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JB³ - Slice
publicó un comentario en JB³ - Slice. over 11 years ago
Mostly consisting of samples from the famous Giorgio Moroder production - "Donna Summer - I Feel Love". This vinyl is also available in Yellow, non-marbled vinyl.
Berkovi* Vs. Kittin* - My Voice...
publicó una crítica de Berkovi* Vs. Kittin* - My Voice.... over 20 years ago
Miss Kittin is the unstoppable voice that everyone wants a piece of - here she teams up with Justin Berkovi with amazing results! From the menacing 808 electro of 'Il Est Disparu' to the rolling Detroit heavy 'Running Man' and the deep tech-house... Ver crítica completa
DJ Shufflemaster - City Lights
publicó una crítica de DJ Shufflemaster - City Lights. over 20 years ago
I was really dissapointed in the Original version of this track, bit of a let down from shufflemaster.

however...the Adam Beyer & Henrik B Remix was alot more interesting implementing a tougher bassline and a nicer filtered detroitish sounding... Ver crítica completa
Anthony Rother - Elixir Of Life
publicó una crítica de Anthony Rother - Elixir Of Life. over 20 years ago
I was really surprised when I heard this album and seeing it be released under his own name, this album sounds alot like his productions under the alias of PSI Performer.

Ambient electro soundscapes, would be my way of describing the textured... Ver crítica completa
Vimana - We Came / Dreamtime
publicó una crítica de Vimana - We Came / Dreamtime. over 20 years ago
I personally think this record is sensational, both tracks on this release are absolute trance gems in my opinion. They are both favourites of mine, of course they differ from the Gouryella productions, each alias is for a different style. If they... Ver crítica completa
DJ Montana - Concept
publicó una crítica de DJ Montana - Concept. over 20 years ago
shit!, another really techno based compilation. What is black hole doing? Trying to get trance listeners into techno. I think they should be kept separate, no offence to either of the techno or trance listeners. I love both genre's to bits. I just... Ver crítica completa
Ben Long - Ground / Syndrome
publicó una crítica de Ben Long - Ground / Syndrome. over 20 years ago
Syndrome is definately my favourite track on this EP, awesome kick drums and snare build ups which definately create this track, and a great tones and sounds in this track sounding alot like old skool computer game electro synth sounds. This is Techno :D
Vitalic - Poney EP
publicó una crítica de Vitalic - Poney EP. over 20 years ago
This EP oozes sheer quality, one of the best Electro EP's I have ever heard. You all know La Rock the electro/techno fused monster, almost every DJ is playing it even some trance DJ's have been known to play it.

You prefer cocaine is on the more... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Hardware. over 20 years ago
Understanding music isn't just a business, it's a feeling. And it's a feeling that can't be learnt with books, courses or lecturers - it's a knowledge that comes from persistence, experience, and love. The Hardware Corporation doesn't just know music,... Ver crítica completa
Yello - 1980 - 1985 The New Mix In One Go
publicó una crítica de Yello - 1980 - 1985 The New Mix In One Go. over 20 years ago
Brilliant compilation of some of Yello's best tracks, I describe their style a mix of techno, electro and rock.

They are some of the early pioneers of electronic music and they were ahead of their time I think.

Their productions are fantastic.
Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation
publicó una crítica de Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation. over 20 years ago
I'm shocked that there is no comments on this record..

Unbelieveable techno basslines and beat patterns, definately one of my favourite basslines I have ever heard. It really gets stuck in your head... and the synth melody is sensational.. blows... Ver crítica completa
Mas 2008 - Contaminated Material
publicó una crítica de Mas 2008 - Contaminated Material. over 20 years ago
Straight Into The Future is a sensational electro breakz track, has great vocoded voices and creepy synth lines and warped warbling futristic basslines.
Dave Clarke - World Service
publicó una crítica de Dave Clarke - World Service. over 20 years ago
This is something that should be in every techno and electro lovers record crate. Great selection of techno and electro all great bomb tracks, only about 2 tracks which dont really do it for me. Ruben Andersen - Running Scared and DJ Urban - Jack... Ver crítica completa
Gaetek - The Outmove E.P.
publicó una crítica de Gaetek - The Outmove E.P.. over 20 years ago
Outmove is such a great track, just keeps rolling on and on... constant driving techno with electronic beeps and cascading snares. Also contains very nice buildups and nice use of filters and effects.

Full Logic jumps on a slightly different tip... Ver crítica completa
L.S.G. - Risin'
publicó una crítica de L.S.G. - Risin'. over 20 years ago
The Original Mix has a quality techno/tech-house like beat pattern with a quality progressive trance amibient synth like sound layered over it, with also some other trance elements involved.

The Main mix is very similar to the original in most... Ver crítica completa
Gouryella - Gouryella
publicó una crítica de Gouryella - Gouryella. over 20 years ago
Such a great track, This is a track that I will always love because it just holds alot of nostalgic value for me!

also when I saw Ferry Corsten play in Melbourne, australia last year i was lucky enough to get him to play MY copy of this for his... Ver crítica completa
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love
publicó una crítica de Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love. over 20 years ago
The Rob Searle Remix of this track is simply amazing, if you are already familiar with the original track you would really appreciate this remix if you are into trance.

Retains most of the vocals from the original track, and some similar samples... Ver crítica completa
Dave Clarke - World Service
publicó una crítica de Dave Clarke - World Service. over 20 years ago
I was definately suprised when I heard 'Idioteque' on this electro cd, I was not all that familiar with Radiohead at this time. and I was suprised when I found out it was them that produced that track. Because it is really electro sounding, just... Ver crítica completa
The Wreckin' Cru'* - Surgery
publicó una crítica de The Wreckin' Cru'* - Surgery. over 20 years ago
"Seven dayz a week, he's on call
To get the party people up off the wall
You'll fell motivated as he operates
Cuz' party energy is what she generates
He'll prescribe for you, her potent elixir
Two turntables, speakers, and a mixer
He'll rock... Ver crítica completa
The Unknown D.J.* - 808 Beats (Eight Hundred And Eight Beats)
publicó una crítica de The Unknown D.J.* - 808 Beats (Eight Hundred And Eight Beats). over 20 years ago
This is definately one of my favourite old skool electro/hiphop tracks... Unfortunately I only recently heard this track a few years ago on Dave Clarke - Electro Boogie Volume 2!

I wish I knew about all this stuff much earlier...

I love it so... Ver crítica completa
Muse - Sunburn Remixes
publicó una crítica de Muse - Sunburn Remixes. over 20 years ago
Once again Timo Maas has remixed up another storm... with nice warmbling synth patterns and great filtered vocal's... and that addictice piano roll that progresses throughout the track... the beat pattern is 4/4 but sometimes you almost get tricked... Ver crítica completa
Umek - Neuro
publicó una crítica de Umek - Neuro. over 20 years ago
Absolute garbage... What has happened to Umek... look at his releases pre-2001, all he is pressing now is just pure crap. What a dissapointment. :( . I used to hold alot of respect for Umek, now i just cannot stand his new releases, they are so unoriginal. Ver crítica completa
James Lavelle - Barcelona #023
publicó una crítica de James Lavelle - Barcelona #023. over 20 years ago
I was unsure of what to expect when I picked up this cd, I had been told by freinds that it was fantastic. GU023 sure didn't dissapoint I was very impressed with its variety and selection of tracks and also the mixing. The cd contains a nice... Ver crítica completa
Simon Digby - Code Of Practice
publicó una crítica de Simon Digby - Code Of Practice. over 20 years ago
I found the original track to be quite boring and monotonous and too housey for my liking, the Devilfish remix on the other hand had alot more to it, it was alot more pounding like the usual devilfish style. Though still containing many elements from... Ver crítica completa
DJ ESP - Let It Flow
publicó una crítica de DJ ESP - Let It Flow. over 20 years ago
Woody McBride returns to Bush with a 2 track tech stomper! Reminiscent of his work on Comminique with classics like "Basketball Heroes EP", Woody brings the flavour that we all love him for: fat, funky techno!
Intergalactic Phonk - Charlie's Revenge
publicó una crítica de Intergalactic Phonk - Charlie's Revenge. over 20 years ago
Two thundering rollers from Intergalactic Phonk in a Ben Sims vs Leandro Gamez stylee - thick rolling bass & crisp phunk beats that rocket forward through the mix.
Brother's Yard - Maroko
publicó una crítica de Brother's Yard - Maroko. over 20 years ago
Brothers Yard (Peter Dundov) gives it up with 'Maroko', a building, hypnotic arrangement that grow on top of some madcap beat patterns. Turn it over for 'Kakadu', an incredibly funky techno effort with plenty of twists in its filtered bassline action... Ver crítica completa
Retreat Syndrome - Limit Of Separation
publicó una crítica de Retreat Syndrome - Limit Of Separation. over 20 years ago
This L.P. was recorded at the Solitary studio from April to July 2001. Almost all of the sounds on the LP were derived from mini-disc field recordings and recordings of an Oscar synth made by Andrew Belcher in the early part of 2001. These recordings... Ver crítica completa
Solitary Soul - Subliminal Connections
publicó una crítica de Solitary Soul - Subliminal Connections. over 20 years ago
Intense, deep, pulsing soundscapes - not music for the feint-hearted! Tracks 1, 2 and 4 recorded 1998, track 5 in 1999, and track 3 in 2000. Tracks 1,3 and 5 are extended compositions (running for 19'51", 19'34" and 26'15" respectively). Light's... Ver crítica completa
Steve Law - Architecture Of Loneliness
publicó una crítica de Steve Law - Architecture Of Loneliness. over 20 years ago
Another eclectic mix of music recorded for my friend, Andy Belcher. These tracks were recorded between June + September 2000. As with the Solitary album, this album ranges from electro/techno (Rhythmic Speciation, Chorionic Architecture) to... Ver crítica completa
Steve Law - The End Of The Nineties
publicó una crítica de Steve Law - The End Of The Nineties. over 20 years ago
This album contains a selection of pieces recorded for various purposes between 1995 - 1999. Epidermis and 6pm/4Days are from the Mutagenic Mind album My Skin is not My Own, while Fender Bender is from the Solitary album. Urbania was the winning... Ver crítica completa
Zen Paradox - Experiments In Emotion
publicó una crítica de Zen Paradox - Experiments In Emotion. over 20 years ago
All tracks recorded 1991 - 1992. Many of the tracks on this album along with half the tracks on Eternal Brainwave were originally intended to be released by Steve Law as the debut Zen Paradox album early in 1993. Zen Paradox was then signed by... Ver crítica completa
Mutagenic Mind - Bleak Perspectives Vol. 1
publicó una crítica de Mutagenic Mind - Bleak Perspectives Vol. 1. over 20 years ago
This album contains a collection of tracks recorded during 1995, including all four tracks from the Terminal Dawn E.P originally released on Kromode (Italy). It also contains the track Nitric Atermath, originally released on the Zeitgeist Vol. 2... Ver crítica completa
Steve Law - The Fragile Soul
publicó una crítica de Steve Law - The Fragile Soul. over 20 years ago
Originally recorded as a Zen Paradox album, The Fragile Soul was turned down by Nova Zembla as they were seeking something more dancefloor oriented. The original Zen Paradox version contained the tracks End-Game and Aurora-D, which were then released... Ver crítica completa
Mutagenic Mind - My Skin Is Not My Own
publicó una crítica de Mutagenic Mind - My Skin Is Not My Own. over 20 years ago
The original tracks on this album were recorded between May and July of 1995, however it was later decided to include the tracks Mutating Acid is Fun and Epidermis, which were recorded in November 1995 and February 1996 respectively. The tracks C1-2... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Steve Law - Solitary. over 20 years ago
This album was recorded as a birthday present for my friend Andrew Belcher, and he has the only copy. It contains a very eclectic mix of music, from melodic electro/techno (Omni-Present Sky, Irrepressible Beauty of Nature) to experimental soundscapes... Ver crítica completa
Zen Paradox - Chromium Dance
publicó una crítica de Zen Paradox - Chromium Dance. over 20 years ago
This is the first mp3 only release from Zen Paradox. These tracks were based around live pieces performed by Zen Paradox in 1998, and all were recorded in the studio in 1998 (except for Zensual Pulse which was recorded in April 1997). The final edits... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Solitary Soul - From The Depth Of My Solitary Soul. over 20 years ago
Recorded September 1998. This is another one copy only release, again a birthday gift for my friend Andrew Belcher. It is also the debut release of the Solitary Soul project. The title piece is a 61 minute composition, constructed from field... Ver crítica completa
System F - Ferry Corsten - Trance Nation
publicó una crítica de System F - Ferry Corsten - Trance Nation. over 20 years ago
I love this compilation, the first in the series this was in my early days of being introduced to Ferry Corsten, but there is one thing i dont like about the cd. I would give it so much more credit if it didn't have Storm - Storm on it, when he mixes... Ver crítica completa
Michael Burkat & Lars Klein / Marco Lenzi - Audio Special Edition 04
publicó una crítica de Michael Burkat & Lars Klein / Marco Lenzi - Audio Special Edition 04. over 20 years ago
This limited 12" is a split release collaboration between Audio and Molecular Recordings. A fine 3 tracker from three of the hottest names in town: Marco Lenzi, Michael Burkat and Lars Klein. Don't miss... -
Miss Shiva - Dreams
publicó una crítica de Miss Shiva - Dreams. over 21 years ago
This is a rip off of the original track "Dreams" by "Quench" released in 1993, with a harder bassline.
publicó una crítica de . over 21 years ago
i whole heartedly agree with all of jez's comments, thouygh i have trouble deciding which album i like more... 'The Experience' or 'Music For The Jilted Generation' they both contain so many elements that send me wild.
Autechre - Gantz Graf
publicó una crítica de Autechre - Gantz Graf. over 21 years ago
'Gantz Graf' is the latest offering from Autechre, which contains three brand new tracks and a collection of three videos in DVD format. The music is most times, angular and quite aggressive, but not nearly as abstract as 'Confield'. Still, almost... Ver crítica completa
Drax Ltd. II* / Drax Ltd. I* - Amphetamine / Parnophelia
publicó una crítica de Drax Ltd. II* / Drax Ltd. I* - Amphetamine / Parnophelia. over 21 years ago
New versions of this huge 1993 hard tech/trance classic from Thomas Heckmann. Includes the original, as well as a new remix from fellow German Thomas Schumacher. This double pack includes a great new version of 'Parnophella' in a deep tech-house stylee.
Heckmann Henze* - Hotel De Luxe
publicó una crítica de Heckmann Henze* - Hotel De Luxe. over 21 years ago
Two of Germany's biggest producers team up once more to deliver the 'big shit'. The A side is more in a Heckmann vein while B2 comes more percussion focussed. But the industrial flavoured B1 is the true winner feat. Heckmann´s EBM vocaltrip!!!!
Thomas P. Heckmann - Kopfgeister 1991-2001
publicó una crítica de Thomas P. Heckmann - Kopfgeister 1991-2001. over 21 years ago
The year 1991 saw the birth of one of the most innovative and constant labels today - Force Inc. from Frankfurt, Germany. One of the first releases and label acts was the project Exit 100, a project by the then unknown musician and producer Thomas P.... Ver crítica completa
Steve Robbins - Demon EP
publicó una crítica de Steve Robbins - Demon EP. over 21 years ago
One of Australia's hottest techno labels has been repackaged and starting a fresh... SPRMint recordings. Resident Melbourne techno hero Steve Robbins delivers a thoroughly rocking 3-track EP, full of fat, compressed beats, urgent stabs, and terrific... Ver crítica completa
Bando - Patch One E.P
publicó una crítica de Bando - Patch One E.P. over 21 years ago
Bando turns in 3 tracks of slammin' techno, the highlight being 'Flamen 01' which also gets the remix treatment from Leandro Gamez.
publicó una crítica de - . over 21 years ago
On the last Patchworx outing, Leandro Gamez turned in an awesome mix, & this time it's the turn of Slovenian don Valentino Kanzyani to give Bando's 'Switch' a funky reinterpretation.
Aphex Twin - Ventolin E.P
publicó una crítica de Aphex Twin - Ventolin E.P. over 21 years ago
NOTE: On the UK cd ep for "Ventolin", there are no discernable separating breaks in between tracks #4, #5, and #6, (combined time: 15:09).