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Post links to your foreign language drafts & submissions here (page: 2, 3) Staff Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 210 Reny_Jay Reny_Jay 21 days ago
What languages are you proficient in? (page: 2, 3, 4) Staff tsivihcra tsivihcra 346 tele52 tele52 21 days ago
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Error in songwriting credit - would create invalid artist if used - help needed Skidnot Skidnot 2 Skidnot Skidnot about 9 hours ago
Trying to edit artist name but discogs won't accept correction? jimmyjazz jimmyjazz 0 jimmyjazz jimmyjazz about 19 hours ago
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Old & In The Way - Need help identifying correct pressing Steve_Z Steve_Z 4 sommortyme sommortyme 1 day ago
Beatles white label mick2105wiredrecords mick2105wiredrecords 2 mick2105wiredrecords mick2105wiredrecords 3 days ago
Dieses Feld ist erforderlich (mindestens 4 Zeichen). Angus3105 Angus3105 5 dimension7records dimension7records 3 days ago
Doubts about creating a series: suggestions Laporla Laporla 2 Laporla Laporla 5 days ago
VInyl Submission Color Proscaline Proscaline 4 Proscaline Proscaline 6 days ago
Runout Etching JWHVinyl JWHVinyl 5 JWHVinyl JWHVinyl 7 days ago
Pink Floyd - Pulse and merging releases IvanDobsky IvanDobsky 3 IvanDobsky IvanDobsky 7 days ago
Mariah ‘12s’ 10 x 12” record box set Eargasm_Tunes Eargasm_Tunes 0 Eargasm_Tunes Eargasm_Tunes 7 days ago
Eintrag scheitert, weil Artist nicht gelistet Frank_de_Blijen Frank_de_Blijen 11 Clothdrum Clothdrum 8 days ago
Discogs wretched Auto-Postage setup! Eargasm_Tunes Eargasm_Tunes 2 dimension7records dimension7records 8 days ago
Label name is wrong ! Precious Recordings of London Zenyatta9460 Zenyatta9460 11 Moreira78 Moreira78 9 days ago
Need help re-submitting a previously removed release FirecrackerTeeth FirecrackerTeeth 6 FirecrackerTeeth FirecrackerTeeth 10 days ago
are 2 manufacturers allowed for a release - what to do? diversity-eve diversity-eve 3 Clothdrum Clothdrum 10 days ago
New Artist to Database, Won't let me submit EvergreenThrift EvergreenThrift 2 EvergreenThrift EvergreenThrift 12 days ago
Please help! Says its an album even though i selected mixtape. ModernDayMenace ModernDayMenace 2 Clothdrum Clothdrum 12 days ago
Aportando con el año de publicación narcisitaluna narcisitaluna 0 narcisitaluna narcisitaluna 12 days ago
Published By and Rights Society jmjb jmjb 1 gogoNicola gogoNicola 13 days ago
Jazz Selection label LCCN jmjb jmjb 0 jmjb jmjb 13 days ago
C'è qualcuno che mi può aiutare ? francis76 francis76 1 Clothdrum Clothdrum 13 days ago