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API Announcements Staff vreon vreon 29 eknudtson eknudtson 14 days ago
API Frequently Asked Questions Staff rodneyfool rodneyfool 0 rodneyfool rodneyfool over 3 years ago
Any plans for a graphQL API access layer? Staff nrivard nrivard 3 eggs_again eggs_again about 21 hours ago
Getting 403s for images when querying from command line elstensoftware elstensoftware 0 elstensoftware elstensoftware 1 day ago
Feedback endpoint? BoomWowRecords BoomWowRecords 0 BoomWowRecords BoomWowRecords 5 days ago
TRying to get items of an order created with Merge Classical-Music-Recs Classical-Music-Recs 1 Classical-Music-Recs Classical-Music-Recs 8 days ago
Link from Sold listings to orders rastageek rastageek 0 rastageek rastageek 9 days ago
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Local mirror for testing david.tuvell david.tuvell 0 david.tuvell david.tuvell 11 days ago
How to add an item to discogs inventory using python derneueweg-label derneueweg-label 0 derneueweg-label derneueweg-label 17 days ago
39 Requests within 1,5 seconds, but max should be 25 per minute pueblofunky pueblofunky 0 pueblofunky pueblofunky 19 days ago
Unique image identifier Staff tmurison tmurison 4 elstensoftware elstensoftware 20 days ago
New price fields? Apparently... Staff silveur silveur 7 brephophagist brephophagist 20 days ago
Is it possible to add all items on a list to my wantlist? Hidden_Agenda Hidden_Agenda 0 Hidden_Agenda Hidden_Agenda 20 days ago
Ability to Revoke OAuth Token via API? ed9838 ed9838 0 ed9838 ed9838 23 days ago
Discogs CUE sheet generator Welli Welli 20 XAVeRY XAVeRY 24 days ago
Can anyone give example of getting cover image? dev.m dev.m 1 elstensoftware elstensoftware 27 days ago
My 6000+ Record Collection linked to Discogs discodjcom discodjcom 1 elstensoftware elstensoftware 27 days ago
data inconsistency in data dump for master tracklist bardminz bardminz 9 bardminz bardminz 28 days ago
Price Field Changes Overnight..... Staff rich2020 rich2020 1 brephophagist brephophagist 28 days ago
Development Site RockinRolla RockinRolla 2 Manys Manys 28 days ago
Premium account? Staff weeto.dev weeto.dev 3 rodneyfool rodneyfool 28 days ago
is there a way to embed my collection on my website dompodmedia dompodmedia 4 sugarbushrecords sugarbushrecords about 1 month ago
Export collection more information ciakky70 ciakky70 0 ciakky70 ciakky70 about 1 month ago