Nina Simone Vart

7 mars 2019
Wish I had the chance to see Nina Simone live!

Nina Simone dimebucker

22 février 2015
Can you get anything from: Live At Montreux 1976 ‎on vinyl??

Nina Simone ghostalking

21 août 2018
Nina Simone played 5 times at the Montreux Jazz Festival:
June 16, 1968 (2nd Festival) > Released on LP in 1975 "Live in Europe"
July 3, 1976 (10th Festival) > Released on CD (2011) & DVD (2005) as "Live At Montreux 1976" (including some tracks from the 1987 and 1990 shows)
July 19, 1981 (15th Festival)
July 10, 1987 (21st Festival)
July 13, 1990 (24th Festival) > Released as a pirate CD in 1991 as "Madame Nina Simone"

Well, that would be a really nice boxset, wouldn't it?
(ah, about the question, so far it hasn't been released in LP)

Nina Simone giulini

29 juin 2018

Only CD (rare-out of print). A masterpiece record, Nina at her best.

Nina Simone spleenandcigars

29 avril 2016
That's the 1968 performance, not the 1976 one (which is far superior, in my opinion)

Nina Simone Cristiantrincado

24 août 2015
looks like doesn´t exists

Nina Simone as reviewed by hortonjupiter

4 février 2014
She's just point blank the greatest singer of all time, and a devil at the pianna. There are singers, there are Singers, and there are SINGERS. And none of them can touch her, Nina flies a trillion miles high above the rest. The one time i was privileged to hear her sing and play i was sitting behind Nick shoulda seen the look on that boys face!

Nina Simone ijustspeak

16 décembre 2013
edité over 7 years ago
There was truly no one like Nina Simone. Many of the finest artist that lived did not have a specific style labeled to them. Simone truly was one, although you could easily dismiss her as a jazz artist. To me, she however outgrew that trademark pretty quickly.
Like Elvis Presley, she wrote few songs of herself. But while Aretha Franklin for instance took Otis Redding´s R.e.s.p.e.c.t and pretty much made it her own, Nina on the other hand took way more of other tracks and did the same. Dambalah by Exuma for instance. The original is a very folksy and livid tune, Nina simply stripped it down to a dark hymn and created this intense message instead. Listening through her albums and then tracking down the originals and you will see, Nina took them and re-invented them. Many times i just prefer her versions. She simply marvelled at it.
She also released plenty of live material. Im pretty glad she did, because ultimately, she was better on stage than on studio. Often bringing plenty humour with her repertoire, sometimes acting crazy and hard to understand (She was rumoured to be Bi-Polar anyways). Check her first Montreux performance on You Tube for some of that.
She has been a huge inspiration to me despite her sad turmoils in life. But since the first track of Ellingtons´s "Mood Indigo" that kicks your teeth in, to her deep explorations into african slave hymns, and civil rights movement. She was a tour de force most the time.
Forever Nina Simone.

Nina Simone giannisvlachos1990

11 février 2019
All of this is true and well said about Nina Simone :)