Been spinning hardcore in Etown for a few years now. I like anything from old acid house to speedcore. You can send me emails regarding sales (that are reasonable) but NO EBAY PLEASE! Cheers.

Oh, and don't bother sending me emails about sending you digital versions of my collection. Pay for it and support the artist like I have.
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publicó un comentario en DJ Vibes - I Love Happy Hardcore. about 1 month ago
I even own that release and didn't realize it was the same tune! Thanks!
publicó un comentario en Systec, Shar-Pei - Black Gold EP. 3 months ago
Was this a super limited release? It seemed to sell out on bandcamp rather quickly at the time.
publicó un comentario en The Projek Feat. Janice Taylor - Sweet Thing / Starlight. 3 months ago
The B side is a decent little instrumental hardcore tune, but not amazing. I do like the dark hard trance-style breakdown. Listen to the A side at your own peril.
publicó un comentario en DJ Chris Paul* Presents Isotonik - The Next Generation - The EP Volume 1. 3 months ago
publicó un comentario en Globex Corp. 4 months ago
A beast of a label. I only discovered it at the end of 2017 and every release is something special. A fantastic mix of breakbeat, 4X4, euphoric and dark. A little of something for everyone's tastes and how hardcore/jungle (in my humble opinion) should ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Ghosty (3) - Dead Already. 6 months ago
Anyone else's record warped? It is not unplayable but I probably will never play it out as it always skips when queuing it up.
publicó un comentario en 2 Croozin', DJ Poosie, Alk-E-D, DJ Force & The Evolution - Remix Records & Kniteforce Present 'The Remix's' Part 11. 6 months ago
Worth purchasing alone for the Justin Time remix. Any fan of classy UK happy hardcore would treasure this found gem that sounds right out of 1996 (when it was probably made).
publicó un comentario en Worldwide Epidemic - Present Versions Of The Past. 7 months ago
Mine just came in the mail 2 days ago and plays great!
publicó un comentario en Reaper Recordings. 7 months ago
Is this Tim Reaper's new label or is the name just a coincidence?
publicó un comentario en Various - Oh No! Not Another 4 Tracker!. 8 months ago
Was this one ever officially released? I don't remember ever seeing it in any of the online shops back in 2007 and it seems that a copy has yet to be sold on discogs.
publicó un comentario en Various - Kniteforce Remastered: Vinyl Is Better. 8 months ago
An excellent release that allowed the Ant to Be and Alex Jungle tunes to get the vinyl they deserve. I hope there will be more vinyl is better EPs in the future (with choice cuts from the Vinyl is Better albums) . Kudos to both Jedi and Luna-C!
publicó un comentario en Vinylgroover - Rain On Me. 9 months ago
Sub-par re sung vocal aside, I do like the instrumental portion of mix 2 as it has a nice acid and trance melody.
publicó un comentario en DJ Seduction Vs CLSM - Dancing The Night Away. 9 months ago
The CLSM remix is a euphoric UK hardcore beast and, IMO, the best mix of the tune released. Because of it, the record never left my bag for 5 years.
publicó un comentario en Dave Squish and AMS vs. Safe n' Sound / Kevin Energy & DJ S4 - Inverted Reality / Be Alive. 11 months ago
Be Alive is a rarely played acid monster. The breakdown/build up is insanely good and the climax delivers exactly as it needs to. My only critique would be that I wish the "Be Alive" vocal sample was a little louder as it is hard to make out. Regardless, ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Alex Jungle - Dance & Hover. about 1 year ago
Mine is an excellent copy as well with no signs of warping when I put it on the platter.
publicó un comentario en DJ Vibes - I Love Happy Hardcore. about 1 year ago
Was the track Fantasia ever released on vinyl? If so, was it under a different alias?
publicó un comentario en Black & White (19). about 1 year ago
Stars had a full vinyl release on Cheeky Bitz - produced by Promised Land (aka Vinylgroover and Trixxy)
publicó un comentario en Sharkey & K-Komplex - Delusion. about 1 year ago
Note that the vinyl release of the tune does not include the extended vocal sample featured on Sharkey's Bonkers 9 mix. I believe that version was released only digitally as the VIP mix.
publicó un comentario en DJ Wink. about 1 year ago
The original was release digitally as part of this release:
publicó un comentario en Chris Liberator - One Million 909 Kick Drums / This Sound. about 1 year ago
Anyone know why this one never got a full release? I always thought the A side was a pretty decent tune.
publicó un comentario en DJ Nee / Stu Chapman / Nervous+Anxious - Pen On Label E.P.. over 2 years ago
My copy does not have the "em004 due in may..." info and is just a straight up white label. I purchased it directly from DJ Nee who advertised it as a full release. When he noticed his error, he also gave me a white label of EM002 to make up for it ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Metropolis (4) Feat Martina (7) - Is This Love? / Liquid Nights. over 2 years ago
I've had this record for years and only recently realized that Liquid Nights was on the flip. A fantastic tune!
publicó un comentario en Moby - Move - The Mixes. over 2 years ago
Which, in turn, samples Love Sensation by Loleatta Holloway. I'm pretty sure Moby sampled the original source.
publicó un comentario en D.H.S.S. / Oliver Adams - Rainbow / Free The World (Jon Doe Remix) . over 2 years ago
You can also hear it as Brisk's final track on Brisk live @ Funkie Charms.
publicó un comentario en Sharkey. over 2 years ago
I'm pretty sure it was meant to be released on an artist album that never came into fruition. The last thing I heard was that the Hardcore Underground crew were in talks regarding releasing some of Sharkey's material from that era but I haven't heard ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Various - Trapped In Beats EP. over 2 years ago
Anyone else get a pressing error for the C/D side? Mine doesn't skip but it seems that the hole wasn't punched in the middle of the record and California Curse goes out of tune when played (which kills me because that tune is the reason I bought the EP).
publicó un comentario en Radium - Disconnect Me (Remixes). over 2 years ago
A quick note on the original mix. Although supposed to be played on 45 RPM, when played on 33.3 it turns into a nice little electro track that mixes well with hardcore techno (approx 210-220 BPM). One of those lovely records that sounds good at either ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en The Speed Freak. over 2 years ago
I saw the Speed Freak perform a vinyl only set in Canada back in 2008 and it was fantastic. His productions over the past 15 years have always been fun to mix (with all the samples and cuts) and his mixing style utilized this beautifully. Highly ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Candy 233* - Astrofonik Drum And Bass 12. over 2 years ago
My name is 233 is essentially a drum and bass remix of My Name Is by Kellylee Evans.
publicó un comentario en Rhythm Logistics & Squat Dom - Itchy Rock And The Dog Pound Acid E.P.. over 3 years ago
Even after 10 years, this record is still a stormer. For me, the choice is on the B side with Everything at Night. I love how the track bubbles and squelches along while the familiar Yardbirds sample helps to move the track along. Then the build up comes ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en The Speed Freak - Freakwaves. over 4 years ago
Some of the tracks mentioned (not on the vinyl release), were actually released on other records:

Hated -
Ganjasex (weemix) - ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Audio - Force Of Nature. over 4 years ago
A quick note on the vinyl release of the album, why they never pressed Mudshark and A.R.P. on wax is beyond me. By far, those two tunes are my favorite from Audio's album. A crying shame that they never got the vinyl they deserved.
publicó un comentario en BC* - Digital Nation. over 4 years ago
Everyone rants and raves about Inside the Machine, but it never grabbed me like Digital Nation did. From the smooth psychedelic nature of the titular track right down to dance floor monster that is Son of Nitrous (sorry jungle snobs, but it is a better ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Ed Rush & Optical / Universal Project - Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix) / Vessel. over 4 years ago
I respectfully disagree. Ram Trilogy's remix of Pacman completely elevates the original and has decimated every dancefloor I have unleashed it on for over 10 years. This record never leaves my bag.
publicó un comentario en S-Real. over 8 years ago
S-Real is an alias of Dougal & Mickey Skeedale. The track Blast It was released as Blastin' Off on Rave n Beats:
publicó una crítica de Various - K12 Studios: Gentleman's EP. over 10 years ago
The first time I heard “Boom Dubi Doom” was at a rave earlier this year. No Left Turn was a few tunes into his set and my initial reaction was, “this guy plays FAST…even for UK hardcore”.

At first I laughed out loud when I heard the tune (because of ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Various - Kingz Of Kaos EP 2. over 11 years ago
Certainly one of the best hardcore releases of recent memory, Kniteforce hits the mark with this epic double pack. Always one to provide variety, Luna-C has compiled some absolute stormers on this release:

The Sky is Falling is a much faster release ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Darwin. over 11 years ago
I have to say that I am really surprised nothing has been written here as of yet. I’ve always felt that there was a void left in the UK hardcore scene when Justin Time/Helix left. If any of the new breed of producers can successfully fill that void I ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Uplift* & Euphony - Inside Your Mind / We Want Your Soul. over 11 years ago
I honestly don’t really rate the a-side of this record. "Inside Your Mind" is a well made, but standard, trance-based UK hardcore with a female vocal. Personally, I find the vocal rather weak and have never had the urge to play it out but know others ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Alpha² - Nowhere To Hide / In Time. over 11 years ago
When I bought this record I had no idea that it was considered “hardstyle”. I heard a sample of the a-side (Nowhere To Hide) and thought that it was a nice little hardcore tune. Great breakdown, evil sample, creepy synth, good kick…yup sounds like Dutch ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Take You Away. over 11 years ago
An interesting side note about this record:

Luna-C held an online poll on the Kniteforce forum (if memory serves me right) to actually vote which mix to be the A side. Most people voted for the U-Clan remix (hence the pressing) but I remember Luna-C ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Trixxy - See The Stars / Here To Invade. over 11 years ago
In my opinion, this is the definition of “freeform” where UK Hardcore is concerned: experimental, banging, acid, and with just enough vocal. Both sides are absolute monsters and have always torn up any dancefloor I have ever played. Ten years down the ... Ver crítica completa