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Announcements & Requests Rules Staff NessFan NessFan 0 NessFan NessFan over 6 years ago
Seller Mistake on Declaring Value of Merchandise and Won’t Refund Buyer CDizon CDizon 4 CDizon CDizon 4 days ago
Feature Suggestion Razorcandy Razorcandy 0 Razorcandy Razorcandy 5 days ago
How do you access a particular seller's store by name? ddsdiscsva ddsdiscsva 0 ddsdiscsva ddsdiscsva 14 days ago
Discogs cart intre intre 2 Sonic_Boom_Greece Sonic_Boom_Greece 15 days ago
Marketplace should include "Price (+ Shipping)" as sort filter. ThePunySirLittleTurd ThePunySirLittleTurd 6 ZzzirK ZzzirK 19 days ago
Immediate payment option? ForwardWax ForwardWax 2 ForwardWax ForwardWax about 1 month ago
Request / Suggestion. Bidding Kid_Convalescent Kid_Convalescent 10 massenmedium massenmedium about 1 month ago
Discogs should publicly denounce Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine!. kingfisherajh kingfisherajh 4 JT_Productions JT_Productions about 1 month ago
Filter negation in marketplace pttsld pttsld 1 allerhande allerhande about 1 month ago
Wantlist: Filter (Country) skatedawe skatedawe 2 Stormstereo Stormstereo about 1 month ago
Feature: Track activity on an item e.g. when one is sold salsashark salsashark 0 salsashark salsashark about 1 month ago
Uncancelling an order Adamkinn Adamkinn 1 DarkSoda DarkSoda 2 months ago
Android - Inventory Indicator on Release Page Just Just 1 8892sales 8892sales 2 months ago
information Souldelux Souldelux 0 Souldelux Souldelux 3 months ago
Marketplace development Dj_Max-It Dj_Max-It 3 DarkSoda DarkSoda 3 months ago
Option to add a column for "Private Comments" in Inventory view. Needle-In-A-Haystack Needle-In-A-Haystack 0 Needle-In-A-Haystack Needle-In-A-Haystack 3 months ago
Grading filter should include records at specified grade or higher. soulcheck soulcheck 1 yikez yikez 3 months ago
sales/discogs shipping cost calculation error jshipman10562 jshipman10562 4 kjmacphee kjmacphee 3 months ago
Goo Goo Dolls Pick Pockets Vinyl Box Set Peteycd123 Peteycd123 0 Peteycd123 Peteycd123 3 months ago
Sort For Sale items by price including shipping Quackster Quackster 8 kinglerch kinglerch 3 months ago
Feature: Sort Marketplace Wantlist by Seller "N More" Quantity rcrawley rcrawley 0 rcrawley rcrawley 3 months ago
Add PayPal shipping address to Payment Received message ralf.narfeldt ralf.narfeldt 1 8892sales 8892sales 3 months ago
SOLVED (please remove) moltencore moltencore 0 moltencore moltencore 4 months ago
paypal payments issue as seller adaug adaug 3 MagnetizedEKG MagnetizedEKG 4 months ago