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Mark item as shipped before it is payed. RST80 RST80 0 RST80 RST80 2 days ago
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Ho bisogno di un parere sulla tempistica di rimborso davide57 davide57 0 davide57 davide57 25 days ago
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How do I get sellers to double box my records? ironrose ironrose 24 ironrose ironrose 26 days ago
Discogs and PayPal Addresses Different? Dwerrow Dwerrow 3 EarDrops EarDrops 27 days ago
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Cheapest place to get lp mailers matt.zepess matt.zepess 8 8892sales 8892sales about 1 month ago
item not received and already negative feedback YoungOctober YoungOctober 7 nerdfly nerdfly about 1 month ago
Shipping Costs do not display mr.kippling mr.kippling 1 mr.kippling mr.kippling about 1 month ago
Is a 7" a large letter? kali1501 kali1501 4 kali1501 kali1501 about 1 month ago
Shipping to Japan... stevedeezy stevedeezy 5 stevedeezy stevedeezy about 1 month ago
seller keeps payment pending while he received payment kencalan kencalan 5 nerdfly nerdfly about 1 month ago
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L.P' s POSTAGE lollipop1 lollipop1 3 OrionsLine OrionsLine about 1 month ago
Shipping Policies with Mondial Relay or others / Relay Point Pickup Method lionelb2 lionelb2 1 OrionsLine OrionsLine about 1 month ago
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