Dominique Grimaud, Veronique Vilhet ‎– AAHH!!

Bam Balam ‎– BBLP 028
Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo


1 Organophonie 6:53
2 Poto 3:54
3 Cabengo 1:25
4 AAHH!! 5:36
5 Hoho 5:47
6 Oracle 4:40
7 All Silicon 4:16
8 Conrad 6:05



Drum, Percussions, Jew's harps, music and production - Véronique Vilhet
Moog synthesizer, Synthi AKS, Prophet 2000, music and production - Dominique Grimaud
Artwork - Dominique Grimaud & Véronique Vilhet
PAO - Pitshark


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26 novembre 2015
Thanks for the informative post.


9 novembre 2015
Moog synthesizer and drums duo.
British musical magazine "The Wire" introduces them as
"veterans of the french underground".
We're OK with it since they started their musical journey at the beginning of the seventies in various "underground" French bands (Camizole, Johnny Be Crotte, Vidéo-Aventures, Royal de Luxe, etc.)
AAHH ! ! is this duo's first album.
The music is like Yin and Yan. It progresses on two separate and distinct but complementary paths. On one hand, the driving and captivating rhythms of the drums provides the duo its foundation with deep, low-end filled harmonics beats calling for hypnotic abandon. On the other, the warm and voluptuous sounds of the analog Moog and Synthi AKS synthesizers, alternatively blazing and light, carry the listener to unfathomable worlds.

The band wanted an uncompromising album, where the mysteries laying within the music would only be revealed through numerous attentive listening sessions.
To guarantee their aspiration met success, the band asked for and received the expert support of two sound alchemists: David Fenech and Patrick Muller.

Dominique Grimaud created a 2 volumes books/collages in 1977 and 1978, dedicated to the music scene that emerged post French cultural revolution of May '68, entitled: Un certain rock (?) français (A certain French Rock(?))
He co-wrote with Eric Deshayes: "L'Underground Musical en France" (The musical underground in France), published by "Le Mot et le Reste" in 2008.