Various ‎– RRR 500 (Various 500 Lock-Grooves By 500 Artists)

RRRecords ‎– RRR-500
Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A1 Punk Sheep On Drugs Untitled
A2 ST 37 Untitled
A3 Moray Eels Untitled
A4 Aube Untitled
A5 Sian Untitled
A6 Loop Circuit Untitled
A7 Hyper Ventilation Untitled
A8 Akifumi Nakajima Untitled
A9 Toy Bizarre Untitled
A10 Bruno Moreigne Untitled
A11 Lichatz* Untitled
A12 Foom Untitled
A13 Radboud Mens Untitled
A14 Shifts Untitled
A15 Goem Untitled
A16 Captain Black Untitled
A17 Quest (2) Untitled
A18 Mark Poysden Untitled
A19 Basssix Untitled
A20 L.O.S.D. Untitled
A21 TAW Untitled
A22 Peter Fleur Untitled
A23 √Sub* Untitled
A24 Raum Untitled
A25 Bruce Gilbert Untitled
A26 Put Put Untitled
A27 Barbed Untitled
A28 :Zoviet*France:* Untitled
A29 Otomo Yoshihide Untitled
A30 Cult Junk Cafe Untitled
A31 Tone Motion Untitled
A32 Lumbar Trio Untitled
A33 Liminal Untitled
A34 Aerospace Soundwise Untitled
A35 TV Pow Untitled
A36 Wheaton Research Untitled
A37 Pencilneck Untitled
A38 Thomas Deater Untitled
A39 7000 Dying Rats Untitled
A40 Tim Fletcher Untitled
A41 Clive Graham Untitled
A42 Sarah Winton Untitled
A43 Mike Davies (2) Untitled
A44 Kymatik Untitled
A45 Jeff Filla Untitled
A46 Jgrzinich Untitled
A47 Dan Plunkett Untitled
A48 Brekekekexkoax (Koax)* Untitled
A49 ERG Untitled
A50 Zygote (5) Untitled
A51 Seth Nihil* Untitled
A52 MNortham* Untitled
A53 Astroglijd Untitled
A54 Karen Finley Untitled
A55 Pedestrian (2) Untitled
A56 Ward Eldredge Untitled
A57 Asche Untitled
A58 Morgenstern Untitled
A59 Templegarden's Untitled
A60 Synapscape Untitled
A61 Telepherique Untitled
A62 P·A·L Untitled
A63 Noisex Untitled
A64 Salt Untitled
A65 Nimoy Untitled
A66 DKF Untitled
A67 Venoz TKS Untitled
A68 MSCHarding* Untitled
A69 People Like Us Untitled
A70 Mickery Untitled
A71 The Wallypops Untitled
A72 The Teletubbies Untitled
A73 Penguin Untitled
A74 Water Untitled
A75 Breath Untitled
A76 Ryoji Ikeda Untitled
A77 Aardvark (3) Untitled
A78 Cerebro Untitled
A79 Palimsest Untitled
A80 Y-Bom Untitled
A81 Static Insect Untitled
A82 Neil Wiernik Untitled
A83 Tocsin (3) Untitled
A84 Infant Cycle* Untitled
A85 Sleeping Basement Cat Untitled
A86 Mind Skelp-cher Untitled
A87 Gwaho Untitled
A88 Band Of Pain Untitled
A89 H.J. Irmler* / S. Pittis* Untitled
A90 Intravene Untitled
A91 Satori (2) Untitled
A92 Contrastate Untitled
A93 Yukiko Untitled
A94 Kazumoto Endo Untitled
A95 Killer Bug Untitled
A96 The Sperm Donors Untitled
A97 Government Alpha Untitled
A98 TBC (2) Untitled
A99 Klangkrieg Untitled
A100 Felix Kubin Untitled
A101 Reznicek Untitled
A102 Raumpatrouille Gunter Untitled
A103 AER Untitled
A104 The Wax Infant Untitled
A105 Alvars Orkester Untitled
A106 Frak Untitled
A107 Ü Untitled
A108 Pher Untitled
A109 Villa Åbo Untitled
A110 F4E G.H.* Untitled
A111 F4E R.J.* Untitled
A112 F4E V.C.* Untitled
A113 F4E J.W.* Untitled
A114 F4E M.D.* Untitled
A115 F4E G.M.* Untitled
A116 F4E C.M.* Untitled
A117 F4E C.R.* Untitled
A118 F4E A.B.* Untitled
A119 F4E J.O.* Untitled
A120 Doo-Dooettes Untitled
A121 Foundation Boo Untitled
A122 Monique Experience Untitled
A123 Precambrian Three Untitled
A124 Friends Of Leslie Untitled
A125 Tom Recchion Untitled
A126 Extended Organ Untitled
A127 Ro-G Untitled
A128 Marcus Peroud Untitled
A129 Rotor Syndrom Untitled
A130 Myiase Untitled
A131 Batchas Untitled
A132 Frank Dommert Untitled
A133 Jan Werner* Untitled
A134 Nomarulp* Untitled
A135 Marcus Schmickler Untitled
A136 L@N Untitled
A137 DS Imitator Untitled
A138 #/Tau Untitled
A139 A-Musik Untitled
A140 Peeled Hearts Paste Untitled
A141 Jason Willet* Untitled
A142 Jad Fair + Jason W.* Untitled
A143 The Dramatics Untitled
A144 The Jaunties Untitled
A145 Martha Colburn Untitled
A146 Sinkdrop Untitled
A147 Hurricane Camille Untitled
A148 Luminar Untitled
A149 Tom Dimuzio* Untitled
A150 Lord Jack Lord Untitled
A151 Buzz Doggy Dog Untitled
A152 Gench Master 2000 Untitled
A153 Cut Splice Untitled
A154 Awashed Untitled
A155 Light Matrix Untitled
A156 Locked Out Untitled
A157 Sensor (2) Untitled
A158 The Whales Untitled
A159 Noise Camp Untitled
A160 Little Princess Untitled
A161 Princess Dragon-Mom Untitled
A162 Control Panel Untitled
A163 His Name Is Alive Untitled
A164 The Crash (2) Untitled
A165 Science Fair Untitled
A166 The Bears Untitled
A167 B.B.B.E. Untitled
A168 Voice Crack Untitled
A169 Andy Guhl Untitled
A170 Norbert Moslang* Untitled
A171 Sickness Untitled
A172 Seelenlärm Untitled
A173 Bill Orcuh Untitled
A174 Chel Jones Untitled
A175 Modern Surgery For Nurses Untitled
A176 Grunt Untitled
A177 Alchemy Of The 20th Century Untitled
A178 Woundead Untitled
A179 Yesmeansyes Untitled
A180 Bearmann's Bastards Untitled
A181 Noise Makers Fifes* Untitled
A182 Greg Jacobs Untitled
A183 Tapes Of Wrath Untitled
A184 The Peterson Mixes Untitled
A185 Slusser* Untitled
A186 Duo Micro Untitled
A187 First Lady Embalmers Untitled
A188 Headless Untitled
A189 Luna Rose Atlantis Untitled
A190 Gen Ken* Untitled
A191 Con (2) Untitled
A192 La La Landia Untitled
A193 Eater Untitled
A194 Telecognac Untitled
A195 Darren Brown Untitled
A196 Impact Test Untitled
A197 Deknow Untitled
A198 More Untitled
A199 Julien Bradley* Untitled
A200 Neil Campbell Untitled
A201 Astatine Untitled
A202 Cindy Wonderful Untitled
A203 Crack Fierce Untitled
A204 Fluorescent Grey Untitled
A205 Birchville Cat Motel Untitled
A206 Lugosi Untitled
A207 Alkerthene Untitled
A208 M.K. Uva Untitled
A209 Hand Over Fist Untitled
A210 S. Jack Silman Untitled
A211 Lockweld Untitled
A212 Deerhoof Untitled
A213 Involution (3) Untitled
A214 Andy Bolus Untitled
A215 Evil Moisture Untitled
A216 Estupida Melodia Untitled
A217 Acerrimamente Untitled
A218 Makanakuna Untitled
A219 Armenia Untitled
A220 Ralph Nemec Untitled
A221 Rick Reed Untitled
A222 Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase Untitled
A223 Django Reinhardt III Untitled
A224 Commode Minstrals In BullFace* Untitled
A225 Nightstick Untitled
A226 Ashtray Navigations Untitled
A227 Mortician Untitled
A228 Bongzilla Untitled
A229 Agoraphobic Nosebleed Untitled
A230 General Surgery Untitled
A231 Human Remains Untitled
A232 Exit-13 Untitled
A233 Brutal Truth Untitled
A234 Today Is The Day Untitled
A235 Incantation Untitled
A236 Soilent Green Untitled
A237 Embalmer Untitled
A238 diSEMBOWELMENT Untitled
A239 Solarus Untitled
A240 Atrax Morgue Untitled
A241 Lull Untitled
A242 Bastard Noise Untitled
A243 Namanax Untitled
A244 Dissecting Table Untitled
A245 Japanese Torture Comedy Hour Untitled
A246 Emil Beaulieau Untitled
A247 Pica Untitled
A248 Abscess (2) Untitled
A249 Purge Untitled
A250 Brighter Death Now Untitled
B1 RZ Untitled
B2 Sudden Infant Untitled
B3 Bertoia* Untitled
B4 Terry Riley Untitled
B5 Derek Bailey Untitled
B6 Gary Todd Untitled
B7 Red Krayola Untitled
B8 Mike Kelley Untitled
B9 Jon Appleton Untitled
B10 Wende Bartley Untitled
B11 Jean-Francois Denis* Untitled
B12 Martin Gotfrit Untitled
B13 Don Lander Untitled
B14 Philippe Le Goff Untitled
B15 John Oswald Untitled
B16 Stephane Roy* Untitled
B17 Claude Schryer Untitled
B18 Alain Thibault Untitled
B19 Roxanne Turcotte Untitled
B20 Annette Vande Gorne Untitled
B21 Id Battery Untitled
B22 Brainape Untitled
B23 Cutty Stool* Untitled
B24 Glock 2* Untitled
B25 Grampabampa* Untitled
B26 Krapkeep* Untitled
B27 Silica Gel Untitled
B28 Schloss Tegal Untitled
B29 Free Kitten Untitled
B30 Adam Bohman Untitled
B31 Morphogenesis Untitled
B32 Dorothea Conradi Untitled
B33 Werner Durand Untitled
B34 DJ Pure* Untitled
B35 Rehberg + Bauer* Untitled
B36 Felix Yen Untitled
B37 Artificial Memory Trace Untitled
B38 Malta Untitled
B39 Speed Wolf Untitled
B40 Moses Untitled
B41 Hapaxlegomena Untitled
B42 Ceramic Hobs Untitled
B43 Ambulance Chasers (2) Untitled
B44 Eric Lanzillotta Untitled
B45 Candle Labra Untitled
B46 Yes Means No Untitled
B47 M.B.L. Untitled
B48 Heaven For Kasner Untitled
B49 Psywarfare Untitled
B50 Snakedick Untitled
B51 Bloody Bombs Untitled
B52 Velvet Front Untitled
B53 DOG* Untitled
B54 Reality Challenged Untitled
B55 Steve Davis (2) Untitled
B56 Lo Lo Muñoz Untitled
B57 70 Gwen Party Untitled
B58 Cacophony 33* Untitled
B59 Mr. Outsider Untitled
B60 Expose Your Eyes Untitled
B61 Project D.A.R.K.* Untitled
B62 Speck Untitled
B63 Brauncewell Untitled
B64 Mark Wharton* Untitled
B65 M. Rafe Untitled
B66 Spiral Untitled
B67 Hemogoblin Moon Untitled
B68 Pee Wee Russell III Untitled
B69 Alessandro Moreschi Untitled
B70 Orphx Untitled
B71 Antiform Untitled
B72 Para (3) Untitled
B73 Raimundas Eimontas Untitled
B74 Ramūnas Jaras* Untitled
B75 Antanas Jasenka Untitled
B76 Robertas Kundrotas Untitled
B77 Irving Klaw Trio Untitled
B78 Hochenkeit Untitled
B79 Wham-O Untitled
B80 Jeff Fuccillo Untitled
B81 Kandalini Nivugretsevi Untitled
B82 Coffee (2) Untitled
B83 Diz Willis Untitled
B84 Nico (14) Untitled
B85 Chirone Rising Untitled
B86 Sukora Untitled
B87 Zohenshein Untitled
B88 Terminal Waste Band Untitled
B89 Demoon Skirt Untitled
B90 Daylight Savings Time* Untitled
B91 Universal Indians Untitled
B92 The Thin Ensemble Untitled
B93 Glands Of External Secretion Untitled
B94 Lowest Chakra Untitled
B95 Being Untitled
B96 Nambi-Pambient Untitled
B97 Pee 69 Deflower Untitled
B98 Pre-Evil Untitled
B99 Trinket Untitled
B100 Abe Sada Untitled
B101 Hurdy Gurdy Cabana-Boy Untitled
B102 Andy Shea Untitled
B103 Marlo Pedroso Untitled
B104 M. Jones* / L. Rhodes* Untitled
B105 Hanged Mans Orgasm Untitled
B106 Skin Crime Untitled
B107 Fleur De Vie Weinstock Untitled
B108 Those Meddling Kids Untitled
B109 Melinda Read Untitled
B110 Beatrix Gingham Untitled
B111 Pat O'Neil* Untitled
B112 Shawn Smith Untitled
B113 No Mustard Captain Untitled
B114 Knut Remond Untitled
B115 Tim Martin (2) Untitled
B116 Quarrelling Xenophobic Waitresses Untitled
B117 Pumice Untitled
B118 Dick AKA Dick Untitled
B119 Laura Lee Hine Untitled
B120 Andreas Kallwitz Untitled
B121 Glen Peterson Untitled
B122 Kelly Rappuchi Untitled
B123 Thadd Comstock Untitled
B124 B.E.A.N. Untitled
B125 Neil Hamburger Untitled
B126 Jay Sullivan Untitled
B127 Faxed Head Untitled
B128 Gregg Turkington Untitled
B129 United Negro College Fund Untitled
B130 Pickle Factory* Untitled
B131 New Peculiars* Untitled
B132 Y Front Untitled
B133 Karla Borecky Untitled
B134 Mike Popovich Untitled
B135 Brrr Untitled
B136 Andrews Liver Salt Untitled
B137 XX Committee Untitled
B138 Hermaphrodites For Stucky Untitled
B139 Diagram: A Untitled
B140 Proof Of The Shooting Untitled
B141 J. Brown (2) Untitled
B142 Jared Turinsky Untitled
B143 Psychadelic Pig Untitled
B144 Harm Jr. Untitled
B145 Horseback Solids Untitled
B146 Lettuce Little Untitled
B147 Steve Cerio* Untitled
B148 Roger Kummert Untitled
B149 Lore Barges* Untitled
B150 Seymour Glass Untitled
B151 Radiosonde Untitled
B152 Zipper Spy Untitled
B153 The Haters Untitled
B154 Grromp Man Untitled
B155 Ed Taylor Untitled
B156 Suzanne Ramsey Untitled
B157 Crawl Unit Untitled
B158 AMK Untitled
B159 The Original Artists Untitled
B160 Granex Glue Untitled
B161 Jordan Biren Untitled
B162 Haploid Untitled
B163 Torsten Z. Burns Untitled
B164 Nux Vomica Untitled
B165 A.T.M. (2) Untitled
B166 Maiden Taiwan Untitled
B167 Meeuw Muzak Untitled
B168 Brian Smith (2) Untitled
B170 DJ T.A. Quinn Untitled
B171 Karl Schontag Untitled
B172 Head Of Maja Untitled
B173 Chico Vega Untitled
B174 Bob Jordan Untitled
B175 Senritsubara Untitled
B176 Y.I.M. Untitled
B177 Jason Lescalleet Untitled
B178 The Todd Deal* Untitled
B179 Blue Moon (2) Untitled
B180 Ray Gaucher, Jr.* Untitled
B181 Man Ray Untitled
B182 Arterial Slash Untitled
B183 Mike Minutoli Untitled
B184 D. Bock / D.B. Cooper Untitled
B185 Shrilltower Untitled
B186 Remora Untitled
B187 D. Gross* / J. Chandonnet Untitled
B188 Ene Untitled
B189 Detune (10) Untitled
B190 Dave Perry Untitled
B191 Coits Untitled
B192 Andrew Szava-Kovats Untitled
B193 Compound (2) Untitled
B194 Parade Of Sinners Untitled
B195 Dominion (2) Untitled
B196 Data-Bank-A Untitled
B197 SMP Untitled
B198 Jason Bazinet Untitled
B199 Matt Sharifi Untitled
B200 Xiandi Untitled
B201 Macronympha Untitled
B202 Chop Shop (3) Untitled
B203 Lee Ranaldo Untitled
B204 John Wiggins Untitled
B205 Jerome Noetinger* Untitled
B206 RLW Untitled
B207 Michael Prime Untitled
B208 En Nihil Untitled
B209 Alan Licht Untitled
B210 Pain Jerk Untitled
B211 Naj Untitled
B212 Runzelstirn + Gurgelstock* Untitled
B213 Gruppe Schimpfluch* Untitled
B214 Thurston Moore Untitled
B215 Smell + Quim* Untitled
B216 Masonna Untitled
B217 MSBR Untitled
B218 Omit Untitled
B219 A Handful Of Dust Untitled
B220 Bruce Russell Untitled
B221 Knob Untitled
B222 Steven Weigt Untitled
B223 Toemass Untitled
B224 Eating Canada Untitled
B225 Moonjackals Untitled
B226 Horsey Wallett Untitled
B227 George L. Charpied Untitled
B228 Roger Miller (2) Untitled
B229 Chivrouga Untitled
B230 Crank Sturgeon Untitled
B231 Portable ManBoy Lyceum Untitled
B232 Joke Lanz Untitled
B233 Sabin Zenz Untitled
B234 Célest Urech* Untitled
B235 Howling Wolfenstein Untitled
B236 Juneau (2) Untitled
B237 Giant Big Eggs Untitled
B238 DJ Static (3) Untitled
B239 Naofumi Kaneko Untitled
B240 Pete Rutigliano Untitled
B241 Factory Of Noise Untitled
B242 Stabat Mors Untitled
B243 R.H.Y. Yau Untitled
B244 Charlie Parker (3) Untitled
B245 Chris Bush Untitled
B246 Cock E.S.P. Untitled
B247 The Muckrakers Untitled
B248 Rexor Untitled
B249 Zartan Untitled
B250 Sonic Youth Untitled

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Packaged in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeve.

Code-Barres et Autres Identifiants

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, etched): RRR-500-A AARDVARK Record Mastering Denver Colorado
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, etched): RRR-500-B

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RRR 500 Various RRR 500(LP, Comp, Ltd, Num) RRRecords RRR 500 US 1998 Vendre cette version


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1 mai 2017
Are most of the loops from other places, or were many of them recorded specifically for this record? I am pretty sure the Sonic Youth loop is "Brave Men Run" from Bad Moon Rising.


2 septembre 2009
While much of the content on this locked groove album is excellent, I am on my second copy and it suffers from the problem as the first: the grooves significantly degrade after only a few minutes of play. None last longer than 1/2 hour before the track is completely destroyed. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Perhaps I was unlucky and have two poorly pressed samples. The Yokomono series of locked grooves and those by Boyd Rice (NON) hold up much better.


4 juin 2003

I own 2 copies of this and have created audio collages for hours without repeating myself. I've heard loops from this record used in hundreds of artists work. This is like turning your turntable into a $10 sampler. Easily one of the best records I own.



12 avril 2003

First of all respect to the guy who added this record. Must be a hard piece of typing ;-) This 12" is the 2nd locked groove release from RRR, after the first one (RRR100) was very successful. After RRR100 brought together 100 artists on one 7", this was seconded by the successor. This might be the release with the most bands on one medium, even if you find a few projects which just are aliases or collaborations of other ones. Helpful on this release are the different spaces between every 50th and every 5th loop, so you can roughly find the loop of a special band. RRR 100 has always the same spaces between all loops which mades finding a special loop some complicated. All in all both releases aren't listenable like other records, you have to stay at the turntable and play around for yourself with all the loops. Great item for mixing, especialy if you like experimental sounds.