• Goldrushed 5 months ago

    Discogs app crashes when i try to search in my wantlist.
    Have iPhone 7 with all the latest updates
  • darisjs 5 months ago

    Same for me with iPhone 8 Plus.
  • TashaH 5 months ago

    I'm sorry the app is being glitchy for you! I tried replicating the search issue on an iPhone, but didn't experience what is described above.

    If you are still experiencing an issue, send us a support request and our App Specialist will help you!
  • Goldrushed 5 months ago

    iPhone 7: go to wantlist - searchbar- try to type 5 characters, app chrashes, still today. Not the worst thing in the world , just want to report , it never happened before....
  • TashaH 5 months ago

    Thanks for the details! I appreciate the report. I am passing it on to our App Specialist. She should be able to investigate further on Monday. I really appreciate your patience in the meantime!
  • _OcieLian_ 5 months ago

    Hi there, thanks for posting on the App forum about this.

    We are now working on fixing the crashes that we have noticed on the last version 2.1.1. A new version will be out within a couple of weeks once all fixes are worked on.

    You will be asked to update your App on the App Store once 2.1.2 it's out.

    Thanks for your patience here!

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