Jfff Mills* ‎– The Director's Cut Chapter 2

Axis ‎– AX079DC
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered, 180g Pure Virgin Vinyl


A1 As Soon As
A2 G-Star
A3 If (We) (Commentary By Jeff Mills)
B1 If (We)
B2 Cycle 30 (Loop 4)

Entreprises, etc.



The Director’s Cut reissue series Chapter 2



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24 mai 2019

The remastering of "If (We)" is pretty dissappointing. I played it back to back with the original Purpose Maker pressing and all the dynamics are gone, the hi-hats flattened. There is more presence in the mid-range but since it's sacrificing dynamic range, the original master ironically has even more punch than the remaster. It may have its use since it fits more with modern big room techno mastering optimised for loudness. But the Purpose Maker version sounds way more suble, gentle, funky and generally sexy while still bringing a lot of bang to the table. Also for some reason the remaster has been pitched down by roughly 5% to 130 bpm as if you couldn't have done this yourself if you wanted to.

So yeah, if this is the track you're looking for just get the old Purpose Maker version that is still easily available. It's the exact same version with superior mastering and two additional versions of "If" that are missing here.

The rest of DC2 is rather underwhelming, too. "G-Star" is one of the weeker Mills tracks and the remaster doesn't save it from sounding overblown and messy. The cycle 30 loop is another totally weird decision. Freed from being a locked groove like on the Cycle 30 EP the cross rythm synth can run freely, but it's still just a loop without any arrangement in it. Did we really need this on an audiophile release?

That leaves "As soon as" which does comparatively well in the remaster and sounds very, well, contemporary, and will do well in a modern techno environment. So if you're still missing the Time Mechanics 2 EP you may find some use for this. Still, after the amazing DC1 this is an unfortunate step down in Mills' audiophile series.