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CIP Member Vote Request Thread (page: 2, 3, 4) Staff Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 331 Tresor7 Tresor7 about 11 hours ago
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Database Inconsistencies - Nowhere to complain mwolfstone mwolfstone 1 ChrisEfterklang ChrisEfterklang 2 days ago
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399 Pending Submissions & I got put on CIP. Am I screwed? Staff Kris_Holmes Kris_Holmes 9 takamori_shiho takamori_shiho 8 days ago
Vote Please!!! GyumStar GyumStar 0 GyumStar GyumStar 11 days ago
contribuciones roxanmusic roxanmusic 0 roxanmusic roxanmusic 16 days ago
Submissions have been clear(no color) for years and still in CIP Helter_Shelter Helter_Shelter 1 seveninch seveninch 20 days ago
Could I please get some votes? 2pandaemonium2 2pandaemonium2 3 donjorge donjorge 21 days ago
Please vote for my submisions Erik_Schickung Erik_Schickung 1 vormloos vormloos 23 days ago
Undiscussed John McGann Mass Edit fishbulb fishbulb 4 fishbulb fishbulb about 1 month ago
Please vote on Jonatha Brooke "The Angel In the House" cassette antknee73 antknee73 0 antknee73 antknee73 about 1 month ago
no body helps chicanotexmex chicanotexmex 3 Earjerk Earjerk about 1 month ago
Other Pending release, can anyone help me? Thx u all in advance! marcello.pedone marcello.pedone 8 marcello.pedone marcello.pedone about 1 month ago
I want to get out of the CIP situation. Unbomber Unbomber 0 Unbomber Unbomber about 1 month ago
someone help me with this ABUSIVE CIP user mexedition2017 mexedition2017 31 Myriad Myriad about 1 month ago
Hello I am rarerecordsitaly rarerecordsitaly rarerecordsitaly 2 F104G F104G about 1 month ago
Necesito votos para mis contribuciones pleassseeee saucas saucas 0 saucas saucas about 1 month ago
Pending release, someone can help me? Thx!! marcello.pedone marcello.pedone 4 donjorge donjorge about 1 month ago
Vote Please? jlrasmu jlrasmu 0 jlrasmu jlrasmu about 1 month ago
Track listing help. Speed_Creamer Speed_Creamer 1 esque esque about 1 month ago
CIP remove eclipseextreem eclipseextreem 2 wessie66 wessie66 about 1 month ago
Another contributing wondering how to get out of CIP with a 3.91 average terminalescape terminalescape 13 lunarr lunarr about 1 month ago