Steve Bicknell ‎– Lost Recordings #8: Transcendence

Cosmic Records ‎– COS035
Vinyl, 12"


A1 Untitled
A2 Untitled
B1 Untitled
B2 Untitled


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8 août 2019
UK Sellers please hit me up THIS RECORD IS GREAT


21 août 2014
What an unexpected, yet long time overdue return. Apart from the Tanzbein (Steve Bicknell Lost Mix) he did for Hauschka some two years ago, this is the first thing we've heard from Steve Bicknell, or Cosmic Records for that matter, in nine years. To begin with, one thing this man has not forgotten is how to produce proper techno. End of story. This record will instantly catapult you to a Lost night somewhere around London's industrial Docklands region.

Four untitled tracks of tight, locked grooves, cavernous rhythms, restrained minimalism, all drenched in thick layers of slick bass. The tracks all clock in at around four and a half minutes, and due to their tonal and repetitive nature, this is just the time you need to get into the groove, and just when you yearn for a change, the tracks abruptly end.

The vague break down would be something like this. The A side consists of two linear bangers that simply pound from the first second to their sudden end. No need to go deeper. This is just pure rhythm and bass driven techno, with moderate high end action. Text book dance floor devastating material.
The B side is more loop focused maybe. B1 applies a sci-fi loop that wouldn't feel out of place on one of Jeff Mills' Something In The Sky Records. Spacey, celestial and still so firmly rooted in the realms of the warehouse dance podium. B2 boasts a nasty alien loop that allows the track to fuse the extraterrestrial with the no-nonsense minimalist and burdensome techno fury.

As far as DJ functionality goes, it is Steve Bicknell doing techno on Cosmic Records. Hopefully, I need not say more. The grooves on this record are impeccable, forged with only one thing in mind: the dance floor. Their utilitarian purpose is undeniable and while I have yet to witness this record on the dance floor, I am certain any given of these four finger licking slices of techno is an absolute monster inside a club. But that can be said for just about any track of his, be it the more tribal stuff or the purely pumping minimal fare. This record is the latter. No tribal beats here, no samples, just four great minimal tracks getting you LOST in thick black wax, as the previous reviewer pointed out. Get this record people if you are into clean cut techno, that does not even hint to pretend to be anything else. Oh, and welcome back Steve Bicknell!


11 août 2014
The long overdue return... great minimal trax on this ep.