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Post links to your foreign language drafts & submissions here for assistance (page: 2, 3, 4) Staff Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 327 alex.corneanu alex.corneanu 4 days ago
What languages are you proficient in? (page: 2, 3, 4) Staff tsivihcra tsivihcra 356 Kin10bi Kin10bi about 1 month ago
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Warner Bros date based on labels mkus mkus 61 mkus mkus 2 days ago
Errors: Submission Notes: This field is required (minimum 4 characters). joernh joernh 2 dlebryk dlebryk 2 days ago
Discogs keeps saying my submission is a duplicate. It is NOT. RobertEllisOrrall RobertEllisOrrall 4 Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 3 days ago
Maidavale - Tales Of The Wicked West ermanno71 ermanno71 5 dlebryk dlebryk 4 days ago
EMI Master IFPI L044 with Disque Americ Mould IFPI8100. I need input. Bulverde Bulverde 5 Cousin_Mosquito Cousin_Mosquito 5 days ago
Vinyl Record Club Editions - Variants, or No? thehokes thehokes 1 GeoffTrowbridge GeoffTrowbridge 6 days ago
Need to input cd that has a vinyl release with the same info. WINDOWS-OF-INFLUENCE WINDOWS-OF-INFLUENCE 15 dlebryk dlebryk 7 days ago
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MORE D4TA or More D4ta or More Data (page: 2) punkergott punkergott 110 Mr.Websta Mr.Websta 9 days ago
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2 releases with & without mention of Disctronics. Separate Sub? Bulverde Bulverde 2 Bulverde Bulverde 10 days ago
Bonus disc - unique release? neilmac57 neilmac57 3 neilmac57 neilmac57 10 days ago
Harry Chapin release question Vokarya Vokarya 2 Vokarya Vokarya 10 days ago
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