Passion According To St. John, Chapter 19
Part I - Sinfonia (Grave - Adagio) through No. 25 Recitativo (Evangelist, t): "And from thenceforth...".
Part I continued - No. 26 Aria (s): "Oh, son of God.."/ through No. 41 Aria (a): "Take courage, soul..".
Part I concluded - No. 42 Recitativo (Evangelist, t): "And Pilate wrote a title..". through end of Part I: No. 51 Duet (t, b): "Who the Saviour's..".
Part II - Recitativo (Evangelist, t): "Now, there stood..". through No. Arioso (Jesus, b): "'tis finished..".
Part II concluded - No. 10 Aria (b): "Oh, work sublime..". through end of Passion: No. 18 Chorus: "Sweetly sleep..".