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Does anyone know what the typeface used on the cover artwork is, if it even has a name and is publicly available?
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What the fuck happened with the prices for this all of a sudden?
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Rock bottom. Ten words ten words ten words ten words.
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contribuido Aldonis Kalniņš - Kāzas / Свадьба / Wedding Celebration. over 3 years ago
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Please don't repress. Some records are made special by their elusiveness, such as this one.
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Can't completely agree with the others. I'm quite picky about vinyl and pressing quality and I don'd think it's THAT bad, slightly below average at least for sure but definitely not "terrible", I've heard far far worse. Most likely worse than the black ... Ver crítica completa
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How about a CD reissue instead... I mean, it does exist on vinyl already.
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Good curation, good aesthetics, I'd really love this label if they just actually did reissues of the original albums instead of just making random compilations. For that reason I much prefer EM Records. I'd also much more prefer CD reissues instead of ... Ver crítica completa
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Has there been any explanation as to why the last track is slowed down so much? I think a "proper" playing time (using track 2 as a reference, which uses the same background arpeggio) for it would be around six and a half minutes, not 23...
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This album's cover will forever remind me of a PS1 game case.
publicó una crítica de Aphex Twin - Syro. over 3 years ago
By far Richard's best work in the album format. It's difficult to compare to the SAW series, but shits all over I Care Because You Do, Drukqs and especially RDJ Album. It's not perfect though, more of a compendium of the quintessential Aphex Twin style ... Ver crítica completa
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Update: I was eventually offered a replacement copy free of charge (hasn't arrived yet). Big props to DC for excellent customer service :)
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Pressing and sound quality in general seems pretty decent, not noisy and the fidelity is good, but my copy has pretty bad scratched segments on two sides, disappointing.
publicó una crítica de Autechre - Untilted. over 4 years ago
Quite certainly the worst Autechre LP and in my opinion the only black sheep in their fairly spotless catalog. In not sure at all what was the artistic goal with this album. Untilted seems to focus on two closely related things, rhythm and repetition ... Ver crítica completa
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I can tell you if there were any copies of this known to exist it would be on the internet.
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My copy is identical to a tee right down to the runout etchings, but the labels list the catalog as "AS-35" omitting the "-A" from the end (as well as on B-side, respectively). Any info on the variations on this press?
publicó una crítica de Goldmund - Corduroy Road. over 4 years ago
Corduroy Road inside out is a very simple album. I thought I'd call it an acquired taste, but I don't think that's fitting since the album is also extremely approachable. This pop music stripped to its bones. Most songs accompanied by a solo piano, ... Ver crítica completa
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FLAC codec didn't appear until 2001. Either the date is wrong, or the format.
contribuido The Playground Boys - Roots In The River. over 4 years ago
contribuido Lauri Ainala & Kalle Hamm - Immigrant Garden. over 5 years ago
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Because people are idiots/trolls/don't know how the system works? Come on, how's this still a thing. It's like people commenting on YouTube about video having 1000 likes but only 301 views.
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What is this and where can I hear it?
contribuido Konev - Dedicated To People Flow. over 7 years ago
publicó una crítica de Pan Sonic - 05/10/995. over 7 years ago
My guesses for the track titles.

1. Uranokemia
2. Unknown
3. Hahmo (?)
4. Reso (?)
5. Telako
6. Unknown (not a proper track really, just fades Telako out)
7. Unknown
8. CSG-Sonic
9. Moottori
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It's 2010 and it's time for the annual Venetian Snares album. Right off the bat I'm gonna say it's not quite there with some of his previous masterpieces but it's still good, damn good. I like how he manages make every album sound so different and yet so ... Ver crítica completa