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I have more than one of a title. JDLance JDLance 3 WeirdTim WeirdTim about 7 hours ago
New to app need help getting started tpoulos tpoulos 0 tpoulos tpoulos 2 days ago
New to app need help getting started tpoulos tpoulos 0 tpoulos tpoulos 2 days ago
Viewing my collection throws me off discogs Staff dx.shark dx.shark 5 dx.shark dx.shark 2 days ago
DBPOWERAMP bluebluerjs bluebluerjs 0 bluebluerjs bluebluerjs 3 days ago
Inbox messages Staff marky-russ marky-russ 3 tollund_man tollund_man 4 days ago
Contribute via app Staff buy24hours buy24hours 3 Weetzie Weetzie 5 days ago
Any way to have more than 1 wantlist? Or change alert settings? Staff jjfad027 jjfad027 4 AbsoluteBodyControl AbsoluteBodyControl 6 days ago
Selling via the app Staff dancecave dancecave 1 Weetzie Weetzie 6 days ago
How to add new artist? tek.lfc tek.lfc 2 hmvh hmvh 9 days ago
how to Manage Folders Staff haldor.solhaug haldor.solhaug 11 Weetzie Weetzie 15 days ago
Second shipping address Staff TheSound TheSound 1 Weetzie Weetzie 16 days ago
"Synchronize" Feature Staff zenandpinyin zenandpinyin 2 zenandpinyin zenandpinyin 19 days ago
Collection to sell Staff Franck_Daianu Franck_Daianu 1 Weetzie Weetzie 19 days ago
Suggestion: optimizing image upload via template add-on Staff XabiLomba XabiLomba 2 XabiLomba XabiLomba 22 days ago
Como valorar a un vendedor? Staff kikupriest1962 kikupriest1962 2 kikupriest1962 kikupriest1962 26 days ago
Suggestion: Mobile Notifications Staff sayhaveyoumetlydia sayhaveyoumetlydia 5 sayhaveyoumetlydia sayhaveyoumetlydia 27 days ago
iPhone app filter option - SACD Staff hccuneyt hccuneyt 2 hccuneyt hccuneyt 27 days ago
Messages back to list and suggestions Staff EzyRyder EzyRyder 1 Weetzie Weetzie 27 days ago
App 'For Sale' Items Issue Staff vinyljunkee33 vinyljunkee33 1 Weetzie Weetzie 27 days ago
Bug: seller ratings Staff ajo0011 ajo0011 2 Weetzie Weetzie 28 days ago
Can't add albums to collection or wantlist! adampacheco adampacheco 3 adampacheco adampacheco about 1 month ago
You must authenticate-not Staff Eulipian Eulipian 2 Weetzie Weetzie about 1 month ago
Suggestion Staff hopkinsross hopkinsross 1 Weetzie Weetzie about 1 month ago
collection display Staff Electric-Acidtest Electric-Acidtest 10 JeroenG8 JeroenG8 about 1 month ago