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"Sub-master release" feature for i.e. box sets andn andn 2 andn andn 2 days ago
suspicious member accounts on discogs masquerade74 masquerade74 4 MusicNutter MusicNutter 3 days ago
Statistics show no more than 50 collectors (page: 2) Staff kraftberg kraftberg 108 sebfact sebfact 3 days ago
Something wrong with the submission form / server ? jweijde jweijde 1 6006 6006 3 days ago
A list of all your items for sale Solgaard Solgaard 2 Solgaard Solgaard 3 days ago
List of members who have item not showing in full wolf_star wolf_star 13 locojohn locojohn 4 days ago
Why keep logging me out? Tchai Tchai 8 nerdfly nerdfly 4 days ago
Blog broken mjb mjb 3 hmvh hmvh 4 days ago
How to reduce the spamming on database? Staff puppendahl puppendahl 43 jansenENjanssen jansenENjanssen 5 days ago
New submissions don't show in the 'have' statistics? youdummy youdummy 2 youdummy youdummy 5 days ago
Allow links to be opened in a new tab in submission view? MusicNutter MusicNutter 1 MusicNutter MusicNutter 5 days ago
Spammers - Only One submission when joining bargainvinyl1 bargainvinyl1 0 bargainvinyl1 bargainvinyl1 6 days ago
FORBID TO RATE RECORDS IF NOT IN COLLECTION patru patru 15 earshot earshot 6 days ago
Styrene / Vinyl format - add in future? Staff ynpguy ynpguy 65 MarchHair MarchHair 7 days ago
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Checkbox for 80 RPM? GroovingPict GroovingPict 22 djcarbines djcarbines 8 days ago
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