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Report iOS App Bugs Here (page: 2, 3) Staff Weetzie Weetzie 279 Twigster10 Twigster10 1 day ago
iOS Beta Testing (page: 2) Staff Weetzie Weetzie 106 thm912 thm912 13 days ago
Feature Requests for the iOS App (page: 2) Staff Weetzie Weetzie 153 WolfXCIX WolfXCIX 2 months ago
V2.9.2 Crashes on IOS 14.6 Twigster10 Twigster10 0 Twigster10 Twigster10 3 days ago
Won’t load on I phone . insanepainter insanepainter 0 insanepainter insanepainter 5 days ago
New app stinks. Staff sheidge sheidge 23 uforecords uforecords 5 days ago
Not in “correct format” aljiboony aljiboony 0 aljiboony aljiboony 5 days ago
Collection disappeared Staff LocusMetallicus LocusMetallicus 12 Jajuka2099 Jajuka2099 9 days ago
Collection and wantlist mix on new iPhone Gorgin Gorgin 1 Jajuka2099 Jajuka2099 16 days ago
Wantlist items appearing in Collection MusicIsMyLife64 MusicIsMyLife64 5 scooobd scooobd 19 days ago
iOS app 2.9.1 (3) LocusMetallicus LocusMetallicus 3 krix-s krix-s 22 days ago
App Hacked countxero countxero 3 countxero countxero 29 days ago
Unable to login to App (iOS) Staff christianus christianus 9 Ramyt Ramyt 2 months ago
Cannot access cart karlgittins karlgittins 1 karlgittins karlgittins 3 months ago
Back after search scottyrance scottyrance 0 scottyrance scottyrance 3 months ago
90s house music jac_g jac_g 1 jac_g jac_g 4 months ago
App shuts down erush71 erush71 0 erush71 erush71 4 months ago
Can Admin Please Respond re iOS App not working? SunsetRevolution SunsetRevolution 0 SunsetRevolution SunsetRevolution 4 months ago
What happened to newsfeed/features on App Peter-Bole Peter-Bole 2 WolfXCIX WolfXCIX 4 months ago
How to enter the Forums FredKiller FredKiller 9 FredKiller FredKiller 5 months ago
App won't work. 1morespin 1morespin 1 FredKiller FredKiller 5 months ago
No more articles in the newsfeed MrPhilGood MrPhilGood 0 MrPhilGood MrPhilGood 5 months ago
App won't access my collection or My Discogs 250HzOrless 250HzOrless 25 kauinte kauinte 5 months ago
What happened to newsfeed/features on App Peter-Bole Peter-Bole 0 Peter-Bole Peter-Bole 5 months ago
Sales history a.borstlap1950 a.borstlap1950 0 a.borstlap1950 a.borstlap1950 5 months ago