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20 mai 2015
en référence à Funky Music Is The Thing, 7", Single, RE, Abet 9459
I have a question about this reissue: Is there a definite way to distinguish it from the original? Maybe it has different etchings in the runout-groove? If somebody could enlighten me, i'd be very grateful!


15 août 2007
edité over 4 years ago
en référence à Funky Music Is The Thing, 7", Single, Promo, Abet 9459
Soul-Funk sensation largely sampled through the times, "Funky Music Is The Thing" was born to be legendary. Like many of the 7 inch Soul outputs of that period, it had to be divided in two parts due to recording time limitations.
Double Dee & Steinski were the first big act to sample its amazing drum break on their "Lesson 3" (from 'The Lessons' on Tommy Boy, 1985). The 'Funky Music Is The Thing' drum sample appeared on a devastating sequence just before the 'Baby Huey – Listen To Me' "Kind Of Funky" sample; it also came out on Tim Simenon's samplemania madness "On The Cut" as Bomb The Bass. Hip Hop acts didn't lose the chance to borrow this famous Break as well: 'Just Ice - Cold Gettin Dumb', and "Do it to the Crowd" by Twin Hype - and the same goes for Drum n' Bass artists (Hype sampled it on "Roll The Beats" and Paradox got it on part of his "Kool Is Back"'s beats).
The lyrics from "Funky Music Is The Thing are part of the music's magic - "People want to come along / Get now to the Funky Song! / Everybody on your feet / Get down to the Funky beat!" influenced as well another generation about fifteen years later (such as, again Tim Simmenon's Bomb The Bass project on "Beat Dis" that sampled a female vocal singing the last two phrases of this composition).