Laurent Hô ‎– Hardcore III



Neuro Violence* Shattered 3:39
Somatic Responses Axon 3:48
Christian Vogel* Sub Version (Directional Force Mix) 3:38
Manga Corps The Hunter 1:50
Napalm 4* B2 2:40
Lorenz Attractor Serious Dock Deviation 2:17
Difficult Child Big Bang 3:19
XMF Wilder 3:21
Auto Tropp Otto Tropp 3:20
Technological Terror Crew The Ripper 3:15
Napalm 7* B2 2:53
Ordeal Motherfuckers So Dead 3:36
Critical Mass Severe Trauma 2:20
Micropoint Return Of The T Rex 2:48
Nasen Bluten* Dash 3:15
XMF Magnetic Storm 3:05
Collective Strength Family Affair 2:56
DJ Freak Hypnotized 2:59
Memetic All Picture System 2:11
Disciples Of Belial Sell Your Soul To The Devil 2:13
Smily Slayers The Smily Slayers 2:07
Total Output Vigilante 1:16
DJ Freak On The Edge 1:53
Napalm Napalm 7 - B1 2:54
Laurent Hô & Liza'N Eliaz* Ctrl 3 2:36
Napalm Ein Hasselied 1:51
Kinestesia* German 4:13
The Mother Ship Mid 96' Grenoble 4:55
Vogel* Defunkt 3:27
Distorted Waves Of Ohm Herculean 4:15
Mescalinum United We Have Arrived 3:16
Richard Devine Metalloid 3:56
Distortion Bastardz Untitled 2:58
DJ Repete Imortal Kombat 4:19
DSL (3) Nitrous 1:23
Mescalinum United The 2nd Coming 2:23
Static Tremor Strobe 1:47
The Cause Of Spite Untitled 2:22
Lorenz Attractor Complexity Crisis 3:26
Genetic Waste Untitled 1:57
Masters Of Torture Power Of Yoga 2:40
Drexciya 3* Intensified Magnetron 2:10
Freak* Party Trance 2:55
Freak* Pnumatic 3:32
Lasse Steen Untitled 1:59
XMF Antimusic 3:49
Total Output Star 2:36
Static Tremor Hymix 2:16
Xylocaine H2SO4 2:26
Laurent Hô & Liza N' Eliaz* Operation 3:05

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1 janvier 2018
référencement Hardcore III, 2xCD, Mixed, 50600
Skullblower-Untitled it's the right one ? i have all vinyl's of this artist ,the track not exist


22 août 2012
edité over 4 years ago
référencement Hardcore III, 2xCD, Mixed, 50600
One day, late 1995 early 1996 (I don't have the exact moment in mind), I have listened to and recorded (on tape) a mix from Laurent Ho on Radio FG, a local radio from Paris which was underground at that time. The guy on the radio just annouced a mix recorded at home and broacasted an hour (first hour of the first CD). It was not yet a CD or planned to be CD apparently ...
Around 15 years later, looking for more DJ sets from Laurent Ho, I found this one and instantly recognize what I was cherishing ever since.
It is a progressive yet straight forward industrial hardcore mix. One of the best one of that style I have ever heard. The first CD has an amazing selection and build up as a monster (it is devastating!) ... but the second one lost a bit of the energy and what was making the first one so good. Anyway it is still a "must have" for all hardcore lovers and more ...


30 août 2009
edité over 9 years ago
référencement Hardcore III, 2xCD, Mixed, 50600

It was Saturday afternoon, late November 2007. I hear the lid of my letterbox slamming and I rush down to see what the postie has brought with him today. Thinking I would find a particular CD I was waiting for, to my surprise it turns out to be ‘Hardcore III’ which I had only bought 4 days before from Israel. That was quite fast and instantly I slam disc 1 in my HIFI. While being awed by the mixing skill which has a live feel, I realise that there’s no happy Dutch gabber tracks here, but Hard Techno-Hardcore crossovers from obscure UK and French labels mainly.

After having listened to all release I sat back and asked myself: What if I had heard this in 1996? Back in 1996 I was only served with Arcade compilations like Thunderdome and Earthquake in the record shops. This surely would have changed my perception of Hardcore, and that Hardcore wasn’t just distorted 909’s with chipmunk vocals, shameless sampling and larger than life piano riffs.

This double mix CD is what real Hardcore is in my humble opinion, and a credit goes again to the mixing skill. The raw, unpolished sound continues to add that live feel. Too bad I wasn’t exposed to this release before, but it’s never late to try “new” sounds. Only drawback with this release is that it’s quite rare but it’s worth the money, trust me.