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Please do not post *WANTS* and *FOR SALE* adverts in this forum Staff dansauk dansauk 27 dansauk dansauk 2 months ago
Marketplace General Rules Staff NessFan NessFan 0 NessFan NessFan about 1 year ago
Discogs Shipping Labels Staff eleeut eleeut 31 InDustWeTrust InDustWeTrust about 6 hours ago
HELP....discogs seller swindling my friend....advice wanted mach1ne mach1ne 23 eddiel eddiel about 8 hours ago
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The last item you sold thread (page: 2 ... 6, 7) andygrayrecords andygrayrecords 662 vaughano64 vaughano64 about 16 hours ago
Shipping Expensive vinyl from UK LeighButler LeighButler 1 dansauk dansauk about 17 hours ago
Multiple Discogs and PayPal accounts acidbearboy acidbearboy 2 dansauk dansauk about 19 hours ago
There ought to be a "high priority" for the wantlist feature. pyenapple pyenapple 29 no_noise_reduction no_noise_reduction 1 day ago
Anyone else's orders not updating automatically to 'payment pending' Jerooom Jerooom 29 8892sales 8892sales 1 day ago
Problem returning an item silverhorn silverhorn 3 niceandnicer niceandnicer 1 day ago
Massive numbers of releases being blocked from sale! WAS: "Item ... (page: 2 ... 14, 15) Staff zerozero zerozero 1,443 Jarren Jarren 1 day ago
seller not sticking with quote lainadianne lainadianne 41 Normal_Records_SD Normal_Records_SD 1 day ago
Removing anti-theft stickers culp4684 culp4684 4 dansauk dansauk 1 day ago
Johnny & The Hurricanes Acetate Rasvinyl Rasvinyl 2 moltencore moltencore 1 day ago
Just sold a perfectly sealed The Rationals first press LP elsewhere PhantomOfTheAlbum PhantomOfTheAlbum 3 ovhightower ovhightower 1 day ago
Seller Resources Sub-Forum? Staff dansauk dansauk 7 DarreLP DarreLP 1 day ago
Discounting buyers purchase? ger2oo5 ger2oo5 32 InDustWeTrust InDustWeTrust 1 day ago
Happy Thanksgiving No Sales In A Month And A Half, Anyone Else Hearing Crickets? PhantomOfTheAlbum PhantomOfTheAlbum 6 streppe streppe 1 day ago
How long should you allow for payments from buyers? ger2oo5 ger2oo5 7 dansauk dansauk 2 days ago
Problem with a seller maxbara maxbara 9 maxbara maxbara 2 days ago
How to handle non responsive seller? danik56 danik56 5 jilemnicky_02 jilemnicky_02 2 days ago
dont wanna see "usd´s" in my wantlist mikstrose mikstrose 4 Inter_Sector Inter_Sector 2 days ago
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