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6 octobre 2016
en référence à Swedish Steel E.P., 12", EP, DC27
After almost 10 years I've re-heard (accidentally) that 'Ground Effect' track and I completely forgot how great it was ! Like the comment here below: the track is a bad*ss techno stormer that keeps building up.
Killer tool for making the crowd crazy, even zombies would go bananas ;-).


5 août 2012
en référence à Swedish Steel E.P., 12", EP, DC27
This is a great EP, with Hardcell's insane techno train going full force on "Ground Effect", a stunning techno track that has all the drive, adrenaline and tension you could ever want in a techno track. Layers of filtered feedback loops and a crazy good work on the mix makes this a dynamic monster that takes completely off in no time and just keeps building.. a firm favourite of both Hardcell and the Drumcode catalogue.
A2 is Pär Grindvik delivering a more toned down affair, but still manages to create great intensity over the subtle 303 sliding underneath a bed of flinging hats rides and cymbals to create a hypnotic drive that really sucks you in. While the Hardcell track can make any dancefloor erupt in less than 30 seconds, Grindvik depends on building and building, introducing new sounds as the track builds. Also a master of dynamics, the subtle volume changes makes the track sound alive. Another winner in my book.

On the B-side Beyer & Henrik B delivers a forceful track that builds up nicely. The long pitch-bending notes and the adds to the tension, and the break is just brilliant with the beat gradually fading down while a bunch of pitch-bending notes signals the end of the break and the track goes back into full force. Midway a new melodic element is introduces with a semi-random note sequence adding to the madness. As with A1 and A2 this is a killer. B2 is Hertz with "Granit", a schranz-like affair with a powerful drive. While a good track,this is more a tool than a full track and as such the least interesting track of the bunch. Easily one of my favourite EP's, if this is swedish steel then I dread to hear what swedish iron sounds like...