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Android Beta Testing for the Discogs App Staff Weetzie Weetzie 26 AndreasD AndreasD over 3 years ago
Selling on Discogs Hez123 Hez123 0 Hez123 Hez123 1 day ago
Error, "your not allowed to access this resource" how do I fix it. 49.and.53 49.and.53 0 49.and.53 49.and.53 1 day ago
Add to cart continuance Eye-Ree Eye-Ree 0 Eye-Ree Eye-Ree 1 day ago
Android app authentication error juniper.81 juniper.81 1 chichan chichan 1 day ago
Discogs app stuck in Log In bcccl bcccl 7 juniper.81 juniper.81 3 days ago
Paypal, que lastima que estén restringiendo la elección de como pagar mobarrer mobarrer 0 mobarrer mobarrer 3 days ago
Credit card payment deadArt deadArt 1 mobarrer mobarrer 3 days ago
"You're not allowed to access this resource" c.d.hendrix c.d.hendrix 3 danmatthews77 danmatthews77 5 days ago
Widgets - are they working? whitefang whitefang 1 whitefang whitefang 6 days ago
Cart functionality - order interface of the App Vinyl-Vendo Vinyl-Vendo 0 Vinyl-Vendo Vinyl-Vendo 8 days ago
Shipping Policy SpinNFlippVinyl SpinNFlippVinyl 2 gavman2020 gavman2020 9 days ago
Iscrizione alla piattaforma Nones1880 Nones1880 0 Nones1880 Nones1880 11 days ago
Unlisted Albums drunkuncle drunkuncle 1 lovinspoon lovinspoon 11 days ago
Barcode wrong match terrorhippie terrorhippie 0 terrorhippie terrorhippie 11 days ago
Last fm scrobbling doesn't work anymore intens intens 0 intens intens 12 days ago
Estoy perdido frankvillarreal1585 frankvillarreal1585 0 frankvillarreal1585 frankvillarreal1585 13 days ago
Basket not updating with new potential purchases adarkshadow adarkshadow 0 adarkshadow adarkshadow 13 days ago
Como accedo al escritorio donde tengo las listas de vinilos desde la app? discopolis discopolis 0 discopolis discopolis 13 days ago
Collection not increases wild_angel69 wild_angel69 0 wild_angel69 wild_angel69 14 days ago
Can't login 2.19.0 after authorization Staff b0nk b0nk 20 paavos paavos 15 days ago
Purchase disappeared wix1973 wix1973 5 adarkshadow adarkshadow 15 days ago
Fewer copies for sale than Master Release Page Says. subliminalsludge subliminalsludge 1 subliminalsludge subliminalsludge 16 days ago
Bugs in 2.18.0 Staff fm-maniac fm-maniac 9 fm-maniac fm-maniac 17 days ago
Incorrect grading rovert1 rovert1 0 rovert1 rovert1 17 days ago