"It is also suggested that stationary
waves in two dimensions could account for the phenomena of phyllotaxis." Alan Turing, 1951
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publicó un comentario en The Spirit Of Love* - Middle Class Riot. 3 months ago
The track "Nightinggale Machine" manages to put the place Basingstoke in a song and for that I am forever thankful.
publicó un comentario en Heights Of Abraham - Sportif EP. 3 months ago
Back room at Sunrise, Music Box in Manchester on Oxford Road. Then back to the main room. First train back to Liverpool then collapse.
publicó un comentario en Aubrey - Gravitational Lensing LP. 3 months ago
So interested in this. Great that here almost 30 years later this fella is still releasing new music.
publicó un comentario en Fiction - Streams. 5 months ago
The Flabbergasted remix on this has got a deep underbelly to it. Head turner defo.
publicó un comentario en Rabit (2) - Cry Alone Die Alone. 5 months ago
Wow! Slow down time without the aid of cough syrup just the tracks.
publicó un comentario en TV Victor & The World Future Society - Magic Sound Of The Moon - Moondance. 6 months ago
Timeless. One of the most Coil albums by a Non-Coil band I have ever heard. Listen to Tomorrow, and feel those waves.
publicó un comentario en Protect System - Waves Of Energy. 6 months ago
More 1990s than a Technics bomber jacket bought from a market stall then getting into a Vauxhall Nova SR. Waves of Energy has something about it, sure its cheesy and sounds dated but it nailed that Trance sound that would later be commercialised by ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en cLOUDDEAD - Ten. 6 months ago
I had just arrived into Diu through Gujarat, India. I put this album on in the morning, and walked around. Diu was Portugal's first call onto Indian soil and saw them get into bother with the local people in the early 1500s. The white stone architecture ... Ver crítica completa
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publicó un comentario en Culturcide - Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America. 6 months ago
Stewart Home annotated in the liner notes for this album, if your onto Culturcide and Stewart Home, you are on an honest path!
contribuido Dazz Band - BBC Radioplay Music. 6 months ago
publicó un comentario en Wallis Bird. 6 months ago
I was helping out on a small holding in 2014 near Macroom in Cork. Basic gardening and house repairs, things like that. In the evening my host would work nights leaving me alone in her country house, I used to put the wood burner on and listen to the RTE ... Ver crítica completa
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publicó un comentario en Island (4) - Pictures. 6 months ago
Startled Insects and Man Jumping did not get there first!
publicó un comentario en Ron Boots - Too Many Secrets. 7 months ago
Too Many Secrets or Setec Astronomy. 1990s middle east paranoia and surveillance state was taking over.
publicó un comentario en Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill. 7 months ago
Time stretch the already slow tempo and prepare for your head to enter spaces you thought could never happen to you.
publicó un comentario en Longsy D's House Sound* - For The World. 7 months ago
Immensely enjoyable Kraftwerk sampling acid lines. Let this take you back to '89 where one revolution was ending in the east and another one was rising in the west.
publicó un comentario en Ακρίτας - Ακρίτας. 7 months ago
I stupidly sold my copy of this back in 2009, anyone in the UK got a spare copy?
publicó un comentario en Small Factory - For If You Cannot Fly. 7 months ago
Remember to look up when listening to this record, for you are now seeing in more colour than before.
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publicó un comentario en Keb Darge - Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk Volume 3. 7 months ago
Tae be yersel and to make that worth bein, no harder task has man been gein! More liner notes like this and my atrials will flutter no more.
contribuido Finnbogi Pétursson - Installations. 7 months ago
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publicó un comentario en Jaz* - Hawaiian Sophie. 8 months ago
Found this record in a job lot, very young Jay Z staring into the listener on the back cover. 1989 and Jay Zee as he was known. Mental!
publicó un comentario en The Darling Buds - Shame On You. 8 months ago
Reissued in September 2018 by someone, somehow and somewhere.. .
publicó un comentario en Head Mix Collective* - Birthrights. 8 months ago
Absolutely joyous music that you hear in the backwaters of the UK, Headmix are that band you always ask who it is playing when you hear them on someone else's system. Some of this was recorded in Germany, where the marriage of order and decay is higher ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Gangway Invasion - Coming To Your Station. 8 months ago
Gangway Invasion blowing up ya playstation! HIGH ELECTRO DICK ENERGY!
publicó un comentario en Shifty Disco. 8 months ago
Old Oxford indie label, few local bands that never quite broke through into the mainstream. Home to Unbelievable Truth who people had a secondary interest in due to the singer. Local press Nightshift magazine promoted many of the acts, Dustball were ... Ver crítica completa
contribuido Bertrand Russell - His Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech "Human Nature And Politics". 9 months ago
publicó un comentario en Acidlab - Route 303. 9 months ago
So well written. Just picked this up in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Dutch psych late 1990s vibes.
contribuido The Keatons - Limp. 9 months ago
contribuido Coax (3) - Alpenglow. 9 months ago
publicó un comentario en Tim The Mute. 10 months ago
Like Kenneth Higney born in 1989 and starring in a film by Gregg Araki.
publicó un comentario en Poorgrrrl - Pitiparti. 10 months ago
New ground from Miami, first heard on Roger Hill's BBC Merseyside show on a Sunday night...
publicó un comentario en Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueen. 10 months ago
Listened to this travelling to Srinigar in a taxi from Jammu in Kashmir. My friend who I was with was on the hunt for soft bliss, which he did find and the next few months were spent listening to this, farting around and meeting new people.
publicó un comentario en Häpna. 10 months ago
Presentation wise the CD releases have had more attention than Liz Hurley stepping out of a limousine in the 1990s. Lovingly produced boxes of esoterica that promote the medium beyond that of digital. Home to Eric Malmberg and Sagor/Swing who produced ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en Resistance D.* - Emphasis EP. 10 months ago
Uwe Schmidt is all over this like erythema after radiation exposure. Old trance where the roots for the harder styles were laid down.
publicó un comentario en Solvent - New Ways: Addendum. 10 months ago
Subharmonics could be played on a loop and that could be my music collection for life. Deeeeeep. Not the name of Indian origin but the emotional bond to the muzak.
publicó un comentario en So Inagawa - Logo Queen. 10 months ago
YouTube hits going to inflate prices for the wax people!
publicó un comentario en Gilgamesh (2) - Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into. 10 months ago
Album artwork is William Blake's The Ghost Of A Flea which Alan Moore used in From Hell as the inspiration for the story there. The Ghost of a Flea shows a beast with a muscular human physique but a reptile appearance. In From Hell, the main character ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en AMA (14) - Not Blobs. 11 months ago
Reminds me of Flying Nun's The Subliminals. Trippy as you like.
publicó un comentario en Moby - Everything Is Wrong. 11 months ago
God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters was used by Nicholas Provost in his film piece Plot Point which used a hidden camera to film people working and walking around New York City. I saw it in Rotterdam whilst helping at the film festival in January, ... Ver crítica completa
publicó un comentario en DJ Rap - Journeys Through The Land Of Drum 'N' Bass. 11 months ago
The drum and the bass! Fow show fellow traveller. . .
publicó un comentario en Toast - The Collection . 11 months ago
As cathartic as a good whine, and I pimp fine whines.
publicó un comentario en Eric Malmberg. 11 months ago
A swedish laboratory took a scraping from Bo Hansson's arse off a toilet seat somewhere in Stockholm and grew this genteel organ player from a petri dish.
publicó un comentario en Nickel Creek - Why Should The Fire Die?. 11 months ago
Best played when coming in drunk with friends and all passing out on the floor with this booming out of some high end speakers you got off gumtree for £60. F***ing A Lad!
publicó un comentario en Laraaji - Vision Songs - Vol. I. 11 months ago
Arthur Russell must have been listening to this as he walked around New York with his walkman. Sure this hasn't got any cello, but the keys are there. Great reissue by Numero Uno.
publicó un comentario en Webcore (2) - Cinematography. 11 months ago
To be revered more than John Diamond when he passed into the other world. Essential early Real Kavoom release, I walked a part of the Shakespeare Way whilst listening to this, which ruined the rest of the day for me as the only way was down after that.
publicó un comentario en Huey Lewis And The News* - Sports. 11 months ago
Immortalised by Bret Easton Ellis in American Psycho. Patrick Bateman's review of this Huey Lewis and the News album taken from the film screenplay.

QUOTE "Their early work was a little too new wave for my taste. But when Sports came out in '83, I ... Ver crítica completa
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