• tumptyteapot over 4 years ago

    I've been googling like a maniac and all I can find is My Record Collection which seems to have vanished and disCo by papatoob that I can't get to work.

    Do any of you have WordPress blogs and an easy method to show your collection on them?

  • Etic over 4 years ago

    I'm currently working on some kind of plugin for WordPress and I could say there is no easy method. For now it is just an early and simple implementation of the API.

    I'm using ricbra PHP Discogs Api and Guzzle... but I'm stuck with the oAuth "limitation", I'll figured it out.

    Listing the inventory, specific release, etc works nicely, but when it comes to retrieving images, the oAuth flow is complicating the process.
  • Windsinger over 3 years ago

    Hi, any progress on your plugin Etic?
  • Etic over 3 years ago

    Hi Windsinger,

    The integration in a WordPress Theme was done succesfully using oAuth and Guzzle (ricbra php api).

    But the plugin development was put on ice since we don't have so many request regarding Discogs.
  • plekvis over 3 years ago

    Too bad :(
    Is it possbile to release to Theme so others can play with it?
  • thomasperry over 3 years ago

    Hi there,
    I'm also looking after a plugin for my record collection. I think is very strange that there isn't any plugin for this. I believe there is a lot of collectors out there who want this.

    Looking forward to hear from you about the progress.
  • WaxWorksRecords over 3 years ago

    Add me to the list of interested people. I would love to have my own website that syncs with discogs.
  • soulbrew over 3 years ago

    I second WaxWorks up here. Having something that pulls your Discogs data and publish it on your WP site is something that might interest a fair amount of people I think.
  • Etic over 3 years ago

    HI everyone, I could feel the need for a Discogs plugin, something that would easily integrate with your account, putting a shortcode in a page or a widget to display items from Discogs using some basic options, that would be simple and perfect. But that is not what we have right now.

    And no, we will not share a theme that is using this integration, a plugin would be more advisable. Our main client is actually asking (again) on that matter. So we are gonna take time to update evertyhing we have currently made and if it is possible, we will publish something. And this would be the perfect place to share the news!

    I'm the same as you, seeking for a solution, a plugin, an integration, nothing was made about discogs and WordPress, what a shame :o I hope we be the first about it, but I will not lie, we are not under concrete development about this. I'm just saying that I understand your need (and mine) and maybe something will come out of that current (updated) project. I'll update this thread soon.

    In the mean time, if you find something, share it!
  • rikroc over 3 years ago

    I use Music Collector software as a local database that also hosts my collection online. The program will import releases from Discogs (and other sources) but each release must be entered individually.
  • WaxWorksRecords over 2 years ago

    I still have money burning a hole for someone who can supply a working wordpress plugin/theme to pull and sync inventory data from discogs. I'm sure many others would be happy to pay for this as well.
  • magnaz over 2 years ago

    Me too... I think somebody will develop soon.
  • gladbeast over 2 years ago

    yes please :)
  • JuuuuJ over 2 years ago

    Hi there,
    A wordpress plugin will include a Discogs integration: Massive Kit is actually trying to be funded on Kickstarter. Just give it a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/955009457/massive-kit-ultimate-wordpress-plugin. Discogs is one of the integration planned in it.
  • napyfak over 2 years ago

    Hey there, we just released a WordPress plugin that can sync your Discogs collection into a WordPress Custom Post Type, check it out here : https://wordpress.org/plugins/discpress/

    it's a very first release so probably it's not perfect, cheers!
  • Crazypumpkin over 2 years ago

    Waw ! thanks for the work !! i've tested your plugin : install ok, import no problem, sync ok, images import ok, but how to display "Records" list on a page with some option?? There is a shortcode? best regards, crazy
  • napyfak over 2 years ago

    Waw ! thanks for the work !! i've tested your plugin : install ok, import no problem, sync ok, images import ok, but how to display "Records" list on a page with some option?? There is a shortcode? best regards, crazy

    Hey, thanks for testing the plugin. Yes we know shortcode is a pretty much useful functionality, but as is it mostly a frontend feature we'll lead into a more difficult field, it's not easy to develop a good, bug free and responsive way to show your collection that can fit with every theme in every situation. So it's in the roadmap for a next version but don't expect it too soon.
    The thing you can do it right now (depends on your coding skills) is to show your collection using a template in your theme (via a wp_query or get_posts) or if your using a purchased theme, if it's a good one, they usually have features to print PostType in post or pages.

  • Crazypumpkin over 2 years ago

    Thanks for your response ;) For display, this WP plugin work : https://srd.wordpress.org/plugins/post-grid/
    More options with the "pro version" ;) see yaaa and thanks again ;)
  • carlinr over 2 years ago

    carlinr edited over 2 years ago
    This is excellent, thank you!

    Check out how it worked for me: http://ryanscarlin.com/collection
  • WaxWorksRecords about 1 year ago

    Any more movement/updates on this?
  • napyfak about 1 year ago

  • webdevz about 1 year ago

    check this out http://imbeard.com/discpress/

    @napyfak, thank you so much for making this and making it available to us! I just installed the free version and am going to be working with it quite a bit. I will report back if you would like.

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