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Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM


A2 "Bassdrücker" samples the intro feedback sound from Depeche Mode - I Feel You (Babylon Mix); the 'Something's going to happen...' sample comes from the movie '2010'.


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18 avril 2017
Absolute stunner... Intense to say the least. Technology meets primitivism. If the ancient storytellers had 808s, 909s, distortion peddles, and Juno 106s, this is what they would have come up with to tell the story about the soul that got lost in the woods at night.

If you're into loops, drones, textures, and can handle the dark side... this is a must have record. One of the coolest techno records ever conceived. Timeless.


28 mai 2016

This is a turn of the millennium stonking classic of pitch black German techno. Out of many upon many records that were buried with time, this one has stood up quite well. although it does have an obvious retro "vintage" feel. There were heaps of tracks similar in sound design at the time; linear, stubborn and loopy as pink hula hoops. That said, Sven Dedek goes the extra mile here, dropping a titanium steel plate serving up four cuts of shredding, percussive work outs that mercilessly hammer on and on.

Concise, raw, analog grooves are ejected to mechanical prominence by devastating bulldozer beats. It's nothing you haven't banged your head to during the adventurous nineties, but it has that extra slice of grit that makes you grab this 12" before any other off the shelf when you're in for an oldie goldie session. It's tough all the way, but before schranz became a dirty word it ended up being. This is, as simple as it may sound, pure dance floor techno. Repetitively hypnotic, focused, stripped and banging. The ideal soundtrack to an excursion into your favorite Media Player screen saver.

Both sides slam in hard with thunderous bass, mono 4x4 beats you could head nod to for hours on end, and frenetic locked grooves that add the abrasive flavor. Undiluted techno bonanza right here. For purists looking for a gem of yesterday to proudly cherish tomorrow, treat yourself to this masterpiece.


28 juillet 2013
Do NOT miss this. 10/10 indeed.