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Share Your Discogs App! (page: 2) Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 153 paul_gibson paul_gibson 3 months ago
API Announcements Staff vreon vreon 32 snikwahj snikwahj 7 months ago
API Frequently Asked Questions Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 0 rodneyfool rodneyfool over 6 years ago
NEW BUILD NEEDED Comments please! plugseven plugseven 0 plugseven plugseven about 7 hours ago
problem mail vinylstore.italy vinylstore.italy 0 vinylstore.italy vinylstore.italy 1 day ago
Continuation of the Python Discogs API Client alifhughes alifhughes 13 J0J0 J0J0 2 days ago
Please could the image IDs be included in the data dumps? elstensoftware elstensoftware 1 Ganjoe_Rood Ganjoe_Rood 4 days ago
Java API for database query SwampTag SwampTag 0 SwampTag SwampTag 4 days ago
Need to stop receiving export notifications! shubhamvee shubhamvee 0 shubhamvee shubhamvee 7 days ago
list orders API broken? Staff deejay.de. deejay.de. 13 djshop.de djshop.de 8 days ago
Rate Limiting BrotherLogic BrotherLogic 0 BrotherLogic BrotherLogic 8 days ago
Search function in Discogs ElisonAxtone ElisonAxtone 0 ElisonAxtone ElisonAxtone 8 days ago
Having issue while getting user specfic data on through search API Staff anuradhayadav anuradhayadav 1 snikwahj snikwahj 9 days ago
Preflight response is not successful - in shipping options remixrecordshop remixrecordshop 12 WalkTek WalkTek 9 days ago
Php Api getOrders empty result PICK_UP_RECORDS PICK_UP_RECORDS 2 ElisonAxtone ElisonAxtone 10 days ago
Is it possible to do this with the Discogs api...? paulietheboss paulietheboss 2 radum radum 11 days ago
Odd and unusual formats from Wax cylinder to Floppy disk Impact-Power Impact-Power 0 Impact-Power Impact-Power 11 days ago
User created lists by release/artist/label rafaelpaezbastida rafaelpaezbastida 0 rafaelpaezbastida rafaelpaezbastida 22 days ago
Regarding Export Notifications Control in Discogs Inbox / Email Inbox shubhamvee shubhamvee 0 shubhamvee shubhamvee 22 days ago
Basic search with release id polytronix polytronix 4 polytronix polytronix 29 days ago
oAuth Authorization without human Music.Shop.London Music.Shop.London 0 Music.Shop.London Music.Shop.London 30 days ago
Enable Sign in with Apple for OAuth Authorization Web Page Staff WunDaii WunDaii 7 WunDaii WunDaii about 1 month ago
Blank Year or Country Inoyama-Records Inoyama-Records 0 Inoyama-Records Inoyama-Records about 1 month ago
oAuth Authorization without human Music.Shop.London Music.Shop.London 0 Music.Shop.London Music.Shop.London about 1 month ago
API Search Json not up to date bastiweb bastiweb 3 bastiweb bastiweb about 1 month ago