• DarthHamster 6 months ago

    When I display my Collection in a web browser, the initial word "The" is ignored for purposes of sorting. For example, "The Who" is sorted under "W". This is as it should be.

    In the iOS app, when sorted by Artist or Title, the initial "The" is NOT ignored, so that "The Who" is sorted under "T" instead of "W". Can this be fixed?

  • _OcieLian_ 5 months ago

    Hi there, sorry to hear about the issue you are having when sorting your Collection.

    I have now tested with the last version and added an album from The Who to my Collection and when sorting per Artist A-Z, The Who shows under "W".

    In the meantime, If you haven't already, will you please try deleting the app, download it and then logging in again?

    If that doesn't resolve the issue, if you could provide any further details via Support Request to help us replicate the issue, we would appreciate it:

    - She steps you are doing to reproduce this issue, if you are able to send us some screenshots or screen recordings will be very helpful.
    - This issue may be isolated to a specific device or operating system, so providing us with your device and OS version and App version info is very helpful

    Thank you!
  • DarthHamster 5 months ago

    Sorting by artist does now work correctly, and has for a couple of weeks. Same bug in sort by title, though—for example, Jackson Browne's "The Pretender" sorts under "T" instead of "P."

    Thanks for your help!

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