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Mastered By [Vinyl Cut] vs. Lacquer Cut vs. Mastered By (page: 2) Staff velove velove 134 Tarantxon Tarantxon about 7 hours ago
Proposing an addition: Unreleased Dubplates section for artists falkor2k15 falkor2k15 0 falkor2k15 falkor2k15 about 8 hours ago
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Company logo doesn't qualify for company role? darkwaves darkwaves 12 SeRKeT SeRKeT about 11 hours ago
Why not make bitrate mandatory for lossy formats? MJG196 MJG196 10 JT_X JT_X about 14 hours ago
Value of my Collection since 1975 Heart-chor Heart-chor 2 MJG196 MJG196 about 24 hours ago
TELDEC vs TELDEC Classics even though both labels just show Teldec velove velove 10 ThomasP64 ThomasP64 1 day ago
S U R V I V E and similar: extra spaces in text strings All-Day All-Day 6 berothbr berothbr 1 day ago
Title question: two titles or one? bobbley bobbley 11 THANKS4ALLTHEFISH THANKS4ALLTHEFISH 2 days ago
'Hybrid' items that are combinations of existing releases. massenmedium massenmedium 14 Fauni-Gena Fauni-Gena 2 days ago
Visualization Problems in collection Header Gianpigianpi Gianpigianpi 2 smeld smeld 2 days ago
Proposal: Reorganizing and Renaming the "Latin" Genre Group Staff Erit_Invictus Erit_Invictus 46 djgurygury djgurygury 2 days ago
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'Empty' page left after merging Label or Artist listings mtumesalaam mtumesalaam 3 seppuku seppuku 3 days ago
Endleseries label. how to enter releases wintersnooze wintersnooze 8 wintersnooze wintersnooze 3 days ago
LNV - are labels becoming cumbersome? Staff ccj ccj 21 nik nik 3 days ago
Why are so few DJ mixes properly tagged as unofficial or partially unofficial? berothbr berothbr 0 berothbr berothbr 3 days ago
Folk, World, & Country Style Requests (page: 2, 3, 4) Staff nik nik 322 tele52 tele52 3 days ago
New Credit Roles - list and discuss them here (page: 2 ... 14, 15) Staff nik nik 1,422 DonHergeFan DonHergeFan 4 days ago
Feedback Request: DB Forum stuff Staff Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 44 sebfact sebfact 4 days ago
Is it ok to create separate MRs for reissues? berothbr berothbr 2 berothbr berothbr 4 days ago
Which Satoshi Kobayashi? jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen 3 jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen 5 days ago
Matrix rollout numbers tingomayer tingomayer 0 tingomayer tingomayer 5 days ago
Trying to accurately date a Nirvana CD single hatfulofelt hatfulofelt 14 hatfulofelt hatfulofelt 6 days ago