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publicó un comentario en Beaumont Hannant. over 2 years ago
Beaumont Hannant had a track released on "Artificial intelligence 2" Warp compliation, named Utuba. It is where i first encountered the talent of this musician and the quality of his music gave easily its place among stars of the genre like Autechre, ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Ln'S - Good For Me No Good For Me. over 2 years ago
I do agree. This track is a gem and deserves a new start today. Should be played in festivals and clubs around, would cause mayhem on the floors here and anywhere else.
publicó un comentario en Various - Blech II: Blechsdöttir. over 5 years ago
Does anyone know the origin of the record title "Blechsdöttir" ? Something to do with Björk surname (Guðmundsdóttir) ?
publicó un comentario en Lighthouse (4) - Born A Nice Kid. over 5 years ago
I can't believe this band had not the recognition it deserved.
publicó una crítica de Model 500 - OFI / Huesca. over 8 years ago
Unbelievable ! A masterpiece of Detroit electro from the originator himself. Words lack to describe the feeling when listening to OFI : reborn maybe. Yes, definitely. REBORN !
publicó una crítica de AFX* - Analord 07. over 10 years ago
It is an uplifting experience to listen to some of the Analord tracks several years after there release even though it seems this acid masterpieces have never been very remote from one's life during all these years.
When I switched on my player ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Mad Mike* - Hi-Tech Dreams / Lo-Tech Reality. over 12 years ago
These three absolutely brilliant tracks have been composed by Mad Mike Banks with his fellow member of the Interstellar Fugitives Agent Chaos whose voice can be heard on both b side tracks.
The A side is full with one track named "Hitech dreams" which ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Underground Resistance. over 13 years ago
I confirm that UR is still able to be astonishingly creative. The soon to be released Interstellar Fugitives double LP proves this statement. It is understandable that listeners are now demanding the best from UR and Mad Mike as they have been used to so ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Maxence Cyrin - Modern Rhapsodies. over 13 years ago
This work is, as far as I know, the first attempt to play and record piano covers of house and techno tracks. And what a success ! By listening to Maxence Cyrin's Modern Rhapsodies one can discover or rediscover the melodic power and emotional deepness ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass. over 14 years ago
This record is obvious. Too obvious. Tiga admits he made it in only a few hours. Is it serious to pretend doing dance music in 2004 with a drum machine, a TB 303 and easy spoken words ? Come on ! Dj Pierre did this more than ten years ago !
publicó una crítica de Source - Organized Noise. over 15 years ago
This record had a non negligeable success after its release in 92-93 when some of its tracks became rave stompers. Robert Leiner played live or djed in huge rave parties in Germany and France.
Beyond Time is an excellent house track based on a simple ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Deep Contest - The Ripost EP. over 15 years ago
This record was the result of the collaboration between Ludovic Navarre and Dj Deep, one of the best french Dj in that time. Dj Deep used to play Chigago House and Garage like no one else in Paris in the beginning of the 90's. He was resident at Laurent ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de Various - Technostate - 20 Serious Techno & Garage Raves. over 15 years ago
Technostate is just one among many happy hardcore compilations that were released in the beginning of the 90's in the UK. Nevertheless it gathers some of the best producers in that musical genre like The Prodigy, Utah Saints or Bizarre Inc. The kind of ... Ver crítica completa
publicó una crítica de UR* - Piranha. over 15 years ago
Piranha has been produced by Ghetto Tech and mixed by Mad Mike. Ghetto tech went to jail and his flat where the analogic masters of Piranha remained was emptied. The masters were broken as said above. Mad Mike renounced to rerelease it digitally because ... Ver crítica completa