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Android Beta Testing for the Discogs App Staff Weetzie Weetzie 26 AndreasD AndreasD over 4 years ago
Collection Alvathrash Alvathrash 2 swoznia2 swoznia2 1 day ago
Can't connect my PayPal so I can start selling Mrnoeffect95 Mrnoeffect95 0 Mrnoeffect95 Mrnoeffect95 1 day ago
Shipping costs dotSTRIPE dotSTRIPE 0 dotSTRIPE dotSTRIPE 1 day ago
Payment before agreeing in the deal teapater69 teapater69 3 cellularsmoke cellularsmoke 2 days ago
Sign-on Issues with Android App - Token Let_There_Be_Rock_1 Let_There_Be_Rock_1 0 Let_There_Be_Rock_1 Let_There_Be_Rock_1 3 days ago
I want to set the currency in my want list. diyfilm diyfilm 0 diyfilm diyfilm 3 days ago
Unable to pay. derdnik derdnik 0 derdnik derdnik 3 days ago
Why can't I add items for sale through app ShoenerEnt ShoenerEnt 0 ShoenerEnt ShoenerEnt 4 days ago
Last.FM Scrobbling Staff djxfactor511 djxfactor511 32 maldoror maldoror 5 days ago
Unsuitable Browser Staff ali.boss80 ali.boss80 16 Johncaeter851 Johncaeter851 6 days ago
Why is discogs so slow with any internet I use? Artist_Memer Artist_Memer 1 DarreLP DarreLP 6 days ago
Search inventory filters. CarlMurocon CarlMurocon 0 CarlMurocon CarlMurocon 6 days ago
Wrong year date to songs from my database sodemandsing sodemandsing 3 massenmedium massenmedium 7 days ago
Affichage illisible du vendeur et de l'acheteur avec le thème sombre du smartpho H7AERTYUV28 H7AERTYUV28 0 H7AERTYUV28 H7AERTYUV28 8 days ago
Problem logging in vinylsoundbites vinylsoundbites 7 Stollentrollo Stollentrollo 8 days ago
Discogs App (2.29.0) login not working on Android 11 UERcd UERcd 0 UERcd UERcd 8 days ago
Having to sync collection all the time trust0the0chaos trust0the0chaos 0 trust0the0chaos trust0the0chaos 9 days ago
Empty order made Lord_Vempyre Lord_Vempyre 1 DarreLP DarreLP 9 days ago
Empty order made Lord_Vempyre Lord_Vempyre 0 Lord_Vempyre Lord_Vempyre 9 days ago
Cataloging enjoyeverysandwich enjoyeverysandwich 0 enjoyeverysandwich enjoyeverysandwich 9 days ago
Bad Request/Gateway HaggisMetalMad HaggisMetalMad 1 TPL_records TPL_records 10 days ago
PayPal Checkout Issue ickman ickman 12 zutroye zutroye 10 days ago
Shopping from corsica (France) Afxslay Afxslay 2 Afxslay Afxslay 11 days ago
Log in error pilko69 pilko69 0 pilko69 pilko69 11 days ago