Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras Meet The Congos ‎– Icon Give Thank



Icon Give Thank
New Binghi 2:26
Happy Song 6:50
Food Clothing And Shelter 6:53
Sunshine 5:19
Jungle 7:05
Invocation 6:03
Thanks And Praise 8:23
Icon Eye
Icon Eye 57:36



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15 décembre 2012
edité over 8 years ago
en référence à Icon Give Thank, LP, Album + DVD-V, FRKWYS09

Album's nice. Deep flow meditation, coming through as a river. But which is sometimes a bit to obscured by all of the sound and muddy productions. It's like a collage of instruments and sustainned decay. Would've been nice if some structure be left. Even nature has its structure. Sometime the vocals seem to sound as a boat being on a different river only meeting the music on the crossing. At all the album sounds allienating, lifting you off grounds not exactly knowing where it leads you to. Wether it's due to the meeting of hippies and rasta's is up for interpretation. But a high trip it is.
The film has the same unbalance. Disjointed fragments of a united project. You never see both bands interact or react on one another. There's a big space between the them. They will probably never meet again. I will never see the film again, no reason to. A detail then: Nice to see Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace again in his recognizable action on drums, legend!
The Congo's have proven themselves over 35 years on a mighty river, Sun Araw look like they're drifting.