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Guideline Changelog (page: 2) Staff nik nik 130 Diognes_The_Fox Diognes_The_Fox 25 days ago
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Clicking a 'Changes' link in item history now reverts the page to the ... Staff jopla2 jopla2 12 jopla2 jopla2 3 days ago
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Status change drop down doesn’t work on Safari foresmac foresmac 1 foresmac foresmac 4 days ago
i do not ship outside of the UK sophie.teetvenk sophie.teetvenk 20 dimension7records dimension7records 4 days ago
Licensed By - new tag for Companies Staff zin zin 34 autumnyears autumnyears 4 days ago
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Either I'm Crazy or This Is a VERY Ugly Database Bug wrongek wrongek 7 F104G F104G 5 days ago
Shipping Policies and VHS format wrongek wrongek 5 wrongek wrongek 5 days ago
Bug with Shipping Policies and Double/Triple/etc. Disc Releases wrongek wrongek 0 wrongek wrongek 5 days ago
'PayPal address does not match Discogs address Tab' + 'Buyer Not ... SpareGrooves SpareGrooves 9 SpareGrooves SpareGrooves 6 days ago
Reading private message alters its received date? Staff Warepire Warepire 24 magnix magnix 6 days ago
links to guidelines appearing strangely in threads digitalphysical digitalphysical 0 digitalphysical digitalphysical 6 days ago
[Staff request]: Prevent annoying porn / fake dating spam? Sonic_Titan Sonic_Titan 2 Sonic_Titan Sonic_Titan 7 days ago
List of Discogs bugs and other things to fix (page: 2, 3, 4, 5) Staff DonHergeFan DonHergeFan 413 pigstyman pigstyman 7 days ago
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Bug in Language settings free.your.mind free.your.mind 11 devotionalie devotionalie 7 days ago