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    nik about 22 hours ago

    Hi all,

    I am sorry to have to inform you that we are having to turn off two Discogs features that we have been experimenting with over the last year - the Tracks feature, and the updated Collection feature. The reason for both are technical challenges in making the features stable and fast enough for us to run reliably for everyone.

    I realise this may disappoint many of you. It is very disappointing for us as well. However, we have learned a lot from your feedback and usage of both features, and plan to bring them back in improved and stable forms in the not too distant future.

    Thank you for your feedback and enthusiasm for the 20-year Discogs project: the best music database and marketplace in the world. We are committed to the continued success of Discogs and everyone who uses it.

    Nik and the Discogs team.
  • impud1cus about 22 hours ago

    Looks like I may have to update my new thread from just today. As a dev/product manager/tech lead at various times I feel your pain in mothballing something you have invested so much in! As a user of Discogs I have to say there really is a lot needed to make these useful to me, although Tracks at least had potential.
    I'm sure you have your own plans and priorities, but is it worth revisiting Tracks as a contributor-driven rather than auto-generated feature? This would complement my new thread https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/803012 by attaching properties to tracks to reference a common ID (although I guess it's more in the model of release->master rather than composition-> external identifier). It depends where your performance and stability problems lie, but I do think that contributor-driven is worth exploring; it may be more slower but also more reliable.
  • cheiron_freak about 13 hours ago

    Wow, that's a bummer! :(
    I used Tracks so much, such a great & helpful feature, especially in finding/buying missing stuff.

    Please bring it back asap!!
  • stopwatchrecords about 13 hours ago

    Ditto  cheiron_freak. RIP Tracks feature :-(
  • rezz about 13 hours ago

    Was just using and loving the new Collections features yesterday. Looking forward to their return!
  • jumpoutlet about 11 hours ago

    RIP tracks. How do we find different versions now?
  • zuperchicken about 11 hours ago

    Thank you very much for the Tracks feature, as long as it's been going. I checked today and was confused, but am glad to have conclusion. Take your time, I can't wait to see it return - it's been really incredible for finding the music I've been interested in, and I totally understand the reasons. <3

    I'm a recent user and I've been incredibly happy with the tools on this site, and I'm looking forward to future updates to the tools!
  • iamjake about 10 hours ago

    dang. i had only used what was apparently the new version of collections. was a shock to lose it just now because this "old" version of collections sucks :(
  • Bong about 9 hours ago

    I hope you get the Tracks feature sorted out soon. A very useful feature. I've been using daily. Thanks for updating us on the status.
  • Staff 3.1k

    nik about 5 hours ago

    Thanks all for your messages of support here. Your enthusiasm, feedback, and understanding means a lot! We want to continue improving your experience here on Discogs for sure. This is not the end of work on these features, just a break as we work under the hood. Cheers!
  • justindonnelly about 5 hours ago

    Hoping for the return of tracks soon. I loved using the feature, and found it really helpful.
  • keiron22 about 4 hours ago

    Looking forward to the return of this function. A big thank you to all the discogs team for such a superb site.
  • mekon21 about 3 hours ago

    tracks disappeared - but now i can go to filmogs or bookogs...
    so why does this work - but not tracks????
  • Rockosurf about 2 hours ago

    Rockosurf edited about 2 hours ago
    YEEEESSSSSS!! The collection feature was so terrible! Is there a way you can get it back to where it was before? Where it shows the release art you own with the price they are going for beneath it? Seems like it just shows the release now. The worst part of the collections feature was if you clicked on something and then used the back arrow on the browser it reloaded to the beginning of the collection again. Very frustrating.

    The tracks feature was cool but I feel like you need to buy an entire server farm in Nebraska somewhere to hold that much data.
  • sunjan about 1 hour ago

    Wow, I agree that tracks was very useful to find rare versions/mixes.
    Hope it will come back in one form or another, but I understand the challenge. The merge/demerge of tracks was convoluted and i never really got my hear around how it was supposed to work.

    Can you use the server capacity instead to bring back the Collection filters for all of us who have more than 1500 items?
  • JuKramer 37 minutes ago

    Yes, I really enjoyed the filter options on the left of the screen. I also really enjoyed viewing my collection with the larger covers. Either way, great job keeping this database, I use discogs every day.
  • devotionalie 19 minutes ago

    I don't get it? My collection view hasn't changed in any way.

    Sad for the Tracks feature though, but it seems you folks work really hard on it. Thx for you efforts and for this great database!

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