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Feature Requests for the iOS App Staff Weetzie Weetzie 92 baj baj 3 days ago
Report iOS App Bugs Here (page: 2) Staff Weetzie Weetzie 189 sorbie51 sorbie51 4 days ago
iOS Beta Testing Staff Weetzie Weetzie 73 Sir_Slowmotion Sir_Slowmotion 4 months ago
please delete BrainwashedJenz BrainwashedJenz 0 BrainwashedJenz BrainwashedJenz 1 day ago
Missing fields Mixaq Mixaq 2 Mixaq Mixaq 1 day ago
Adding to collection CopperBlue CopperBlue 0 CopperBlue CopperBlue 2 days ago
Some options opens Browser? JANalog JANalog 0 JANalog JANalog 3 days ago
App doesn’t give full list of sellers keith999888111 keith999888111 0 keith999888111 keith999888111 3 days ago
Discography Categories Spacetube Spacetube 3 cellularsmoke cellularsmoke 5 days ago
Can't log in ParagonV01D ParagonV01D 3 Alexander.M Alexander.M 6 days ago
Paypal doest’n work azmavethpr azmavethpr 0 azmavethpr azmavethpr 7 days ago
Message deletions gcast2 gcast2 0 gcast2 gcast2 about 1 month ago
Collection issue LeSilencedeLaRue LeSilencedeLaRue 0 LeSilencedeLaRue LeSilencedeLaRue about 1 month ago
The isuess with my iPhone Qassker Qassker 0 Qassker Qassker about 1 month ago
Search profiles in iPhone app? vinylorbust vinylorbust 0 vinylorbust vinylorbust 2 months ago
Some items missing from folder view cmartinez1 cmartinez1 1 cmartinez1 cmartinez1 2 months ago
Favoured sellers Staff peterfoster85 peterfoster85 2 _OcieLian_ _OcieLian_ 3 months ago
iOS Glitch On Collection Tab: Urgent Fix Required ottologue ottologue 0 ottologue ottologue 3 months ago
Bug in iOS app re sorting artists beginning with The Staff DarthHamster DarthHamster 2 DarthHamster DarthHamster 4 months ago
App crashes when search Staff Goldrushed Goldrushed 5 _OcieLian_ _OcieLian_ 4 months ago
App keeps crashing since the latest update Staff stephsavage stephsavage 1 _OcieLian_ _OcieLian_ 4 months ago
Logging in Staff Eponymous Eponymous 12 Eponymous Eponymous 4 months ago
iPhone app has become unusable asegallCD asegallCD 0 asegallCD asegallCD 4 months ago
Bug in iOS app re displaying certain artists DarthHamster DarthHamster 0 DarthHamster DarthHamster 4 months ago
Cannot catalogue my collection Honiball Honiball 0 Honiball Honiball 5 months ago