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Contributor Improvement Program Rules Staff NessFan NessFan 52 martyn_flash martyn_flash 3 days ago
why CIP for lifetime kirschzunge kirschzunge 13 Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 1 day ago
Off Contributor Improvement Program (CIP) soundpressurestudios soundpressurestudios 6 soundpressurestudios soundpressurestudios 4 days ago
Get off the CIP rememberjwl rememberjwl 4 Fauni-Gena Fauni-Gena 7 days ago
CIP - HELP! Staff garfield43046 garfield43046 35 _digger _digger 12 days ago
Who can help me because of the CIP? DJPierrelemere DJPierrelemere 3 Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 20 days ago
Contributor Improvement Program Kurupt12 Kurupt12 8 Kurupt12 Kurupt12 26 days ago
Check my submissions BOUMxCOEURxRECORDS BOUMxCOEURxRECORDS 5 nerdfly nerdfly 27 days ago
I can re-edit and upload images Javistreet Javistreet 0 Javistreet Javistreet about 1 month ago
How to find pending submissions - not able to get off cip Anuj_Rajpal Anuj_Rajpal 0 Anuj_Rajpal Anuj_Rajpal about 1 month ago
Not on discogs recordsbay recordsbay 15 Fauni-Gena Fauni-Gena about 1 month ago
Some probation thing djfunkk djfunkk 9 bluebelle bluebelle about 1 month ago
CIP Program skydog_66 skydog_66 85 skydog_66 skydog_66 about 1 month ago
PLEASE HELP! marmilmjd66 marmilmjd66 1 PabloPlato PabloPlato about 1 month ago
Lifting submission limitation chillium chillium 3 OneEyedWilly OneEyedWilly about 1 month ago
I have long been in cip odeonico odeonico 24 jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen about 1 month ago
CIP votes please groovyrec groovyrec 17 Sound-Barrier Sound-Barrier about 1 month ago
Hi, my name is VestanPance and...I'm in the CIP. VestanPance VestanPance 8 The_Beatles. The_Beatles. about 1 month ago
REMOVE My CIP mirceapopa79 mirceapopa79 17 odeonico odeonico 2 months ago
help to get out of the CIP sebmagerwanyanis sebmagerwanyanis 1 Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 2 months ago
I wonder how to get off of the CIP; Staff Naboog Naboog 3 famous_mortimer famous_mortimer 2 months ago
Can someone help me a little PedanticGhostGnome PedanticGhostGnome 3 bluebelle bluebelle 2 months ago
Please help gustavjensen gustavjensen 1 Mr.Slut Mr.Slut 2 months ago
Please, help me to exit from CIP invincible93 invincible93 32 jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen 2 months ago
Need a bit of help rtim1995 rtim1995 2 rtim1995 rtim1995 2 months ago