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WHY NOT ABLE TO CANCEL ORDER FOR NON-PAYING BUYER WHILE MY ACCOUNT IS SUSPEDED?? SemperHi-Fi SemperHi-Fi 25 jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen about 7 hours ago
Eurovision 1999 (2 CDs) for 10 euros!!!!!!! airluengo airluengo 0 airluengo airluengo about 8 hours ago
Post ridiculously graded items here (page: 2 ... 7, 8) Staff trance-of-the-ages trance-of-the-ages 776 moltencore moltencore about 8 hours ago
Buyer claims item was not as described. Illinspired Illinspired 11 Kifkid Kifkid about 8 hours ago
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Seller is a possible scammer? Staff HandsomeZacksRecords HandsomeZacksRecords 36 monkey666 monkey666 about 9 hours ago
Is Business Slow? February 2017 PhantomOfTheAlbum PhantomOfTheAlbum 44 justinjoey justinjoey about 9 hours ago
Where to buy Jewel Cases for CDs? (page: 2) TheRavingPsycHo TheRavingPsycHo 123 _dirdee _dirdee about 12 hours ago
The last item you sold thread (page: 2, 3) andygrayrecords andygrayrecords 209 andygrayrecords andygrayrecords about 13 hours ago
Are prices automatically attached to all albums? RapZCrap RapZCrap 1 nerdfly nerdfly about 13 hours ago
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Photos with records still in shrink. CardboardCreationism CardboardCreationism 24 zero_kelvin zero_kelvin about 20 hours ago
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Adding whole artist with search criteria to my want list? RollingStone1989 RollingStone1989 0 RollingStone1989 RollingStone1989 1 day ago
General rule with most sellers at Discogs - If it's graded NM, it is ... StanleyPop StanleyPop 24 EarDrops EarDrops 1 day ago
multiple listings of the same item - what's up with that? mickeymost mickeymost 10 ilikequake ilikequake 1 day ago
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