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Android Beta Testing for the Discogs App Staff Weetzie Weetzie 26 AndreasD AndreasD over 2 years ago
Seller not responding - reported but no action taken nlgbbbblth nlgbbbblth 6 nlgbbbblth nlgbbbblth 3 days ago
My wishes for the discogs app svartpelz svartpelz 0 svartpelz svartpelz 7 days ago
Ability to filter sellers inventory Staff richkyle66 richkyle66 2 jeffjones22 jeffjones22 7 days ago
Adding same item twice to Discogs Panda87 Panda87 2 Panda87 Panda87 7 days ago
Invalid email m.stax m.stax 1 F104G F104G 8 days ago
Discovery Record plc label - The Beatles Panda87 Panda87 0 Panda87 Panda87 8 days ago
We are the champions label misprint? bart2004 bart2004 0 bart2004 bart2004 12 days ago
A few wantlist and privacy-related feature requests to mirror desktop experience Staff scott.s.sutton scott.s.sutton 3 AndreasD AndreasD 12 days ago
Signed vinyl value? adriane.rose adriane.rose 1 Clem_Button Clem_Button 13 days ago
Finding artists Staff bobthedog1 bobthedog1 1 AndreasD AndreasD 20 days ago
Android phone won't send mail to sellers. Send button stopped working. Staff west-coast-ADS west-coast-ADS 1 AndreasD AndreasD 20 days ago
Pentangle first album in mono mjlynott mjlynott 2 mjlynott mjlynott 21 days ago
Advice on selling justamazin justamazin 4 rudimock59 rudimock59 about 1 month ago
Dash Berlin waiting choppersquad choppersquad 0 choppersquad choppersquad about 1 month ago
Anyone else think being able to sort collection by value would be awesome? DejaBlonde DejaBlonde 5 baldorr baldorr about 1 month ago
Help please! OldmanHannah OldmanHannah 3 OldmanHannah OldmanHannah about 1 month ago
Discogs Android App Removed From Play Store as of 12-21-2019 Staff innerspaceboy innerspaceboy 8 Lorris007 Lorris007 about 1 month ago
Seller not responding Staff marcmills marcmills 8 marcmills marcmills about 1 month ago
Random album selector widget FrancisStevens FrancisStevens 0 FrancisStevens FrancisStevens about 1 month ago
Friends List on App? Staff kaspkeller kaspkeller 3 AndreasD AndreasD about 1 month ago
Add to collection button Staff ebo74 ebo74 14 AndreasD AndreasD about 1 month ago
Searching users' inventories Staff miketrigger miketrigger 1 AndreasD AndreasD about 1 month ago
Collection not in chronological order Staff Ziltoid79 Ziltoid79 1 AndreasD AndreasD about 1 month ago
I can't see my wantlist on the android app Staff Sheb Sheb 2 Sheb Sheb about 1 month ago