• joseponzi over 3 years ago

    Sometimes I have favorites sellers or I want to find out if a physical store around rhe world is a discog’s seller too.
    How can I do this two things?
  • Weetzie over 3 years ago

    Sometimes I have favorites sellers or I want to find out if a physical store around the world is a Discogs seller too.

    The Discogs iOS and Android apps don't have a full "Friends" integration yet - but eventually, we hope to add in a feature like this that would allow you to follow/friend your favorite sellers.

    As for finding out if your favorite physical store sells on Discogs: that info might be listed on VinylHub: https://www.vinylhub.com/
    (Some shops have a Discogs link on their VinylHub shop profile).

    The Discogs apps will eventually include a more interactive VinylHub integration - so you'll be able to quickly link between VinylHub shops and their associated Discogs inventory.
  • Agweeks over 3 years ago

    Yes we need this
  • santillan.mike over 2 years ago

    Would love this
  • slur over 2 years ago

    Please. Even a free text field and the possibility to sort the Friends list would help.
  • RastaPastaRecords over 2 years ago

    an "add to favorite sellers" feature would be very welcomed and useful.
  • GM101 about 1 year ago

    This is literally the reason I haven’t bought or sold on Discogs yet.
    This feature is well overdue! As too is the ability to list items for sale from our collections!!!!
  • astro_city about 1 year ago

    Yes please, I have plenty of sellers I would love to buy from regularly. This feature would be an amazing addition.
  • onegold88 about 1 year ago

    Yes, I need this App.
  • Jazzeum about 1 year ago

    Are there any plans to “add a favorite seller” feature. As per above, this was discussed awhile ago.
  • Mudang about 1 year ago

    It will be a very nice addition to follow sellers. Meaning that I have find sellers which i want to buy from them more regularly, not for specific releases but for their great prices in their inventory and great service.
  • ScottAwake88 8 months ago

    How hard could it possibly be to add this feature?
  • steffenwendt 7 months ago

    Still need it :) Sellers will receive even more sales and buyers can follow their favourite sellers and see new items in the shops.
  • PaladinVinyl 7 months ago

    What am i missing? You can friend/follow anyone in the App.
  • jachziger 2 months ago

    Why is this not a thing? I've been buying tons of records during the pandemic and would love to be able to watch certain sellers.
  • rgodridge 1 day ago

    Come on, surely this feature can be easily added? Some sellers get large collections of unusual things and I'd love to get updates etc.

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