Various ‎– Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!



Intense Degree He Was The Ukele Player For Doctor Eugene's Travelling Folk Show Band
Capitalist Casualties Dead Weight
Capitalist Casualties Soiled
Dicktator (2) Penis Art
Disrupt Anti Sobriety Song
Skimmed I Wonder Who Can Say In 15 Seconds Anything More Sophisticated Than Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!
Rupture Brains Of Buds
Purgative Klyster Goat Molester
Plutocracy Good Times
Cripple Bastards Toxic Sex
Cripple Bastards Breathing For Fun
Buka (3) Splasena Mortornom Pilom (Mega Mix)
T.M.P. (Right Side) Alergija Na Jutarnje Budenje (Left Side) Spermint=Sperma + Menthol
Traitor (2) Nazi Pigs (Live)
Sarcasm No Straight Edge
Putrid Offal Symptom Part II
Extreme Smoke Dogfuck
Slave State (2) Those Who Can, Do...
Supuration Sultry Obsession
Macabre Zodiac
Hiatus (2) Untitled
A.M.* Untitled
A.M.* Untitled
A.M.* Untitled
A.M.* Untitled
A.M.* Untitled
A.M.* Untitled
A.M.* Untitled
Gibbed Slaughtered
Arse Destroyer* The Other Song
Arnes Plasthjarna* Analt Ska Det Va
Audiostench Phase 1: Megabite Mayhem
Sockeye Don't Fear The Reaper
Rottrevore Clogged Sewerpipe
Dischange Resist The State Control
Man Is The Bastard Autopsy Of Authority
Crossed Out Ulcer
Crossed Out Homegrown
Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life* Use Your Brain
Cum Dumpster Blow Torture
TT Task Rambo
TT Task Obmar
Debilana Media Is In The Hands Of Assholes
Phobia (6) Dead Nazis
Destroy! Anthem
Destroy! Ad Nauseum
Destroy! Fuck You, I'm Punk
Brutal Personal U-Hjalp Fran Trollhattan
Resist (2) Overnight Encrustation
Duh Solo Hanneman
Guillotine Terror Break The Face Moral
Patareni Not Accepted
Eggs (2) The Many Faces Of Al
I.A.H. Fear Of Work
Filthy Charity Cops
Filthy Charity Death To IMF
Cemetarium Love And Discipline
T.E.K. (2) Untitled
T.E.K. (2) Untitled
T.E.K. (2) Untitled
Toxic Noise Blackout
Ringworm Consumed
Melvins Nothing
B.G.T.* Verstarkerschwein
B.G.T.* Omaschweine
Phlegm (6) R.S.F.H. II
Jump Back Jesús Boycott Speedbumps
Intestinal Loudness A Worthless Piece Of Shit



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21 août 2011
edité over 10 years ago
en référence à Son Of Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!, 7", Comp, Gre, #12

The only one of the series I own (I've heard the others but its somehow not the same without the actual record in front of you!). As you get with many records like this, there are some fantastic little pieces & some tripe (which doesn't bother you because its gone so quick that you're onto the next thing!). Some bands are introduced to you, you get some stuff from old favourites, some bands excel themselves & others falter. The fold-out sleeve is a wild ride through the world (literally) of hardcore punk at the time. Highly entertaining record.