Various ‎– Club Meduse

Spacetalk Records ‎– STLKLP004
2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation

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Gatefold sleeve notes:

"The memories of summers spent at the Côte D’Azur between 1977 and 1990 still burn a particular excitement, a unique glow of warmth and mystery. During these months no past nor future existed. Life was stripped down to the moment and things were simple and done barefoot. At sunrise we would be diving between the rocks, observing jelly fishes and other extraterrestrial creatures. In the afternoons we sometimes just laid under the pines listening to the waves washing the beach.

The memory of all this grows even stronger with time. Yet nothing can come close to that moment near dawn when day and night meet like young lovers under a purple sky. That magic moment,when a new energy rises to fill the air with electricity. The promise of something fresh and light without intellectual freight nor struggle. If that moment was a place I‘d call it Club Meduse. And if it had a soundtrack, then it would be this one.

This record is dedicated to you Louis & Lily"

Special thanks:
Danny McLewin & Spacetalk for trusting me with this project.
Parasol Island, Another Slang, BeachfreaksRecords.

Maman, Claire, Pipo, Spencer, Alexandre Briatore, Johnny Niclaus, Joep Beving, Sebastian & Moritz, John Wulfes, Evan Jordan, Chris Kontos, Dirk Schmaler, Teo Rema, Dewaele Brothers, Heidi & Andrew, Cedric Bardawil, Marco Gegenheimer, Michael Kucyk, Gordon Pohl, Detlef and Le Salon Des Amateurs, Govind & Max, Stephan Wever, David & Gisa, Stevie, Uwe, Claude & Marcy, Philou Piélat, Micha K, Schoellgi.

Licensing thanks:
Spacetalk thanks Charles Bals and all the artists that agreed to be part of this project.
Anne Molloy, Cath Baxter, Tony De Giglio & Cesare De Giglio, Christophe Sierra, JP Massiera, Kiril Džajkovski, Enzo Draghi, Floris Kolvenbach, Frédéric Niobey, Gérard Niobey, Ivo Comanducci, Jean Kluger, Myriam Dekoster, Kaz Hori, Ninni Pascale, Eddy La Viny.

Notes on "Feelin' Good":
"It was the late 70’s and we’d had some really good summers…. the Disco scene was really at its height and we were playing at the Mecca Ballroom in Leeds. So, as part of my role, I was writing out band-parts for the chart singles which we covered for our nightly performances as the resident band - Tony Baxter (guitar), Keith Ashdown (drums), Dave Joyce (bass). It was impossible not to absorb all the different musical styles that were emerging at the time and I found I had an affinity with Funk-Disco. Thus, inspired by the explosion of popular styles of the day Feelin’ Good was the start of my experimental creativity."
Cath Baxter aka Kylie

Notes on "Radio Cosmo":
"We wanted to stamp the spirit of our radio station onto vinyl so that it remained for posterity. The process was much simpler than it is today. We recruited a few DJs and musicians from the Radio 101 team: Carlo Ponzano (bass), Enrico “Dumbo” Pertusati from local band The Polyart (drums), Punk & Rock DJ Andrea Ricci (guitar) and Fabrizio Ricci (keyboards) plus the so called DJ Twins to supply some atmosphere and also to provide background vocals. It was then performed just like a live set with the entire performance recorded in few takes of which we selected the best one. The whole thing was recorded with just a couple of mic’s and some basic gear and completed in about two hours. No post-production tricks were used because we wanted to preserve the spontaneity of the performance. It may be a bit naive if you like, when seen with the eyes of today, but it was spontaneous and genuine. As our radio station was."
Tony De Giglio, Radio Cosmo 101

Notes on "Bank Of The River":
"I wrote Banks Of The River after I got inspired by glancing through a book of Japanese drawings, about scenes that were hand painted in color. The blossom tree, the mountains, the boats, the islands, beautiful girls, I could see it all in there. I saw a different time in a different world. The song was recorded in the famous Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands by Pieter Nieboer, engineer and producer. End nineteen seventies, early eighties many popular artists came over to record there, maybe also because the studios were close to Amsterdam. Simon Been played keyboards, Floris Kolvenbach vocals / guitar synthesizers, Ferry Wouda percussion, Michael Fahres electronic treatments."
Floris Kolvenbach

Notes on "Havan' Hamac":
"When i was young, in my father’s show, there was a Haitian voodoo initiation, he taught me some experiences such as walking on broken glass, resisting fire and so on... In order to make people discover Voodoo, i used to present a little Voodoo show and Havan’ Hamac was the music of that show..."
Eddy La Viny

Notes on "Hip Hop":
"1984 was the year I sold the Jean Jaures Studio in Paris to settle in the south of France, at Bar sur Loup near Cannes. It is in this lovely medieval village that I got a Provencal Mas (traditional local house) built with an annex, which I used as a production studio. The title Hip Hop is part of this period of musical renaissance during which we tried to reinvent ourselves, and where inspiration came to us regularly around the swimming pool with the help of a bottle of very chilled rose wine (or two)."
Jean Pierre Massiera

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16 août 2018
WHAT a compiliation. So many great songs here, taking me back to summers in southern France in the 80s too. Thanks for this one, Charles. Love it.


13 juin 2018
Big kudos to Charles Bals for actually listing a thank you on the release acknowledging and crediting contributors to the release as well as all notes on tracks and licensing help.


30 mai 2018
edité 7 months ago
Man, every Spacetalk compilation has been a home run so far!!! Very proud to own the three of them, filled with very high quality records that are hard or borderline impossible to acquire. Keep them coming!


27 mai 2018

This is my favourite of the Spacetalk compilations so far (and the others have been quite extraordinary, let’s face it). Every track is a must have. 👍🏼