• movfefe 8 months ago

    Hey there, I've got a copy of Massive Attack's Mezzanine LP that I'm pretty sure is a bootleg, but just checking in to confirm that I'm recognizing what I think are "tell-tale" signs:
    - The labels literally have nothing on them except for giant "A" "B" "C" and "D" on each side.
    - There's nothing etched into the run-out groove

    Thoughts? Anybody else have a copy of this?
  • pinkindustries 8 months ago

    Answer received?
  • movfefe 8 months ago

    Yes, thanks for checking in... I made a double post with this question by accident, and in my "other" post I learned that the "bootleg" in my collection is an unofficial release on Wild Bunch records (and already documented on Discogs). Fortunately, I've also got an original Virgin Records pressing as well - such a fantastic record. Have never actually A/B'd them before to see which one sounds better... someday...

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