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01 6900 61, 01 6900.61 Various Techno Trance(CD, Comp) Arcade, Arcade 01 6900 61, 01 6900.61 Netherlands 1992 Vendre cette version
01 6900 41 Various Techno Trance(Cass, Comp) Arcade 01 6900 41 Netherlands 1992 Vendre cette version


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3 novembre 2012
edité over 6 years ago
en référence à Techno Trance, CD, Comp, 01 6900 61, 01 6900.61

I do agree that these releases were one of the hardest at that time.
The 'Techno Trance' series appeared in 1992 & the 'Move The House' in 1991 & they were advertised on TV indeed.

But in my opinion, these cd's alone, did NOT pave the way for the 'Thunderdome series' or the hardcore/gabber
we know since 1992.

To say so, you derogate all the work of the pioneers from the early days.

For example, in 1990 80 Aum Records was founded & Mid-Town Records released rave/techno releases since 1991.
And of course our kind neighbour, Belgium, started with labels like Music Man Records, R&S Records & Antler Subway,
which were established even earlier.

People like Peter Slaghuis, Stefan Melis & Yves Deruyter, Maurice Engelen, Patrick van Kerckhoven, Rob Janssen, Nikkie Van Lierop, Oliver Adams, Paul Elstak, Jayant Edoo, Frank De Wulf and many others (can't name them all) made harder variants of acid, techno & house.

They all take credit for the rave-techno sound from the late 80's & early 90's.

Nice example for me is this track, 'Edwards & Armani - Acid Drill' from 1988. It's not techno or hardcore, but new beat,
but it showed what was possible.

A year later 'Rhythm Device - Acid Rock' was released. It's new beat / techno, but you can already hear the heavy

And in 1990 A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd released 'Total Confusion' , 808 State came up with 'Cübik'
(original mix) and Holy Noise‎ released 'Father Forgive Them'.

From there on I think it was clear what was coming.

But of course, there were earlier cd compilations with the harder techno sounds that not were advertised by television here in
The Netherlands.

For example:

In 1991 the Dance Device label launched 'The Dance Sampler' series.
On these releases you could find the original 12" maxi single tracks.
Tracks from The Deadkirks, The Curse, Qube 45 (50% DJ Ruffneck), Turntable Terror, Holy Noise
(with Paul Elstak & Rob Fabrie), Bit By Bit, etc.

The 'Serious Beats' compilation series were also established in 1991.
It's without a doubt that, these releases contain the harder techno & rave tracks like 80 Aum, M.N.O., Bazz, Ottorongo, Praga Khan, Cubic 22, just to name a few.

Even the 'Techno Party' CD series, from the Dance Factory label, started in 1991.

And even back in 1990 you could find the 'In Order To Dance' CD, from the famous R&S label.
With banging tracks from Digital Boy, Joey Beltram, Quadrophonia, Rave Busters and so on.

All these labels, producers/dj's, compilations & releases DID pave the way for the hardcore/gabber we know
since 1992 !


27 janvier 2011
en référence à Techno Trance, CD, Comp, 01 6900 61, 01 6900.61
This was released early 1992. Tracks like Human Resource "Dominator" and L.A. Style "James Brown Is Dead" (both featured here in remix form) were big hits in the Dutch Top 40 (the latter was even a #1), clearly indicating that there was a growing demand for harder-edged house / rave than what used to be on the "Turn Up The Bass" series, although Techno Trance had a similar formula: some club hits / crowd pleasers, some remixes, some rarer tracks and even some brand new ones.

Together with EVA's "Move The House", Arcade's "Techno Trance" was one of the loudest / hardest / heaviest TV-advertised compilations one could get in the Netherlands at that time (remember Rotterdam, KNOR and Ruffneck still had to be founded yet).

"Techno Trance" would eventually pave the way for the massive "Thunderdome" series.