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publicó un comentario en Chris Sattinger - Thinkless Thoughts. 9 months ago
What you meant to say was, “Butterfly Skull is one of the best Minneapolis/Twin Cities tracks.”
Prime Midwest acid techno. Perfect example of the fruits of a criminally underrated music scene.
publicó un comentario en Theo Parrish - Sketches / Somethin About Detroit. over 2 years ago
While the music on this release is among the finest house in my collection, my pressing seems a bit sketchy. On a couple cuts ("Kites On Pluto" and "Thumpasaurus" especially) the kick drum gets pretty crunchy, to the point of even hopping the needle ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Masters At Work Featuring India - I Can't Get No Sleep. over 4 years ago
Reading through reviews of a house classic... Imagine my delight coming across this nugget proclaiming the importance of this track to the Mpls underground and one DJ E-Tones in particular. You put a smile on my face!
publicó un comentario en Chris Liberator. over 5 years ago
"It seems the slower and bleaker music you play, the more chances you have entering that top 100 DJ list." Ah the scourge of minimal. Thanks for the laugh.
publicó un comentario en The Shamen - Move Any Mountain (Pro-Gen). over 6 years ago
In case you needed evidence that Joey Beltram always was (and remains) a genius.
This record is hard to stomach for the most part, the cheesy vocals push most of the tracks right off the edge. Some music just doesn't stand the test of time.
However, ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Spencer Smith - Man Amplified 2. over 6 years ago
Ah, the good old days. Rave on.
publicó un comentario en Boards Of Canada - The Campfire Headphase. over 6 years ago
"They have one of the most refined aethetics of any electronic music producer or group - ever."
Well said, my friend. Well said. What a joy it is to listen to Boards of Canada.
publicó un comentario en Candido - Thousand Finger Man. over 6 years ago
Fair enough. And I suppose I can reluctantly agree. But when you seek out a track for several years, finally figure out what it is, then think you've found it only to realize (as you're listening to your shiny new slab of vinyl) it is not that cut, but ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Candido - Thousand Finger Man. over 9 years ago
CAUTION! This is quite possibly not the version you want. If you are looking for the disco/house burner (I know I was), it is not on this release. THAT "Thousand Finger Man" is on "Dancin' & Prancin'".
You have been warned.