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Should Rubisa Patrol be treated like Codona? (ECM main artist question) Fauni-Gena Fauni-Gena 17 kotzkarnickel kotzkarnickel about 21 hours ago
How many CDs can I rip & sell to be OK here? (page: 2 ... 5, 6) Staff swagski swagski 511 hmvh hmvh about 22 hours ago
"1st pressing" in the FTF..or not... Staff marcelrecords marcelrecords 46 jazzcornerneuwied jazzcornerneuwied 1 day ago
Le Jazz (2) / Charly Records jazzcornerneuwied jazzcornerneuwied 5 jazzcornerneuwied jazzcornerneuwied 2 days ago
Another label question: ARTISTRY jazzcornerneuwied jazzcornerneuwied 0 jazzcornerneuwied jazzcornerneuwied 2 days ago
Mass edit / Artist merge on Woody Herman's first herd bbm54 bbm54 74 bbm54 bbm54 2 days ago
1.10.3: Is it ever ok to cast a EI vote without first commenting? berothbr berothbr 10 ThomasP64 ThomasP64 2 days ago
Label and company need to be split and renamed Fauni-Gena Fauni-Gena 10 Bell_03 Bell_03 3 days ago
Unofficial file based video subs should be held to higher standards tsivihcra tsivihcra 11 tsivihcra tsivihcra 3 days ago
Mass update triple platinum George Benson Breezin' amoebasinger amoebasinger 0 amoebasinger amoebasinger 4 days ago
[resolved] [merge request] Helloween Ltd./Limited syke syke 6 Bell_03 Bell_03 4 days ago
The State Of The Nation Bell_03 Bell_03 16 Bell_03 Bell_03 4 days ago
"Promo Sampler" "For DJ's Only": LCCN + Title Formatting berothbr berothbr 10 berothbr berothbr 4 days ago
Does 1.9.3 apply to the degree sign, bullets, etc. in the LCCN and/or BaOI? berothbr berothbr 18 berothbr berothbr 5 days ago
New Maintainer wanted: CD matrix manufacturer (Version 2) (page: 2) velove velove 140 demuzieklant demuzieklant 5 days ago
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Mastered By [Vinyl Cut] vs. Lacquer Cut vs. Mastered By (page: 2, 3, 4) Staff velove velove 397 punkergott punkergott 6 days ago
Enter only first digits of Mould SID Codes for fewer versions obnoxious_bottle obnoxious_bottle 17 Silviu_Alexandru Silviu_Alexandru 6 days ago
how to time a track that ends with a closed loop obfuscatedrecords obfuscatedrecords 1 DarreLP DarreLP 7 days ago