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Dealers adding "promo" issue for sale under stock release? mightyvinyl mightyvinyl 2 mightyvinyl mightyvinyl 2 days ago
adding our own photos so we dont have to send them to other persalnal emails KissLoveGun KissLoveGun 0 KissLoveGun KissLoveGun 7 days ago
Feature request: summarize wantlist items by sellers Staff kop3 kop3 2 kop3 kop3 9 days ago
Should Discogs accept Bitcoin? fecklessscrounger fecklessscrounger 24 furius furius 12 days ago
Sell a huge collection Dennyscollection Dennyscollection 4 DarreLP DarreLP 12 days ago
Feature Request: Sort Wantlist by Seller feedback rating Inter_Sector Inter_Sector 0 Inter_Sector Inter_Sector 20 days ago
Joe Satriani- Silver Surfin' Satriani- Live in San Diego '88 vinyl ... jbeezy290 jbeezy290 1 ObSaint ObSaint 26 days ago
Feature Request: 'Preferred Seller' Marketplace Filter NbNW NbNW 0 NbNW NbNW about 1 month ago
Feature Request - Marketplace - Filter by Artists In My Collection Azazel_23 Azazel_23 0 Azazel_23 Azazel_23 about 1 month ago
a place to sell my lot of 45's in any forums? markko1962 markko1962 2 markko1962 markko1962 about 1 month ago
Suggested selling price gtkach gtkach 3 IkEcht IkEcht about 1 month ago
Rare Priest CD blackzopee68 blackzopee68 0 blackzopee68 blackzopee68 about 1 month ago
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Value a Collection Talanor Talanor 0 Talanor Talanor about 1 month ago
Looking for an Album FuelFireDesire FuelFireDesire 2 blackzopee68 blackzopee68 2 months ago
"Additional Instructions" jonnpenney365 jonnpenney365 3 Bong Bong 2 months ago
Feature request: block 0% buyers with negative feedback Rob_Etch Rob_Etch 0 Rob_Etch Rob_Etch 3 months ago
Pythagoron vinyl authentic still wrapped never played Meshrops Meshrops 1 nerdfly nerdfly 3 months ago
Selling and buying bootlegs disabled? drondron drondron 4 tingomayer tingomayer 3 months ago
Search rare disc ya.dessolin ya.dessolin 0 ya.dessolin ya.dessolin 3 months ago
See Items for sale for each single List. missing_dogs missing_dogs 0 missing_dogs missing_dogs 3 months ago
Invite people to a custom list (without making public to everyone) missing_dogs missing_dogs 0 missing_dogs missing_dogs 3 months ago
Feature Request: Add 'Preview' Message Button To Order Pages berothbr berothbr 5 berothbr berothbr 3 months ago
Is there a way to get phone text notifications for Want-list items? dhinged dhinged 1 Scott_Satellite Scott_Satellite 3 months ago