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Strict Search doesn't work yakya yakya 5 SeRKeT SeRKeT about 12 hours ago
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List of Discogs bugs and other things to fix (page: 2) Staff DonHergeFan DonHergeFan 106 DonHergeFan DonHergeFan about 16 hours ago
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[RESOLVED, I GUESS] Bug? Pictures added out of nowhere, edits not showing up. Mr.Slut Mr.Slut 0 Mr.Slut Mr.Slut 1 day ago
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New "Rock" styles added / duplicates removed (page: 2, 3) Staff nik nik 212 Embryoyo Embryoyo 2 days ago
Your version not on Discogs? Add a release Rockmaninoff Rockmaninoff 2 hmvh hmvh 2 days ago
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Packaging field? powermetalcollector powermetalcollector 0 powermetalcollector powermetalcollector 5 days ago
Allow friends to see your collection / wantlist when private. fred_one fred_one 24 Jessuproad Jessuproad 5 days ago
Visibility of copy-to-draft destination. The_Beatles. The_Beatles. 12 The_Beatles. The_Beatles. 6 days ago
Shipping Label Printing - Great Idea, not there yet burninghousestudios burninghousestudios 1 boogiebobsrecords boogiebobsrecords 6 days ago
Multi-Order Printing burninghousestudios burninghousestudios 6 burninghousestudios burninghousestudios 6 days ago
Credits don't belong in Notes: why is this in the non-indexed credit ... mjb mjb 11 timhorton69 timhorton69 7 days ago