Moby ColonelTirpitz

7 mai 2019
For me Moby is another famous DJ that sadly became greedy and falls to be a victim of todays money money money era where quality doesn't exist anymore .

His earlier works will always be great and excellent during the late 80's and 90's his best times surely for one of the well known track "Thousand" that was used in Europa ( BeNeLux ) on each football ( soccer ) game . And his other great tune "Go" and it's numerous different mixes .

His last great album for me was "Play" after that he lost it completely . Sure some songs were okay-ish and are still to remember ( for example the Jason Bourne trilogy ) . But to me it doesn't give anything new on the table anymore .

Moby has fallen like many other DJ's that was once famous such as Armin Van Buuren , Paul Oakenfold , Marko V , DJ Tiësto ( even though it's more a brand with many peoples behind the name ) , etc....

Moby aliu12021

5 janvier 2019
Absolutely adore the man's music but he's been way too political lately, always bashing Trump. I'm not for or against the President really but he needs to tone it down a bit.

He's the J.K Rowling of electronic music, come to think of absolute legend but needs to shut up when it comes to politics.

Moby d4real

16 mars 2019
Why should he not. Rhetorical rhetoric, for rhetorical folks. The scourge was there before our President, and will persist well beyond 2024. But you knew that. Stick to what you don't know.

Moby Is_This_My_Worldd

19 janvier 2019
why should he? Don't like it, don't read it. Do you tell musicians you agree with politically to "shut up and play"? I doubt it.

Moby lawcamtonmoozik

7 juin 2018
His stage name Moby, came about because his parents used it as a nickname in reference to his great, great, great uncle whose is famous as the author of the classic book Moby Dick written by Herman Melville.
No matter what anyone writes negatively about this performer/artist he will be considered a pioneer of the house music scene. I had the enormous pleasure (albeit briefly) to speak with him and found him to be intrinsically artistic and humble, with a greater desire to create a harmonious world through the language of music. He spoke to me through his music of the early 1990's as he probably still does to those new fans who listen to his music in 2018. 'Go', 'I Feel It' and 'Move' are my favorites.

Moby andyman5

27 février 2018
Met Moby once and it was very telling. He played at a rescue farm for animals in upstate New York (shocker, I know). He played most of the hits as acoustic guitar versions by himself. After the gig, which was OK, I went with a friend backstage to meet him. He was open at first and said hello but quickly changed his tune when I joked that an acoustic version of 'Thousand' would have been difficult to pull off. I meant no disrespect and honestly wanted to share how I'd played his records out for years but he never gave me the chance and immediately turned douchey, was unfriendly, and quite deserves all the negative press he gets for his attitude. Too bad because I really loved some of his early stuff. If I could do it again I think I would have made the same joke. Dude needs to grow a sense of humor.


12 juin 2018
I think the fact andyman5 asked Moby is hilarious. 1000 would have dueled the banjo out of him lol... Surely you must have a sense of humor to laugh at that.

Moby DJMrTim

28 mai 2018
I was the tech for that concert in Woodstock. Where was "backstage" exactly, behind the barn? Did you ever stop to think YOU were the douche? I worked with Moby for years and he has a pretty good sense of real people vs. jerks. Just sayin'

Moby as reviewed by ruminas

26 septembre 2016
edité over 2 years ago
The last album i thoroughly enjoyed that came out of this cheat was 'Everything Is wrong'. in fact, i've dug it out from my crate to enjoy my new bought styli and sat down with my tea just like old farts do. from the very first track massive dose of memories and flashbacks, nostalgia and thoughts about how everything is wrong today in the world. the whole back cover is full of moby's facts and essays and quotations of famous men, he writes about how we shouldn't eat animals, pollute earth, go to war, third world countries being squeezed to satisfy the west and what not. small print, lots of facts. everything we eat, wear, drink, breath, use or touch is polluted in one way or another. everything is wrong. and he gets angry. he gets angry because of this consumerist global economy, he 'advocates massive massive change', almost like Jesus Christ himself concludes that 'we need to figure new ways of existing'.
Fast forward 5 years - the guy is already bling bling golden diamond slut on mtv awards like a white version of papa diddy.
everything is wrong indeed.

Moby K1tSVW

16 mai 2015
edité over 4 years ago
Moby said Instinct Records released 3 albums without asking him. Which ones was it?
It's very annoying not to know.
Hopefully it was the compilation albums.
"Early Underground", "Rare: The Collected B-Sides" and "Instinct Dance".

Moby chadergeist

13 mars 2018
I believe one of the albums is "Moby"...the first one that was released.

Moby Habitak_Berlin

21 juin 2016
He actually talked about this issue in a recent Noisy interview: "As for ranking his records, it’s important to note that Moby chose not to include his very first two releases: 1992’s Moby and 1993’s Ambient. Mostly because he had nothing to do with them, other than recording the music. 'Those first couple of records that Instinct released, I really like them almost as odd time capsules,' he explains. 'When they released them, it drove me a little bit crazy because they made the artwork, they chose the tracks, I really had almost nothing to do with them. But now I appreciate them as time capsules that didn’t involve me. In a way, they almost have more objectivity because I made the music but I wasn’t involved in anything else.'" See here:

Moby Habitak_Berlin

9 juin 2016
edité over 2 years ago
During Moby's contract with Instinct, they released three albums without his consent: "Moby", "Early Underground" and "Ambient". As far as I know, he had no objection to "Instinct Dance", which wasn't released as a Moby album anyway, but as a label compilation. But when "Moby" was released, Moby hated it because Instinct had compiled it from his older singles and unreleased tracks and he thought that he had already evolved past the sound which was showcased on that album. "Early Underground" and "Ambient" were released after Moby had already decided to leave Instinct for Mute and Elektra Records, and Instinct wanted to milk their best cash cow some more. You can read about all this in Martin James' "Moby: Replay - his Life and Times", and I guess that it will also be covered in Moby's new book "Porcelain: a Memoir", though I haven't read that one yet.

Moby as reviewed by alby88kk

19 août 2010
There are few words to say: he is a genius, with an enormous and unique musical knowledge, for example he is able to play keyboard, bass, guitar and drums! He sing and he is even a dj! His music seems to speak!

Moby as reviewed by ProcessingVessel

7 janvier 2005
edité over 14 years ago
Once i liked Moby but until he made the comment on European MTV, he said that he does not feel nothing anymore with the electronic music and thats why he swtiched to being some pop guy. Its sad to see him move into the pop world while he could of made some good electronic tunes with todays technology.

Moby way310

10 avril 2015
Example, Hotel Ambient

Moby copacaper

8 mars 2015
This is untrue. He still makes electronic music today.

Moby as reviewed by bell-end

31 juillet 2004
edité over 14 years ago
Less preaching more producing please Richard."18" was pretty much a carbon copy of Play which leads me to believe that Moby has gone against everything he apparently stands for and 'seen the money'.If he wants me to take his writings and out-spoken views with the seriousness they deserve,then they must be on the back of music which is not so obviously correlated with a 'winning formula' as this only serves to undermine his credibility as an artist and as a person to respect and listen to.'Go' will be fondly etched in my memory forever,but it would be nice if the person responsible for such a classic could continue to embrace and capture the essence of electronic music the way he did back then.Nuff said.

Moby as reviewed by Crijevo

9 juillet 2004
edité over 14 years ago
Moby might have cut his path in modern electronic-pop-dance-whatever but the music list above suits more to his ambition than creativity. Before 'Play' there was this Moby-guy, very enigmatic and more interesting in his brutality and after 'Play' (albeit a nice front cover art) reminded me more of R. L. Burnside's 'Come on In' (especially 'Honey') which somewhat personally made me lose interest in his work onwards. Since then, Moby ended up with everyone and everywhere, be it Renault commercials for 'We Are All Made Of Stars' or a short conflict with Eminem (in which I'd prefer Moby more).... Musically speaking, the guy is repeating formulas all the same (and all the time), be it techno of Voodoo Child or his last '18' album. Nothing to groan but nothing to feel that spectacular either. There are already far more innovative acts out there anyway.

Moby as reviewed by Chris_McAvoy

10 juillet 2003
Moby was one of the premier producers & DJ's of underground funky NY style techno between 89-93. In an interview he said by winter of 1993 in NYC (his home) people stopped having fun dancing. People started doing more xtreme drugs, DJ's worried if what they played was cool or not. His intense love for the scene faded into dispassionate interest. It showed as his music went into a different direction, it was no longer traditional US techno. As Juan Atkins says "In this country it's very hard for creative thought to escape capitalism".

Moby cpeck

23 août 2012
juan knows whats up

Moby as reviewed by djcven

17 février 2003
Moby has been contradicted many times, because of his radical change of style and purpose. Many underground and techno lovers remember the early and mid 90's, when moby realised to get a top rating in the european scene, with fabulous releases, and extraordinary live performances. In the late 90's he was considered a pilar for evolution in the scene, as he performed his live acts using gitars and drums in combination with the groovebox and other digital instruments. One of his most important acts from this turning period, was his live act @ cherry moon (lokeren, belgium) for one of the last Teknoville venues organised; featuring aside him acts by sven vath, yves deruyter, zolex, and many more. In the last years, moby has been used to make more commercial releases to melt a experimental trance-progressive style into the modern top 40 dance charts, and has been disrespected for that many times. But, what many people don't realise, is that he still realises to make tunes that can be used in so many ways, that his releases are divided in dance, trance, and even techno (dub versions and special mixes).

Moby as reviewed by behemoth

8 juin 2002
A complete berk that contradicts himself all the time is the general view of Moby by people that have met him. Whether that's true or not I don't know, but he has made some fine tunes. He was there right at the start when the whole house thing started, and did a lot of ambient stuff. He also made some brilliant happy hardcore and the classic "Go". In the mid-90's he did some angry heavy metal stuff and achieved moderate chart success with some cheesy remixes. Then came "Play", which had every one of its tracks licensed to an advert. Although he made lots of money and you couldn't escape the tunes on Play, there were actually some fine tracks on the album. Southside and Machete are two examples. The new album "18" is more of the same according to industry sources. The happy hardcore was excellent though.

Moby Stormchild

25 octobre 2010
"Go" is house, not happy hardcore.