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Please do not post *WANTS* and *FOR SALE* adverts in this forum Staff dansauk dansauk 18 DarrenAIW3 DarrenAIW3 9 days ago
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Abusive threatening seller, dosagushi dosagushi 46 mrformic mrformic about 10 hours ago
VG+ party goers versus NM super models. stinkyvinylltd stinkyvinylltd 39 WaylonWillie WaylonWillie about 16 hours ago
Changing the shipping cost Adamkinn Adamkinn 1 CoryCoolDangerous CoryCoolDangerous about 18 hours ago
Selling with a low number of feedback results... CoryCoolDangerous CoryCoolDangerous 5 CoryCoolDangerous CoryCoolDangerous about 18 hours ago
From USA to South America... what countries? CoryCoolDangerous CoryCoolDangerous 5 CoryCoolDangerous CoryCoolDangerous about 22 hours ago
Lengthy delays for International shipments to Chicago area nerdfly nerdfly 7 JT_X JT_X about 23 hours ago
I got a negative rating Staff arvid.michelsen arvid.michelsen 30 Helmut_Chacho Helmut_Chacho about 23 hours ago
Shipping costs Euro_Addict Euro_Addict 17 Vinyl.Score Vinyl.Score 1 day ago
MagTags card stiffeners are much better than Sounds Wholesale (page: 2) dansauk dansauk 137 Vinyl.Score Vinyl.Score 1 day ago
Make an offer items cdlover cdlover 1 nerdfly nerdfly 1 day ago
How do I report a seller being purposely trying to deceieve wallaceg777 wallaceg777 30 massenmedium massenmedium 1 day ago
customs fees paid thanx to a usa seller not willing to fix up things goicoe goicoe 43 Daniel_Johansson Daniel_Johansson 2 days ago
Customers returning items because of inferior turntables midnightviolence midnightviolence 8 Record-City Record-City 2 days ago
buyer's address can't read it - chinese/japanese etc. la-trading la-trading 13 Record-City Record-City 2 days ago
How to link just certain folders of collection? Nalvenin Nalvenin 1 Nalvenin Nalvenin 2 days ago
Unfair Neutral feedback from a new buyer thoughts ? oldskoolvinyl.co.uk oldskoolvinyl.co.uk 16 oldskoolvinyl.co.uk oldskoolvinyl.co.uk 2 days ago
What is this vinyl defect called? AstralKitty AstralKitty 19 Bong Bong 2 days ago
A seller who's got a stellar 100% and 105 sales is dragging his feet ... fruitkiller fruitkiller 1 Tokeowave Tokeowave 2 days ago
2 sellers with the same record photos? john_mc john_mc 47 Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 2 days ago
Seller with most items listed 3 or 4 times FortheSinsofMan FortheSinsofMan 6 Vinyl.Score Vinyl.Score 3 days ago
como comprar discos ninoHuss ninoHuss 21 ninoHuss ninoHuss 3 days ago
Seller shipped the record more than one month after payment maria.g maria.g 5 Helmut_Chacho Helmut_Chacho 3 days ago