Tripped ‎– The Fear Syndrome EP

Vinyl, 12", EP


A1 Fuckstreet 5:22
A2 Oc69 5:04
B1 Fear Light, Embrace Darkness 5:44
B2 AmBUSHed 5:37


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5 avril 2020

I do own a white label of this.
It was given to me by Tripped himself.
The reason is because one of his first live-acts he did, was on a party, where I played one of my first dj-sets as well. (I used the name Digital Entertainment) It was back in December 2006, on a party named Darkness Falls in Ghent, featuring a few locals of the hardcore scene. If my mind serves me correctly, it also featured Igneon System, who, like Tripped, got quite well-known in the ensuing years.
We got along quite well, we had a lively scene despite being such a small country.
And the next year, Tripped saw his first vinyl-release.
He remembered me, and gave me a promo copy which I still own.

In terms of hardcore history, and specifically for Belgium, this vinyl is noteworthy.
Yet pure musically, it certainly is likewise noteworthy.
I think he was still a bit "searching" which direction to go with his music, hence we got a release where different tempos and bassdrums are presented.
A few tracks, AmBUSHed and Fear Light, seem to steer in a more "industrial" direction and Fuckstreet and Oc69 are a bit faster, with more breakbeats, scratch-samples, more inspired by the typical Frenchcore and UK releases. Already we could hear on these tracks that Tripped is the man who likes to explore the different effects on a distorted bassdrum.
AmBuSHed has a "shorter" bassdrum, which gives room for more distorted synth-sounds along with the bassdrum.

I remember playing the vinyl in June 2007, at another party in Ghent, called Brainstorm.
When I played his tracks in my dj-set, I saw a happy Tripped, coming out of the crowd, in front of the speakers, smiling at me from the other side of the turntables. He must've been quite pleased, this was likely one of the first times someone else played a track of him, on vinyl, on a party!
If you do own the original version rather than the white label, you also have nice artwork. Since Tripped is a visual artist as well, he made it himself.