Yann Leguay ‎– DRIFT-02

Art Kill Art ‎– AKA 22
Vinyl, 10", 33 ⅓ RPM, Limited Edition, Numbered



Cut by Yann Leguay at DK Mastering

Texts :
"DRIFT-02 intro" by Samon Takahashi
Translated from french by Samon Takahashi/Claudia Squitieri and PH

"Grooving in Silence" by Samon Takahashi
Translated by Aurélie Noublanche Ben Barek, Claudia Squitieri and the author
A previous version of «Grooving in silence» appears in Mono #2,
Cohlear Poetics, ISBN 978-989-98745-0-3, Portugal, 2014

Thanks to Hervé de Keroulas and Les Instants Chavirés
artkillart / phonotopy 2016

12 grooves of pure silence are cut on each side, overlaid upon each others.

" This record, while technically being a disc “on” silence, is a record “of” transparency. Suddenly one can conceive that transparency, whilst not being a color for the eye, is undeniably one for the unheard.
What we hear is not only the result of the machine recording nothing but the sum of the toneless events of this past process and of our present listening. By re-enacting the figured silence of the mechanics, the quality of your turntable, background noise, amplification, sonic environment..., contribute to the compression of time.
The sound becomes a transparent, transpiring material; through the tangible silence, music exudes as a twilight breath.
In the lineage of his “phonotopies”, Yann Leguay pursues the conceptual and phenomenological exploration of mechanical sound. “Drift” series pushes the technical limitation of the machine. Namely, engraving the crossing of grooves on a vinyl record. The “drift” therefore arises when the needle changes path according to these crossings. Drift #2 documents this operation without any sound source having been recorded. "

Samon Takahashi