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Collection question. Staff brettshugeunit brettshugeunit 3 Weetzie Weetzie 6 days ago
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How to add new artist? tek.lfc tek.lfc 3 McVicar McVicar 11 days ago
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Recognizing press of vinyl Staff strakekine strakekine 2 hatfulofelt hatfulofelt 14 days ago
Search or find option for my draft inventory Staff paulcapon paulcapon 4 Weetzie Weetzie 19 days ago
lenguage application Staff dedestuta dedestuta 3 Weetzie Weetzie 20 days ago
Searching the own collection (where is it gone?) Ernju Ernju 1 Ernju Ernju 23 days ago
Collection to sell Staff Franck_Daianu Franck_Daianu 9 Escapist Escapist 27 days ago
Paint, Lost Balloons paullangworthy paullangworthy 3 steve.fletcher steve.fletcher about 1 month ago
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"Synchronize" Feature Staff zenandpinyin zenandpinyin 4 Weetzie Weetzie about 1 month ago
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Filter Wantlist by Folder Staff neilepalmer neilepalmer 7 kennyneal kennyneal about 1 month ago
how to Manage Folders Staff haldor.solhaug haldor.solhaug 12 adam0908 adam0908 2 months ago
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I have more than one of a title. Staff JDLance JDLance 5 WeirdTim WeirdTim 2 months ago
Discogs not working again 🙁 Staff chrispurcell1981 chrispurcell1981 2 truedream truedream 2 months ago
Viewing my collection throws me off discogs Staff dx.shark dx.shark 5 dx.shark dx.shark 2 months ago
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Any way to have more than 1 wantlist? Or change alert settings? Staff jjfad027 jjfad027 4 AbsoluteBodyControl AbsoluteBodyControl 2 months ago
Selling via the app Staff dancecave dancecave 1 Weetzie Weetzie 2 months ago