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Please do not post *WANTS* and *FOR SALE* adverts in this forum Staff dansauk dansauk 22 dansauk dansauk 3 days ago
Marketplace General Rules Staff NessFan NessFan 0 NessFan NessFan about 1 year ago
Shipping and When is Mint no longer Mint? Mallex Mallex 14 joachim.new joachim.new about 11 hours ago
Influx of new users? (Non-paying buyers.) pyenapple pyenapple 14 Earjerk Earjerk about 18 hours ago
what does a red triangle mean... marmilmjd66 marmilmjd66 4 marmilmjd66 marmilmjd66 about 19 hours ago
Alternatives to PayPal for a buyer? Collectiv47 Collectiv47 11 Collectiv47 Collectiv47 about 22 hours ago
Charged incorrect postage on invoice, can I remedy this? asd429 asd429 3 buttwheat buttwheat about 23 hours ago
Buyers not leaving feedback - anything I can do? Jazzis Jazzis 19 Psychedelic-Cave Psychedelic-Cave about 24 hours ago
Negative Feedback? For cancelling an order! Psychedelic-Cave Psychedelic-Cave 15 Psychedelic-Cave Psychedelic-Cave about 24 hours ago
When is it reasonable to leave negetive feedback? zenandpinyin zenandpinyin 19 zenandpinyin zenandpinyin 1 day ago
Open Order - Ongoing Problem With International Seller Bandit0 Bandit0 11 Bandit0 Bandit0 1 day ago
Copyright infringement? LuckyRoseRecords LuckyRoseRecords 11 abitoftap abitoftap 1 day ago
incomplete seller terms Naughtymiranda Naughtymiranda 2 Naughtymiranda Naughtymiranda 1 day ago
Canadian buyers,don't buy items from Asia temporarily. Raa Raa 6 Raa Raa 1 day ago
is this fraud? allysloper allysloper 11 dj-morci dj-morci 1 day ago
Let's update the Discogs Grading System - move to a 1-10 scale goaarongo goaarongo 78 CraigJunglewaxuk CraigJunglewaxuk 1 day ago
Notification for the same item as a new item every 1-2 days thejoltman thejoltman 9 brydesantis brydesantis 2 days ago
PayPal Scam VinylKnights VinylKnights 1 GlennsMusic GlennsMusic 2 days ago
Blocking buyers KidMillions KidMillions 8 bik bik 2 days ago
User djrippers .. fake or not?? bonzai20133 bonzai20133 5 pulsemod pulsemod 2 days ago
Seller doesn't update and isnt't answering my messages Flannery065 Flannery065 9 bluebelle bluebelle 2 days ago
Metallica - DJ Copy Vinyl Zero_Carbon Zero_Carbon 10 ObSaint ObSaint 2 days ago
Held ransom by an offer? towerdistrictrecords towerdistrictrecords 2 Synature Synature 2 days ago
Why do i somestimes get no notifications? heavenlycreatues heavenlycreatues 9 bluebelle bluebelle 2 days ago
non paying buyers jimiphil jimiphil 41 pulsemod pulsemod 2 days ago