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Random Item Button Staff dan_young5 dan_young5 5 TheWhale22 TheWhale22 2 days ago
Showing records in collection when there are master releases. tallus tallus 0 tallus tallus 3 days ago
401 Unathorised 4MC 4MC 0 4MC 4MC 3 days ago
No Price In App Leaven Leaven 5 AndreasD AndreasD 4 days ago
download album cover Staff martinjohnston39 martinjohnston39 1 Weetzie Weetzie 4 days ago
Does app use older/cached data? Staff MacYost MacYost 3 Weetzie Weetzie 7 days ago
App to use on iPhone & iPad Staff Panasonic1963 Panasonic1963 3 slashd0t slashd0t 7 days ago
Has been resolved mikeg13 mikeg13 0 mikeg13 mikeg13 7 days ago
Adding White Label Promos and Test Pressings JEEcc JEEcc 1 scenescof scenescof 8 days ago
Sorting collection by date added does not work with 12 hour format Staff slimnslam slimnslam 4 slimnslam slimnslam 9 days ago
Buy from uk indyjoy78 indyjoy78 1 bluebelle bluebelle 12 days ago
Adding to my collection with a picture captainsonicvinyl captainsonicvinyl 4 esque esque 13 days ago
Where is the Discogs App? :-( JulesDeMalte JulesDeMalte 2 PunkNerve PunkNerve 14 days ago
Automatically removing sold items from my collection Trash27 Trash27 3 n0r n0r 16 days ago
No collection/want list info once logged in Staff elmonte elmonte 3 elmonte elmonte 18 days ago
Scrollbar stopped working Staff matthewh1976 matthewh1976 1 Weetzie Weetzie 19 days ago
Scanning barcode Staff rp18 rp18 4 Weetzie Weetzie 19 days ago
Does Discogs DB allow for download of all songs associated with LP collection? Staff LottaLPs LottaLPs 1 Weetzie Weetzie 19 days ago
How display collection data in UI? LottaLPs LottaLPs 1 LottaLPs LottaLPs 20 days ago
Not on the database? kittenbloodcoffee kittenbloodcoffee 1 The_Beatles. The_Beatles. 27 days ago
Como subir disco anguer anguer 1 PabloPlato PabloPlato 29 days ago
Please add iOS 7 Support ?! Staff noisize noisize 3 Weetzie Weetzie about 1 month ago
Try to list my 7" collection of vintage punk. Staff vinylshoppe vinylshoppe 1 Weetzie Weetzie about 1 month ago
Can't view friends on app Staff ssaymuah ssaymuah 1 Weetzie Weetzie about 1 month ago
Collection erased/can not remove items from wantlist Staff angelojared angelojared 18 Vinyl_Digger Vinyl_Digger about 1 month ago