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publicó una crítica de Reptilicus | Senking - Unison. 3 months ago
this effort deserves so much more attention. a special tour between idm and technoide tropes. it gives me by each listening other feelings, that i so not expected. believe me, the track 'shiver' alone is worth to grab this record!
publicó un comentario en Troum. about 1 year ago
this is why i hear musick! ... and this is a magick approach!
publicó un comentario en 310 - Nothing To See Here: Short Stories By 310. over 5 years ago
Nice feelings come arround in endless shapes, dreams, space and time. For me, a classic piece of work.
publicó una crítica de Origami Galaktika - Stjernevandring / Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda. over 6 years ago
a unbelieveble record, with a unique sound. don't forget the smoothly tribal components. all in all, a highly recommend opus!
publicó una crítica de Yage - The Woodlands Of Old. over 6 years ago
the best release, from these guys, in my humble opinion!
publicó una crítica de Super_Collider - Head On. over 6 years ago
'take me home' is one of the funkeist tracks ever! the rest is also so good composed! yes!
publicó un comentario en Mathias Grassow - Spiritual Archieves. over 9 years ago
typing error, or what means 'archieves'?