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Alberto Naranjo
Venezuelan composer and arranger, also drummer, percussionist and bandleader (born in Caracas, September 14, 1941- died January 27, 2020).
In 1977 he formed Alberto Naranjo Y Su Trabuco, better known as El Trabuco Venezolano, a new local band known and assumed by the audience as an authentic "All Stars" (following the example in other countries of Fania All Stars and of Estrellas De Areito) which was active until 1989, releasing seven wonderful albums, before disbanding in 1990.
Son of Graciela Naranjo.
After Trabuco's Project, Naranjo organized several bands and orchestras formats as Alberto Naranjo & Latin Jazz 8, an eclectic jazz octet where Naranjo explored and fusioned venezuelan folk rhythms and instruments with jazz tinge. Naranjo continued his work as revisionist of the legacy of two venezuelans personalities in the popular music, Billo Frómeta with Alberto Naranjo & Latin Jazz Big Band, with this wide format refreshed old guarachas, porros and Billo's Mosaics, under his own conception and jazz mixtures; in the same way Naranjo in front of Alberto Naranjo & Nuevo Mundo Jazz Band analyzed and reverenced the musical work of Luis Alfonzo Larrain
The Alberto Naranjo's last years, the master in front of a nonet band format, known as Alberto Naranjo & Latin Jazz Combo, dedicated his efforts to show a revisionist work of Jazz standard pieces matized with latin sounds.
The Alberto Naranjo's work as arranger for thirds was prolific and successful, his name is involved in the discography of artists as Aldemaro Romero, Guaco, Ilan Chester, Arturo Sandoval, Oscar D'León, María Rivas, Mango, Ilan Chester, Guillermo Carrasco and many others.
1988 : 1st Caracas Jazz Festival. Honored for his contribution to the development of jazz in Venezuela.
1995 : Órden Samán de Aragua (Venezuela). Honored for his 35 years of artistic performance.
2017 : Both Naranjo and his orchestra El Trabuco Venezolano were recognized with the title of Cultural Heritage of Venezuela; a distinction granted by the Venezuelan State to artistic creators who through their tireless and dedicated work have contributed to the projection of the Venezuelan cultural heritage.
2018 : Naranjo was awarded an honorary doctorate degree at the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes (UNEARTE) for his contribution in the areas of music and cultural promotion for more than fifty years.
Alberto Naranjo passed away in Caracas on January 27, 2020.
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