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26 juillet 2017
référencement Bambara Mystic Soul - The Raw Sound Of Burkina Faso 1974-1979, 2xLP, Comp, AALP 070
Lotta variety here!
Track 1: Cool drumless male vocal you blooz fans actually might like.
Track 2: Cookin' little male group vocal garage Afrofunk thing with ultrasustain Carlos S-type guitar.
and Farfisa.
Track 3 is a very serene 2-chord male vocal funk/rock thing with wah guitar, clavinet, and a very cute female backup vocal. More Farfisa.
Track 4 is like Durutti Column with *raw* male vocal.
Track 5 is chase-scene funque/rocque with funny male vocal.
Ditto Track 6, which boasts an Indian-sounding melody and an insane guitar/drum break/tempo change.
Track 7 has a heavy Cuban vibe -- no drumkit, just conga, bass, coupla guitars, and an old guy singing. Rhythm guitar has classic '60s hollow body 'chonk' sound.
Track 8 starts with some of the wildest screamin' I've ever heard. Then it goes into guitar/organ Afrofunk workout mode. Super-garagey drums.
Track 9 is a four-on-the-floor timbale/guitar workout with major South African feel.
Track 10 is a Rhodes-driven guitar twangshred with some hilarious chromatic chords changes and male vocal.
Track 11 is a cranky old coot hollerin' over a multi-guitar pattern, like some 1920s dudes trying to invent dub reggae without drums.
Track 12 is fast horn funk w/male vocs that sounds like the first Wild Kingdom (Milwaukee) gig.
Track 13 is soprano sax funk with male hollerin' -- JB fans will like it.
Last track (14) is a male vocal lullaby that takes you far away.