Various ‎– Heavy Metal - Music From The Motion Picture

Epic ‎– EPC 88558
2 × Vinyl, LP, Gatefold


With a 2 page Credits insert.


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8 juin 2019
This overview is not accurate. Hagar recorded two distinct versions of the song Heavy Metal, one for this soundtrack, and the one that showed up on Standing Hampton. The version recorded for Heavy Metal is noticeably heavier, and contains minor lyric differences from the version that would later come out on Standing Hampton. Like other tracks so noted, Heavy Metal should be correctly noted as being recorded exclusively for this soundtrack.


30 décembre 2018
Not the full list and they did a flat transfer from analog to digital. There are no 'remastered' versions.


22 janvier 2017
Nothing to hear, except Don Felder :(
But movie is great!


2 juillet 2016

I love this soundtrack. Maybe it's a bit cheesy, but so is the movie and I think that just adds to the charm of the record. It's a movie about babes, guns and violence and I think that the songs fit perfectly for what it is. I actually had this soundtrack playing in the background when I played through the game Borderlands and I thought it was a very good fit.


3 mars 2014
The song that is playing in the scene where Taarna goes into the bar is not on the soundtrack. What a pity!


22 octobre 2008
I have to disagree with the previous review. As much as I think that new-wave and synthi-pop stuff would go great with the visuals of the movie, the scene of the Heavy Metal magazine (from which this movie was derived) was based almost entirely around heavy and stoner rock. If you look at record covers from these days and the “Adult Fantasy” style by featured artists such as Richard Corben, Jean Giraud, Boris Vallejo, etc. you can see the connection immediately.
For me also, the soundtrack is not that great, except for maybe Blue Öyster Cult, Devo and Riggs and even then, these tracks are *very* guilty pleasures and only enjoyable because I have a soft spot for the movie.
At least the soundtrack is better than that of the appalling update on this idea: Heavy Metal 2000. Compared to abominations such as Insane Clown Posse and System Of A Down, a bit of Cheap Trick and Journey ain’t gonna hurt anyone.
Overall, an interesting time capsule of a particular time in music and art, but a very dated one.


21 août 2008
Great animation movie but what a poor soundtrack lp.This kind of movies with science fiction with eroticism in it, is the music on the soundtrack lp not fit to it.(except DEVO because their music is fit into it )

I prefer gary numan,new cleus,cybotron,japan,manparrish,souxie and the bandshees and kraftwerk for this kind of soundtrack lp.The sound of these bands is far more futuristic and scientific.What a pitty and a mistake of the music directors of heavy metal at that time.