic "Seven Cities", his "Pure Trance" concept, ghostproducing and more!
- Haddaway talks about his massive hit "What is Love" and more.
- Chicane takes us back in time and tells how he made his classic "Offshore".
- Ørjan Nilsen talks about his beautiful track "La Guitarra" and more.
- Gabriel & Dresden a.k.a. Motorcycle are talking about how they came up with their legendary track "As The Rush Comes".
- Maarten Vorwerk is one of the most well known (ghost) producers in the dance industry these days. I did visit him in his brand new studio!
- A rare interview with Dutch producer Carlo Resoort about the 1997 trance classic "Carlos - The Silmarillia".
- Olivier Abbeloos talks about his 90s techno classic "T99 - Anasthasia".
- A very detailed interview with trance legend Laurent Véronnez about “20 Years Of Airwave”, his future plans and more!
- Sander Kleinenberg tells how his beautiful progressive trance / house classic “My Lexicon” was born, what he's up to these days and more!
- Guido Pernet from Human Resource tells the story behind their massive 1991 rave classic "Dominator"!
- Carlo Resoort gives some more insight about “4 Strings - Take Me Away (Into The Night)”, a vocal trance classic he did in 2001.
- Ferry Corsten talks about his Gouryella project, how the track "Gouryella" was made, the new Gouryella track "Surga" and much more!
- Mark Sherry talks about his classic "Public Domain - Operation Blade (Bass In The Place)", his new artist album "Confirm Humanity" and more!
- Rolf Maier-Bode tells us more about his hard trance classic "Spring", which came out in 1996 under his RMB alias!
- Marcel Hol tells the story behind his classic "Hole In One - Life's Too Short", which became a #1 in the UK Dance Charts early 1997!
- Ron van den Beuken speaks about "Timeless", a great tech trance classic which came out in 2003.
- Armin van Buuren talks about his classic "Communication", you'll hear more about the new Gaia album, his Jean-Michel Jarre collab and more!
- I spoke to Matt Darey about "Li Kwan - Point Zero", one of the first trance tracks ever, which turns 25 (!!!) this year!
- Robert Smit talks about "The Tellurians - The Navigator", a techno classic he did together with Ferry Corsten and some friends in the year 1992.
- Kyau & Albert talk about their vocal trance classic "Velvet Morning", their "Neverlost" album and more!
- I spoke to Robert Smit about his 1999 trance classic "The Generator - Where Are You Now?".
- I had an interview with Daniel Ortgiess from "We Are Loud", about his classic "Booyah!", which he did together with Showtek and Sonny Wilson.
- Robert Nickson tells how he made his trance classic "Spiral", plus you'll hear more about his new solo artist album "Tellurian" as well!
- I spoke to Ricky Simmonds & Steve Jones in their studio in London about the vocal trance classic ”Chakra - Love Shines Through” from 1999!
- I spoke to Adamski about his massive 1990 classic “Killer” (which he did together with Seal).
- I made a visit to the studio of Darren Tate for the story behind the classic “Jurgen Vries - The Theme” and more!
- I sat down with Orkidea to talk with him about his 1999 trance classic "Unity", the new In Search Of Sunrise 15 mix compilation and more!
- I did an interview with Misja Helsloot about his classic "First Second" and his upcoming artist album "WhatTheHelsloot".
- I did visit Lange in his studio to hear the story behind his classic “Follow Me”, which he did back in the year 2000 together with The Morrighan.
- I did an interview with Rozalla about her massive 90’s hit “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)”, her new artist album and more!
- I sat down with Kurtis Mantronik to talk with him about the Mantronix classic "Got To Have Your Love", because of the 30th anniversary!
- I spoke to BT about his beautiful trance classic "Flaming June", his brand new artist album, his upcoming projects and more!
- I did another interview with Ricky Simmonds & Steve Jones, for which we discussed their classic “Lustral - Everytime” and more!
- I asked Darren Tate about the story behind “Angelic - It’s My Turn”, because of the upcoming 20th anniversary of this classic!
- I spoke to Joe Smooth about the 1987 classic "Promised Land", one of the most legendary vocal house anthems of all time!
- I did an interview with Lange about his 2001 vocal trance classic "Drifting Away" (with Skye on vocals).
- Check out the story behind "Shine" and "The Space Brothers" as told by Ricky Simmonds & Steve Jones! Lots of amazing stories in this one!
- Serge Ramaekers talks about the Confetti's track "The Sound Of C", a massive New Beat classic he did back in the year 1988!
- I spoke to Adam Pracy about "Feeling This Way", a vocal trance classic he did back in 2000 under the name "The Conductor & The Cowboy".
- I sat down with Duane Harden for an interview about the house classic "You Don't Know Me", a track he did together with Armand van Helden.
- I had a very nice chat with Sunny Lax about his track "P.U.M.A.", a big Anjunabeats classic, which turns 15 this year!
- Because of the 20th anniversary of "Janeiro", I sat down with Solid Sessions in their studio, to ask about the story behind this beautiful classic!
- I spoke to DJ Misjah & DJ Tim about their massive 1995 classic "Access".
- Serge Ramaekers talks about "Feel The Groove" by Cartouche and the remix he did of Freddie Mercury's "Living On My Own"!
- I sat down with Frank Zenker to talk with him about the hardtrance classic "U (I Got A Feeling)", which came out under Frank's Scot Project alias.
- Because of the 5th anniversary of the DIM3NSION track "Origami", I spoke to producer Borja Iglesias to ask him about the story behind this trance classic!
- I made a visit to the studio of Sander van Doorn to talk with him about his tech trance classic "Riff" and more!
- For vlog 100 I sat down with Robin Albers a.k.a. Jaydee in his studio, to talk with him about the massive house classic "Plastic Dreams" and more!
- I spoke to Mischa van der Heijden a.k.a. DJ Misjah, about his very first ever release; "Dyewitness - Observing The Earth" and more!
- I did an in-depth interview with Ferry Corsten in his brand new studio, about his 1999 trance classic "Veracocha - Carte Blanche" and more!
- Because of the 20th anniversary of "Questions Must Be Asked", I spoke to David Forbes, to ask him about the story behind this classic!
- He hardly does interviews, but I sat down with Harry Lemon a.k.a. Lemon8 in his studio, to talk with him about his classic "Model8" and more!
- I spoke to The Mad Stuntman from Reel 2 Real about their massive worldwide hit "I Like To Move It", which came out in 1994.
- I did an interview with Mischa van der Heijden about his 1999 trance classic "The Fade", which came out under the name "AMbassador".
- I made a visit to Breda, to sit down with Cor Fijneman to ask him about the story behind his classic "Venus (Meant To Be Your Lover)" and more!
- I sat down with Luc Poublon a.k.a. The Act, to talk with him about his trance classic "Something About U", which came out back in 2000.
- I did a very detailed interview with Jonas Steur in his studio in Belgium about his tranceclassics "Castamara" and "Silent Waves"!
- I spoke to Danny van Wauwe to ask him about the story behind the 1991 rave anthem "Night In Motion" by "Cubic 22".
- I did an in depth interview with Leon Bolier about his trance classic "Ocean Drive Boulevard", his collab with Bob Marley and more!
- I sat down with Franky Jones to talk with him about the Jones & Stephenson classic "The First Rebirth", one of the biggest Bonzai Music releases.
- I spoke to Rob Fabrie about the hardcore / techno classic "Get Down Everybody", which he did back in 1991 under the name "Holy Noise".
- I did an interview with producer Danny van Wauwe to ask him about the 1991 rave classic "Fairy Dust" by Set Up System.
- I sat down with Perry O'Neil to ask him about his very first ever release; "Mind Circles", a track that came out as "St. John vs Locust".
- Rob Fabrie tells the story behind the Holy Noise classic "James Brown Is Still Alive" and more!
- I did a very in-depth interview with Perry O'Neil about his progressive trance classic "Wave Force" and more!
- I sat down with Jam El Mar in his beautiful studio, for a very detailed interview about the Jam & Spoon classic "Stella" (with the late Mark Spoon) and more!
- I made a visit to the studio of Kai Tracid to talk with him about his classic "Your Own Reality", his break from music and his most recent collabs!
- I did a very rare interview with Matthias Hoffman (who's one of the founders of Eye Q Records!) about his Cygnus X classic "Superstring" and more!
- I spoke to Thomas P. Heckmann about his classic "Amphetamine", which came about in 1994 under the project name "Drax".
- I asked Jam El Mar about the story behind the Dance 2 Trance classic "Power Of American Natives", a track he did with DJ Dag & Linda Rocco!
- I did an interview with Kai Tracid in which he tells the story behind his 2001 trance classic "Life Is Too Short" and more!
- I sat down with Matthias Hoffman in his stduo, to talk with him about the Cygnus X classic "The Orange Theme" and more!
- Jam El Mar told me the story behind the Storm classic "Storm" and of course more about the project from him with the late Mark Spoon!

And .... more to come!

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Normally I do NOT sell anything from my collection, unless somebody makes me an offer that I can't refuse! ;-)

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I did an interview with Maxi 2 years ago and then he already said he was gonna focus more on his own stuff. He said there would be new Faithless material in the future, but that it would be most likely without him. I can't link to the interview since... Ver crítica completa
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You know that "Exhale" was first right? Ferry and Armin finished the track somewhere in the year 2000. Both Ferry and Armin used to hammer it in their DJ sets long before it came out. Back in the day it was pretty normal that a track was in promo for... Ver crítica completa
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Well, "Exhale" was made (and being played in their sets) in 2000 already. It came out as first in Japan on the "Out Of The Blue" album end of 2000 and later also in other countries in 2001.
I'm pretty sure this "Cyberdrive" version was made later and... Ver crítica completa
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"Out Of The Blue" was first, it was produced in 1998 and it has been in promo for a looooong time. Since there was such a buzz around the "Out Of The Blue" track and since it wasn't for sale yet, I guess these guys were "inspired" and released this... Ver crítica completa
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I hope Dancemania reads this and can give us an explanation.

I did read this and I can not give you an explanation, sorry! ;-) Normally after remix a track for a label, the remixer delivers his remix to the label or artist and... Ver crítica completa
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No, it was written by Daniel Vangarde, which is an alias of Daniel Bangalter (yes, the father of Thomas!). Daniel wrote it for Ottawan. Paul van Dyk has nothing to do with this track. ‎
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One releases has white labels, the other one has yellow labels ;-)
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Yes it does! The track was released as promo on Tatsumaki first before the retail Tsunami release.
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