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What to do about users who get CIP'd and return, again and again. Staff avalon67 avalon67 24 avalon67 avalon67 about 12 hours ago
User putting acetates up for removal Staff wintersnooze wintersnooze 53 Crown.Propeller Crown.Propeller about 12 hours ago
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Proposal: A few more BaOI types (page: 2, 3) Staff Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 275 julass julass 1 day ago
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New Maintainer wanted: CD matrix manufacturer (Version 2) (page: 2) velove velove 126 jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen 1 day ago
Beatles Acetate The_Beatles. The_Beatles. 13 yr130962 yr130962 2 days ago
Are 'Label Name (Country)' valid or should these be changed to ... berothbr berothbr 7 berothbr berothbr 2 days ago
User is mass removing a valid label syke syke 49 syke syke 2 days ago
Error in master release TryTo TryTo 3 The_Beatles. The_Beatles. 3 days ago
§6.16.6: Are transcription & compilation formats compatible for split LPs? berothbr berothbr 4 berothbr berothbr 3 days ago
I don't think this is a series mcr1 mcr1 1 teninchfan teninchfan 4 days ago
Combinations/permutations as Variants in multi-CD (or vinyl) releases? T-Noir T-Noir 4 The_Beatles. The_Beatles. 4 days ago
Artist/company split for Kochlowski bbm54 bbm54 20 typoman2 typoman2 4 days ago
Which Satoshi Kobayashi? jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen 5 jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen 5 days ago
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Mastered By [Vinyl Cut] vs. Lacquer Cut vs. Mastered By (page: 2) Staff velove velove 171 jval jval 6 days ago
Are "fan made" unofficial reissues valid? berothbr berothbr 16 berothbr berothbr 7 days ago
Unique releases because of barcode & cat-# stickers - yes or no? saturday saturday 6 JeroenG8 JeroenG8 7 days ago
1.1.1: Do we have to have a copy in our possession to create a draft? berothbr berothbr 10 The_Beatles. The_Beatles. 8 days ago