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Guideline Changelog Staff nik nik 74 Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 17 days ago
Style Requests Staff nik nik 0 nik nik over 6 years ago
GAMEOGS Petition Medina_Village Medina_Village 2 Medina_Village Medina_Village about 20 hours ago
MR not properly grouped on artist page Quotenjugendlicher Quotenjugendlicher 1 Quotenjugendlicher Quotenjugendlicher about 22 hours ago
Enhance the FTF MR display to at least 10 characters Staff sebfact sebfact 26 edovan edovan 1 day ago
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Is it ok to put "Gold CD" in Free Text field? MojoSpoonful MojoSpoonful 5 bobbley bobbley 1 day ago
The 'Edit' link on order pages... nerdfly nerdfly 0 nerdfly nerdfly 2 days ago
Bug: Same formatting options on separate releases, yet different output Martijn.Ras Martijn.Ras 0 Martijn.Ras Martijn.Ras 2 days ago
"Items I Want" FILTERS!!! Staff spatafore spatafore 38 fruitkiller fruitkiller 2 days ago
I am logged in Firefox, Chromium open also and cant login now - very strange fruitkiller fruitkiller 0 fruitkiller fruitkiller 2 days ago
Feature request: no compulsory style for Electronic genre jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen 37 Jarren Jarren 2 days ago
Feature request: block sellers wrongwrongwrong wrongwrongwrong 13 mattsalcido mattsalcido 2 days ago
Maybe this feat should be added yotamshavit yotamshavit 0 yotamshavit yotamshavit 2 days ago
custom fields missing inshreds66 inshreds66 1 inshreds66 inshreds66 3 days ago
still need a new format for this kind of vinyl record Staff 0bleak 0bleak 32 0bleak 0bleak 3 days ago
Feature Req.: Enhanced grouping of releases under one MR for buyers and sellers DarreLP DarreLP 10 fruitkiller fruitkiller 3 days ago
trk.cp20.com Staff hmvh hmvh 10 nik nik 3 days ago
Wrong 'total time' in release history given Mop66 Mop66 19 Mop66 Mop66 3 days ago
IMPORTANT - "Artist, The" guideline being removed, database update ... (page: 2, 3, 4, 5) Staff nik nik 499 Trumpteezee916 Trumpteezee916 3 days ago
feature request: option to add customer to Blocked Buyers list.... salvage.sound salvage.sound 0 salvage.sound salvage.sound 3 days ago
Why is Discogs now using a click-tracking service for notification emails mjb mjb 2 hmvh hmvh 4 days ago
Transcription Releases Assigned To Album Section of Artist Page? Staff berothbr berothbr 22 Clogwhistle Clogwhistle 4 days ago
Follow artists, labels, gmoegmoegmoe gmoegmoegmoe 1 7_Sea_Cods 7_Sea_Cods 4 days ago