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Please do NOT post WANTS, FOR SALE, PROMOTIONS or TRACK ID adverts in this forum Staff dansauk dansauk 53 electrophonic electrophonic 5 months ago
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Shipping policies "failed to fetch message" harmonic harmonic 2 harmonic harmonic about 19 hours ago
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how can i block sellers from my wantlist e-mails? (page: 2, 3) Staff yesthankyou yesthankyou 262 grunge81 grunge81 about 20 hours ago
buyer wants order cancelled but he already paid busyzenster busyzenster 5 grunge81 grunge81 about 20 hours ago
To EVERY seller : massive (!) changes to the marketplace in october! (page: 2, 3, 4) Staff dimension7records dimension7records 399 trebjmike trebjmike about 21 hours ago
I'm a Non-Paying buyer. Apno Apno 16 Apno Apno about 22 hours ago
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How Do I Calculate Reasonable Postage to Send a CD to Finland? svoboda1 svoboda1 13 svoboda1 svoboda1 about 23 hours ago
UK post increase lexuslil lexuslil 5 All-Vinyl-Experience All-Vinyl-Experience 1 day ago
buyer claims missing booklet progresman progresman 13 metteec84 metteec84 1 day ago
Print price tag with inventory info Inoyama-Records Inoyama-Records 2 Inoyama-Records Inoyama-Records 1 day ago
What countries still ship to the USA during COVID-19? rubybluebomber rubybluebomber 33 Thao8382 Thao8382 1 day ago
How Unfriendly donwiss donwiss 8 djcarbines djcarbines 1 day ago
Marketplace or ...... gert.korevaar gert.korevaar 2 pinkindustries pinkindustries 1 day ago
UK post increase AGAIN 1st September. lexuslil lexuslil 24 Weareonenation303 Weareonenation303 1 day ago
Another PAYPAL Problem 2048Records 2048Records 2 2048Records 2048Records 1 day ago
What is the future of the used CD market? (page: 2) edwardpowell edwardpowell 111 hatfulofelt hatfulofelt 1 day ago
Buyer threatening to reject the package.... deinduft deinduft 19 equilibriummusic equilibriummusic 1 day ago
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Who's ready for a "Make Counteroffer" button?! (page: 2, 3) UnbreakableRecords UnbreakableRecords 206 oyabun666 oyabun666 1 day ago