• rov_the_cat over 11 years ago

    Logicaly as one-sided records have only one side, i've been listing them as

    1 (first song title)
    2 (second song title)
    3 (third song title)...

    only if "A Side" clearly written on the single side(groove side), i did

    A1 (first song title)
    A2 (second song title)
    A3 (third song title)...

    am i right?

    or both ok?
  • Staff 3.3k

    nik over 11 years ago

    The guidelines aren't specific about this, but I'd recommend side positions are used, as "Side specification is mandatory" http://www.discogs.com/help/submission-guidelines-release-trk.html#Position
  • rov_the_cat over 11 years ago

    Ok nik, I'd take your recommendation and use only "A1, A2, A3..." for any Single-Sided records from now on.
    Also I will change all my past subs like that whenever new guideline issued.
    Thank you.
  • IndieCity over 11 years ago

    Yes it's a good idea rov_the_cat because during many days you send me some "entirely incorrect" vote because i list 1-sided as A1,A2.. with side and advise me and some other users to change.
    Do not forget to cancel these vote too.
    Thank you.
  • schtel over 11 years ago

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    Do you mind if I ask you why you submit to discogs?
  • silverleaf over 11 years ago

    Oh, thank you, thank you. I REALLY needed a good laugh right now!

    Yeah, I know it really does say that, I looked. That is a good question you raised.
  • BeatSensor over 11 years ago

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