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Help Rules Staff NessFan NessFan 0 NessFan NessFan about 1 year ago
buyer said the record i sent is warped and i'm sure it's not.... Staff EPLP EPLP 5 Grippo Grippo about 16 hours ago
Adding more copies to my listing resident298 resident298 1 nerdfly nerdfly 1 day ago
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Mispressed Beatles album scotton scotton 1 brunorepublic brunorepublic 3 days ago
"Order awaiting payment" but already paid Staff marita.tambelt marita.tambelt 1 famous_mortimer famous_mortimer 4 days ago
Would Discogs benefit if Video tutorials was a option? Staff MusicNutter MusicNutter 2 MusicNutter MusicNutter 6 days ago
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Who To Contact About Order Problem Staff magicband82 magicband82 3 famous_mortimer famous_mortimer 10 days ago
Returning misgraded record & reimbursement Staff LSY LSY 5 famous_mortimer famous_mortimer 10 days ago
Fehllieferung Staff manfredgost manfredgost 1 famous_mortimer famous_mortimer 11 days ago
How to filter on SELLER when seller has less than 37K listings Staff RecordJacket RecordJacket 1 Grippo Grippo 15 days ago
search query within 'items I want' alexreltonb alexreltonb 2 alexreltonb alexreltonb 17 days ago
Lieferung+zahlungsbestätigung krimmizei krimmizei 1 Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 18 days ago
How do I edit the info on my "My Information" box? Staff MarkaMeeba MarkaMeeba 1 LegalizeRanch LegalizeRanch 19 days ago
Would you call this a scam.? Staff Dedannen Dedannen 13 Dedannen Dedannen 19 days ago
my "for sale" items are gone! Staff zwame zwame 2 zwame zwame 23 days ago
Changing payment system JulianGrice JulianGrice 3 zero_kelvin zero_kelvin 23 days ago
Fee charges for part refund Staff Adamkinn Adamkinn 4 famous_mortimer famous_mortimer 24 days ago
Buyer has paid invoice, but has received an email to the contrary Staff clive.bonsall clive.bonsall 4 clive.bonsall clive.bonsall 24 days ago
Discogs suggested price Kifkid Kifkid 4 Kifkid Kifkid 26 days ago
Negative Feedback Cancelled (Non-Paying Buyer) Staff djadamwest djadamwest 8 djadamwest djadamwest about 1 month ago
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GREED IS NOT COOL!!! Staff jam3495 jam3495 9 Ileana98 Ileana98 about 1 month ago
Paid invoice, status won't update Staff simplydeja7 simplydeja7 4 petersays petersays about 1 month ago