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STRIPE to be Paypal'ed next summer D414 15 lunarr 9 days ago
Request: Add a new tab in stores, "Nearly From My Wantlist" oops_mr_gumby 0 oops_mr_gumby 10 days ago
Singapore marketplace cinow 11 pgross 27 days ago
Staff: Forum section for Marketplace items not in Discogs DB & unable to list? godzfire 5 8892sales about 1 month ago
Jean-Michel Jarre Rendez-Vous Houston laserdisc Pron61 1 Clogwhistle about 1 month ago
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Marketplace should include "Price (+ Shipping)" as sort filter. ThePunySirLittleTurd 13 ZzzirK 3 months ago
Is my vinyl a misprint Memoriesintheloft 9 DarreLP 3 months ago
The BIG BIG list of feature requests... (page: 2) Staff dansauk 130 kicks79 3 months ago
Discogs should publicly denounce Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine!. kingfisherajh 5 bargainvinyl1 4 months ago
Wantlist: Filter (Country) skatedawe 5 bargainvinyl1 4 months ago
Grading filter should include records at specified grade or higher. soulcheck 9 watidatga2 4 months ago
Adding meta tags for effective marketplace sharing? musictus 0 musictus 4 months ago
Buyer ignores Shipping Terms and Item comments - gives negative feedback DigitizeThis 33 lunarr 5 months ago
Could the Orders dashboard module have a "sort by recent activity" option? massenmedium 4 massenmedium 6 months ago
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Seller Mistake on Declaring Value of Merchandise and Won’t Refund Buyer CDizon 6 stopbeingabozo 8 months ago
Option to remove from collection once sold. Gecks 6 jobbles81 8 months ago
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Immediate payment option? ForwardWax 3 Frances_Rogers 10 months ago